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Welcome to the Autotechio- A single window shop for remanufactured/used engines & transmission. Our online inventory of used auto parts offers the best buying opportunity with low cost & warranty. Along with used engines & transmission, the added service of diesel engine, remanufactured engine, the rebuilt engine offers the best buying opportunity. In our auto parts center, we perform all quality assessments & inspections that all parts are working in order.

In our used engine & transmission inventory you have to get the best inquiry in all available models of vehicles such as BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Hummer, GMC, Ford & many others. More than a million people daily search where can I get rebuilt/used engine or transmission near me, only to find the best stock nearby. Well, now you can end your search to find the best used engine or transmission dealer in the USA. At Autotechio all used/remanufactured transmissions follow the process of DYNO testing & all engines are SIM tested.

Engines and Transmission

Well inspect in each parameter the remanufactured engines for sale passes all quality test to provide uninterrupted long duration service. Parts inspection & replacement Done under the optimization of qualified teams of technicians. Also, that remanufactured engine follows all OEM standards.

Availability of low-cost used engines in top manufacturing brands like BMW, Audi, Acura & many more. OEM certified parts with complete inspection on each parameter to provide long-duration service to owners. We are the authorized service provider & dealer of well maintain & optimize second-hand engines for sale in the USA.

Replace your old & faulty vehicle transmission with a remanufactured gearbox for the vehicle. Autotechio deals in remanufactured automatic & manual transmission for the various models of four-wheelers. Get the best inquiry on remanufactured/rebuilt transmission under one roof & make your driving experience safe & secure.

Get the best inquiry for used/second-hand transmission at a low & affordable cost. We are the retail & wholesale distributor & supplier of preowned transmission in the USA. These used transmissions for manual & automatic vehicles are tested in all parameters to provide long-duration service to the users.

What We Do

Autotechio deals in high-quality rebuilt, remanufactured, second-hand engines & transmission services in the USA. With a highly qualified team of technicians, we use the latest & advanced remanufacturing processes to design better quality engines & transmissions. The process begins with complete inspection & teardown under the observation of skilled technicians. After the teardown inspection of engine or transmission parts, we do the replacement of faulty or nonworking parts with the new ones. Along with it, our experienced experts get all the latest information from different automakers to make transmissions & engines more reliable & according to factory reset.

Our quality service, reliability, client satisfaction & many other reasons make us a prime choice & leading distributor of auto parts in the USA. We almost covered all locations like Florida, California, Texas, New York, & many other places. In the segment of used transmission for cars, we provide the service for both categories manual & automatic transmission for sale. We always try to make sure the products will working fine & provide many years service without any interruption.

Service We offer

Autotechio is completely devoted to offering the service of used/remanufactured engines & transmission at a great price & value. Including the service of engine & transmission for latest models car, if you are looking to buy used transmission for an antique car you can also get from our auto parts inventory. We received many queries regarding the antique car used transmission across the allover USA & Canada.
With huge experience in the automotive industry, we always try to help you to find low cost, mileage & best quality remanufactured & second-hand part for cars, SUVs & trucks. We also help to find the right size parts which are best in specification based on client need.

What makes us different-
Our transmission & engine service

Generally buying used or second-hand auto parts is difficult for new buyers. Sometimes due to improper knowledge or distributor reliability, we are not sure buying a used transmission or engine is a good choice for us. So before finalizing the deal, this is very important to choose a trusted & authorized used auto parts service provider.
Autotechio is the trusted & reputed service provider of used engines & transmissions for cars, trucks & other vehicles. With a team of experienced experts, we do the proper optimization of each & every product in all parameters. Along with it, the low-cost feature & availability in all manufacturing brands offers the best buying option to the clients.

Team of Experts

Our team specializes in producing high-quality used transmissions and engines as well as remanufactured engines and transmissions for the majority of truck and car makes and models. Whatever components you might need to repair or upgrade your vehicle, our advanced team of mechanics, technicians, and customer support personnel can help you source the perfect quality engine or transmission for your needs.

Replacement/Remanufactured Process

Autotechio is a partner with the most prominent auto parts manufacturers and remanufacturers as well as the leading auto recyclers and auto company suppliers. Before we sell any item, our quality control experts verify it is in good working condition, and suitable for your upcoming automotive project. The advanced online catalog we’ve created to support the customers of Car Part Planet is what you will use to find your exact part. Simply by using our Search Tool you can find the exact engine or transmission swap for your ride. You can shop our smart catalog 24/7, no matter what time zone you’re in, for sourcing anything from transmissions to a high-performance powertrain or a complete replacement engine, all at low-cost prices.


Warranty & shipping

We can offer great prices because we operate more efficiently as an online retailer, so we pass this benefit to you with fast and free shipping straight to your commercial address when you order with us. You deserve proper coverage for your purchases from Car Part Planet, which is why we are proud to offer unlimited mile warranty protection for up to five years, depending on your purchase. Give us a call today to discuss the details about our outstanding warranty terms or check out our designated warranty page for complete information.

Save a huge amount on every purchase

Our price is the best price for the purchase of your used engine, used transmission, used Rear Axle, used Transfer Case Assembly, and used Suspension Cross Member K Frame. we offer guarantee lowest price in the industry, because of saving money on shipment and we pass that savings to you.

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