Used transmission dealer in the United States, Buy low-cost second-hand transmission for cars in all  brands makes & models. Our firm is one well-known & leading dealer of manual & automatic transmission for sale under $500. All vehicle transmissions are properly tested under the observation of a skilled & qualified team before delivering to the client location. Here you will also get the best-used transmission with warranty of up to 2+ years. You can simply fill out the inquiry form to get the best deal & buy pre-owned transmissions.

Apart from that, we cover almost all the locations in the United States for the replacement of manual & automatic transmissions at low prices. Basically, these preowned transmissions are removed from the old vehicles & present in good condition except for a few faulty parts. Our team of technicians removes all nonfunctional parts & replaces them with the new part which makes them similar to the new ones Such as filter, front & rear seal, valves, sensor & other parts. 

Our huge online inventory of used car transmission offer their service for both luxury & domestic motor vehicle. The experienced & expert team of technicians properly inspects all parts of the used gearbox before delivering it to the client’s job location. We remove all faulty & nonfunctional parts of second-hand transmission with the OEM certified parts to make them more efficient & powerful such as the replacement of the transmission filter, front & rear seal, valves, sensor & other parts. Let’s get more information about our best-selling second-hand/used transmission price list with model & specification detail. Let’s find the detailed inquiry for second-hand manual & automatic transmission for all brand cars.

Used transmission for sale near me- Price, specification & model inquiry

Based on the manufacturing model of vehicles, transmissions are categorized into 3 categories manual transmission, automatic transmission & CVT transmission. The vehicle gearbox is mainly used to circulate the power from the engine to the wheel & responsible for the moving of vehicles. Here in the below list choose the required car pre-owned transmission according to the type & model of your car.


Used automatic transmission for sale in USA- Model, price & specification

Buy qualified units of automatic used transmission under $500. All the units are well inspected in each parameter before installation to provide quality service. Our expert technician fixes all the issue & make them an ideal match according to the client’s need. Here, we offer a list of various brands of automatic used transmission for sale.

Used Automatic transmissions in USA

Used manual transmission price inquiry in all models

In this modern generation, most vehicles are designed & manufacture with automatic transmission to make your driving experience smooth & comfortable. But manual transmission features in-vehicle are also a prime choice of many users. A few of the key features of manual transmission such as low buying cost, reduce fuel consumption rate which gives great miles & better handling. If you have a car with manual transmission & you want to replace your old car transmission with a low-cost preowned gearbox, Here we are providing the best & well-inspect range of manual transmission for all brands of vehicles.

CVT transmission for car & other vehicles

Continuously variable transmission (CVT transmission) is a different type of technology known as a shiftless & pulley-less gear system. During the gear shifting, CVT delivers continual acceleration rather than stable gears. In this transmission system, a pair of variable-width pulleys are joined with flexible belts. Although CVT transmission has only recently gained more popularity due to its modern technology the CVT transmission provides great performance.

To understand the working mechanism of CVT first you need to know about the working principle of manual & automatic transmission. While the usual transmission uses a combination of various parts to shifting of gears. But the CVT connected with the pully chain belt. The belt diameter increase or decrease to change the gear ratio. Also, it will allow for quick gear shifting whenever the power is increased. Enable the rapid transition to the required ratio for increased power and improve the fuel economy. This technology is fuel-friendly and is used in many early model vehicles, and we keep a lot in stock.

CVT Transmission Specifications:
  • The CVT transmission has a number of features but the less fuel economy makes them more useful for modern generation vehicles.
  • According to the certified transmission repair, driving upward is simpler with CVT. They autodetect the right gear ratio which is difficult for the typical transmission.
  • Since there are no hard gear switches, As Vehicle history explains, CVT also allows you to experience smooth driving and acceleration at any speed.

How to choose the right used transmission?

Buying pre-owned motor parts is always confusing when you have never before bought them. But we promise you if you buy any pre-owned motor parts from the authorized dealer they give you 100% surety & warranty on the product. Autotechio is a firm with huge experience in the automotive industry & they offer the best in quality & low mileage pre-owned transmissions for sale. So if you are looking for the best deal on second-hand transmission, you can trust our service as we are an authorized dealer of used transmission for sale with warranty. 

Also whenever you are looking for pre-owned transmissions for cars you need to consider a few important points. Understanding these basic points will help you to get the best deal. Here take a look.

  • Look at the body of the car.
  • Always check around for leaks in transmission.
  • Check the warranty.
  • Bring a mechanic with you.
  • Ask about the History.

Reason to buy used transmission- Features & benefits

Autotechio goes through a rigorous inspection procedure to guarantee that each transmission we supply meets our high standards. By removing the pan and filters from each gearbox, our skilled technicians do a visual examination. Before installation of seals, filters, and gaskets are changed. Torque converters are fully sealed and perfectly aligned with the front pump. This transmission comes with a guarantee and is supplied as an interchangeable unit.

Buying a pre-owned transmission is always a great opinion due to its low cost & easy availability. The low price of refurbished transmissions as compared to the new, rebuilt, or remanufactured transmissions for sale makes them more demanding for the pre-owned transmissions buyer.

Autotechio is one of the trusted suppliers of used transmissions for sale in all brands & different types of transmissions for cars & other vehicles with affordable pre-owned transmission costs. Also, these genuine refurbished parts of the car present a number of features & benefits. Here get an inquiry on pre-owned transmission features, benefits, and the reason why buying old transmissions is more beneficial.

  • Price of pre-owned transmission: As we previously discussed the cost of pre-owned transmissions for sale is more affordable. In short, you will get the best service at an affordable price. With our service, you will get used transmissions under $500 for sale.
  • Low cost of maintenance: Due to the complete testing of pre-owned manual transmissions & refurbished automatic transmissions, the maintenance cost of transmission is very low. The long duration service at an affordable price & low maintenance cost of second-hand transmissions makes them a suitable choice at an economical cost.
  • Product Warranty: Autotechio offers used transmissions with a warranty. That means we are offering a complete warranty with manual, automatic, and pre-owned CVT transmissions.
  • Huge availability: We are providing the complete range of pre-owned or old transmissions for sale in the United State with all types (manual, automatic, CVT) with all available brands. Such as used t5 transmissions, used transmissions 4160e, pre-owned 727 transmissions for sale, and many more.

Used automatic/manual transmission service- Grab your deal for cheap Pre-owned transmission

With years of experience in the automobile sector, we are the leading firm & dealer of the best-used transmission for motor vehicles. In our wide service network, you will also get the inquiry for used engines with a warranty. The qualified team of technicians inspects each & every part to make them more efficient with a great user experience.

The range of products we offer is virtually as good as a new one. All of our products are carefully reviewed & checked in all parameters to provide the best in class service. We believe in offering high-performing car transmissions for sale in the USA.

In our car parts service center you will find the finest quality auto parts according to your needs. Also, our quick & reliable service provides doorstep delivery service to our clients on time. Apart from that, there are several other features of our services. Here get the list of some of the best features of our used transmissions service in the USA.

  • High availability of all categories of used transmissions for sale in the USA.
  • Our products price for sale we are offering is very low & easy to buy.
  • All the components of refurbished transmissions are checked & tested in all parameters to provide uninterrupted service.
  • Products come with limited periods of warranty. So if you get any issue during the warranty periods we resolve it without charging a single penny.
  • The reliable & 100% genuine service with a professional repair team.

These are a few of the best services of our pre-owned car transmission service in the USA. Apart from that, we are offering other benefits with our highly reliable service. For more information or want to buy rfurbished transmission for car or other vehicles, you can call or contact us. Our team of professionals will help you to find the best deal.

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