Want to buy used transmission for car or other vehicles. We Auto Techio is the largest distributor of all brands of vehicles used manual & automatic transmission for sale. Buying a used or old transmission is always beneficial due to its low cost. Also, the easy availability of used transmission parts makes them the best option for vehicles.
Our highly client-oriented service & commitment to deals in 100% genuine products make us a prime choice in the field of used transmission service in the USA. So when you are thinking about the service of used transmission near me, we are the best option for you.

We are offering the service of both manual transmission & automatic transmission. The risk factor of our transmission service is very less or you can say 0%. Because the team of technicians checks & test these automatic & manual transmissions in all parameters. But before buying a used transmission for a car, you need to know how to choose the right transmission for vehicles.

How to choose the right used transmission?

That doesn’t mean there won’t be pieces of any wear just because you’re changing the whole machine. Installing a Used Transmission is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Which can be accessed from a vehicle that was in reasonably decent shape. Getting the right device requires finding one without harm or needless wear. Also, the following tips you need to remember when you choose a used transmission. This will help you to know how to buy an old or used transmission for vehicles.

  • Look at the body of the car.
  • Always check around for leaks in transmission.
  • Check the warranty.
  • Bring the machine with you.
  • Ask about the History.

Used transmission for car- Type of transmission we offer

Based on the car model we can categorize transmission for the car into three categories such as manual, automatic & CVT transmission. The transmission has circulated the power from engines to the wheels.


Since car transmissions are a component of the car that is continuously used, with a complicated nature. Here get detailed information on all types of car transmission types we are offering.

Used automatic Transmission for car

We have a large selection of self-shifting automatic transmission for cars & other heavy vehicles. Such as trucks, buses, and other transportation vehicles transmission for sale. All the range of this old manual or automatic transmission properly inspected in all parameters. Our team of professionals fix all the problems of used transmission & make them an ideal match for clients vehicles.
The automatic transmission is pretty simple to use, You just need to put it in drive and go. But at this automotive, a lot of complication to making it look easy. The motion sensors of the automatic transmission are easy to identify when car gear will be change. Also, the internal oil pressure will adjust the gear according to the needs.

Although various parts are stuffed into the transmission, And their real working is a little more complex than the brief summary described here, The torque converter and planetary gearset are the main components.

Used Automatic transmissions we offer:

Automatic Transmission specifications

  • The best quality of automatic transmissions is very easy to operate. Also, with automatic transmissions, it is much easier to drive a car with the best experience.
  • We can also count the safety feature of automatic transmissions. That means as compared to manual transmissions the automatic transmission car is safer.
  • While you get the driving experience of the automatic transmissions car, it gives you a better experience than stick shifting racing car.
  • Apart from the safe & the best driving experience, the cost of the automatic transmissions is high when you compare with the manual transmissions price.

Used manual transmission for car

Although all the latest model vehicles are automatic transmissions, we still hold a Small Percentage of manual transmissions. The advantage of manual transmissions is that they have a longer life than automatic transmissions.

In Comparison to automatic transmissions, manual transmissions are simple to use and easy to maintain. Also, they are known to last hundreds of thousands of miles. Since they do not have filters some of those particles simply float around and get trapped and cause wear in other areas. We’re guessing for decades to come, as long as manual transmissions are around.

Used Manual transmissions we offer

Manual Transmission Specifications

  • Due to the manual gear controlling system, manual transmission cars are easy to control. Also, they are offering easy to pause or slow down with the control of gear.
  • The less maintenance cost of automatic transmissions helps you save more amount of money.
  • Manual transmission cars are more fuel-efficient as compared to automatic transmission cars. So that is one of the major causes of buying automatic transmission cars from the economic point of view.

CVT transmission for car

CVT transmissions are a different type of technology also known as shiftless, and pulleyless transmissions. For gear changes, the CVT delivers uninterrupted acceleration without interruption rather than stable gears. A pair of variable-width pulleys joined by a flexible belt are used by CVT. Although the CVT has only recently gained popularity, modern technologies have provided greater performance.
The standard transmissions uses the broad range of complicated components to switch through a number of preset gears, most CVT systems run using a pulley mechanism. In short, this system consists of cones linked by a chain belt at each pulley, To change gear ratios, the cones may shift to increase or decrease the belt diameter.

To change gear ratios, the cones may shift to increase or decrease the belt diameter. Enable the rapid transition to the required ratio for increased power and improve the fuel economy. This technology is fuel-friendly and is used in many early model vehicles, and we keep a lot in stock.

CVT Transmission Specifications

  • CVT transmissions present various features but in the modern design CVT transmissions for sale are more famous due to their fuel-efficient features.
  • According to Certified Transmissions Repair, driving upward is simpler with a CVT. To find the right gear ratio for the run, the typical transmissions has to work harder, whereas a CVT almost immediately finds the exact ratio required.
  • Since there are no hard gear switches, As Vehicle history explains, CVTs also allows you to experience smooth driving and acceleration at any speed.

Reason to buy used transmission- Features & benefits

Buying a used transmission is always a great idea due to its low cost & easy availability. The low price of used transmissions as compared to the new, rebuilt, or remanufactured transmissions for sale makes them more demanding between the used transmissions buyer.
We, Auto Techio is one of the trusted suppliers of used transmissions for sale in all brands & different type of transmissions for cars & other vehicles. Also, these genuine used parts of the car present with number of features & benefits. Here get an inquiry on used transmissions features, benefits, and the reason why buying old transmissions is more beneficial.

Price of used transmission: As we previously discussed the cost of used transmissions for sale is more affordable & easy to buy. In short, you will get the best service at an affordable price. With our service, you will get used transmissions under $500 for sale.

Low cost of maintenance: Due to the complete testing of the components of used manual transmissions & used automatic transmissions, the maintenance cost is very low. So the long duration service at an affordable price & low maintenance cost of old transmissions makes them a suitable choice at an economical cost.

Product warranty: Auto Techio offering a complete warranty with their products. The same thing we follow in our used transmissions products. That means we are offering a complete warranty with manual, automatic, and used CVT transmissions.

Huge availability: We are providing the complete range of used or old transmissions for sale with all types (manual, automatic, CVT) with all available brands. Such as used t5 transmissions or used transmissions 4160e.

Why Choose Auto Techio Services of used transmission

We are one of the trusted & leading service providers of used transmissions for sale in the USA. Auto Techio also offering the best & affordable cost of used engines car for sale. Our wide network service including deals in remanufactured engines, diesel engines & new car engines makes us a prime distributor & dealer of all types of car engine parts for sale.
Our products are virtually as good as a new one. All of our products are carefully reviewed & checked in all parameters to provides the best in class service. We believe in offering high-performing car transmissions for sale in the USA.

In our car parts service center you will find the finest quality auto parts according to your needs.
Also, our quick & reliable service provides doorstep service to our clients on time. Apart from that, there are several other features of our services. Here get the list of some of the best features of our used transmissions service in the USA.

  • High availability of all categories of used transmissions for sale in the USA.
  • Our products price for sale we are offering is very low & easy to buy.
  • All the components of used transmissions check & test in all parameters to provide uninterrupted service.
  • Products come with limited periods of warranty. So if you get any issue during the warranty periods we resolve it without charging a single penny.
  • The reliable & 100% genuine service with a professional repair team.

These are a few of the best services of our used car transmission service in the USA. Apart from that, we are offering other benefits with our highly reliable service. For more information or want to buy used transmission for car or other vehicles, you can call or contact us. Our team of professionals will help you to find the best deal.

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