Auto techio provide you a remanufactured transmission to manual and CVT transmissions. The top priority of Auto Techio is getting you a replacement transmission. When will you call us a live salesperson will speak and help you in finding what you are searching and also solve the queries you may have. It will be checked that the transmission is compatible with your vehicle on the basis of VIN number. You will be assured that transmission is exactly fit with your vehicle. 

Auto Techio provides you a vast verity remanufactured transmission for most of the vehicles. All transmission is tested before shipping. We are trying to provide you best available transmission by keeping your budget in our mind. It does not have any effect whatever you are a shop, car enthusiast or a dealer, Auto Techio have all things according to your need.  

Standard of our remanufacturing

Here in Auto Techio we work on our own unique way. Firstly all units are break down and thoroughly cleaned. All hard parts are inspected and if they get any failure point then the part is replaced with the remanufactured or new part. That has great and OE quality.

Get remanufactured transmission with the best warranty

Here in Auto Techio each and every remanufactured transmission is covered with our P3 warranty, we are offering three levels of protection!

We have premium plus protection warranty for the transmission unit. Which is setting the new industry standard for remanufactured transmission unit warranties. With our new warranty option, you can now provide the best protection in the industry at the best price!

Auto Techio presents there clients with peace of mind along with access to the largest nationwide service network available.

Auto Techio provides a great range of completely remanufactured automotive transmissions. Certified Transmissions are remanufactured in our plants with the latest OE updates and are backed by our industry-leading warranty protection.

Transmission is essential but costly, your car can not do anything without transmission. And it becomes very costly to change or replace a transmission that’s gone on the fritz. Auto Techio is one of the leading transmission remanufacturing businessmen. And we are helping to vehicle owners to get back there vehicle on the road for years.

You have so many options for rebuilt transmissions, but only Techio’s standard remanufactured transmission gives the same quality as a new transmission.

How to prepare remanufactured transmission

Auto Techio’s remanufactured transmissions firstly get into a hot tank for a long bath and after that, they are completely remanufactured, then they are going through from hot and cold DYNO test, Which follow the real world conditions. This gives a guarantee that the remanufactured transmission will work for the first time.

If the newly installed transmission is not working for the first time, then you are spending lots of time in and labor in removing it in a second time. Auto Techio’s top quality remanufactured transmissions will directly ship from the remanufacturing plant. We always offer the best quality remanufactured transmission in the industry. We provide the best parts and labor warranty.

Here in Auto Techio all of the transmissions are analyzed by research and development engineers. Here each and every component parts and process are designed to exceed OEM standards.

Auto Techio remanufactured transmissions are always come with a fully remanufactured torque converter. Here remanufactured DYNO – tests are performed by using computer -Aided Road simulation testing. We check every remanufactured transmission which we sale for compatibility with your vehicle. We have a great list of both foreign and domestic, an elastic vehicles remanufactured engine for high performance and exotic vehicles.

We have 4 – 6 speed and CVT transmissions are available. We also provide the easiest and most efficient core return policy. Without upfront core fee and free pick up of the core, We pride ourselves with the highest customer satisfaction. The dedication of delivering exceptional service is not closing of a sale. If you have any question or concern on any remanufactured transmission units, our product support team is always ready to help you. Call for any assistance and find why everyone is referring us to their friend and family.  

Why choose remanufactured transmission?

As we know that it is very costly to your engine or transmission. So, you can buy a remanufactured transmission which can be ultimately more cost effective then buying a new or used car, truck, van or SUV. If you buy a remanufactured transmission from Auto Techio then you do not just save your money in comparison to buying a new vehicle even it will be able to put your vehicle back on the road with a remanufactured transmission.

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