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Remanufactured Subaru manual transmissions for sale 

Buy remanufactured Subaru manual transmission from our Auto Techio network that offers a great warranty on qualified units! Auto techio carries a wide-ranging catalog of different remanufactured Subaru manual transmissions for all application vehicles including gas and diesel engines. Buy your latest remanufactured Subaru manual transmissions from us and save lots of money and time.

A human can only pedal so fast with so much power, so to make the most of your effort useful you need to use different gears for different speeds.  Uphill, when you needed all your power at a slow speed, you used the wide gear.  Downhill, when you were already cruising fast, you needed the narrow gear to go even faster. Manual transmissions in vehicles employ the same principle.  The transmission shifts gears to provide the most appropriate ratio for a given situation of the vehicle.

Subaru Manual Transmission Models.

  • Subaru Impreza
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Subaru Leone
  • Subaru Alcyone SVX
  • Subaru R2

If you find that your old Subaru transmission is failing or have any issue, So it’s important to bring it into an ASE certified Subaru transmission shop right away. Auto techio believes in high-quality service that is what our customers are trusting us. If you’re hearing any unwanted noise from your vehicle while switching gears or smelling any burning odor from under your vehicle or feel vibrations while shifting then these are the symptoms of Subaru transmission problems. Different engine types of different brands of remanufactured engines are available here.

If your vehicle promptly and doesn’t engage smoothly when you put it in the drive, Now it is time to get a manual transmission service by a highly trained technician. If you replace your transmission fluid and filter according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations this can help you to preserve the life of the transmission and it may help to maintain your vehicle warranty. You can prevent your Subaru vehicle from further damage by taking it to a Subaru Transmission mechanic.

We Work to make our customers happy and to run your Subaru smoothly on the road for a long time.

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