Mostly all the people love to play music while they drive their motor vehicle especially when you drive luxurious vehicles like Acura. This vehicle is one of the topmost selling brands in the United States. But similarly to any other vehicle Sometimes Acura faces technical issues & due to this Acura Bluetooth problems occur. If you are facing the same problem there might be various reasons who make your Acura Bluetooth stops working.

Here in this article, we have discussed a few major reasons which are responsible to stop the functionality of Bluetooth. Also, we share the best solution to back your Acura Bluetooth on track with some useful advice.

Reasons why Acura Bluetooth not working?

Mostly our smartphone has some pairing issues with our car’s stereo system. And many times turning it off and on again won’t help us. Car stereo speakers can also have some pairing issues sometimes. As we know Bluetooth is a popular wireless method to make a connection & transfer data between two devices like pairing between phone & headphones or phone & media devices. This wireless pairing technology is now used in all the latest series of motor vehicles including Acura.

The device is great when it works in a good manner, but it is worst when you need it most & the Bluetooth device creates problems during the pairing. Here are some common reasons why Acura Bluetooth does not work with some useful tips on what you can do about them.

1. Check compatibility

Compatibility between the pairing device is very important especially when you create the wireless connection. If your phone & Acura Bluetooth device is not compatible this is also a common reason for connection failure.

2. Bluetooth is disabled

Due to some inappropriate settings, Bluetooth gets disabled on many devices. When your phone or Acura vehicle Bluetooth device is disabled this is a common sign that the Bluetooth pairing will not work.

3. System is not in pairing mode

Sometimes we are facing the issue that the Bluetooth connection is on but it can’t communicate with other devices because of the pairing issue. So before establishing the wireless connection between two devices make sure both devices are paired with each other.

4. Outside connection interfaces

Most of the time public hotspots interfere with the Bluetooth system of your car. The reason behind it is the low-security feature of Bluetooth devices. So this is very important that your Bluetooth device security feature is high & always in protected mode.

5. Phone software is not compatible

If your phone software is not upgraded or in the testing mode this is also a common cause of the Bluetooth connection failure. As we know many smartphone companies launch their devices when they are in testing mode & due to this reason sometimes they create various connection establishment issues including Bluetooth connection failure. Many Bluetooth problems can happen because of devices not running their updated version of the software. This thing applies to our car’s system as well as our phone’s system.

Tips & solutions to resolve Acura Bluetooth problems

To resolve the issue of the Acura Bluetooth problem there are different ways & steps you need to follow. These easy but useful steps help you in resolving all the issues that occur during the pairing of the wireless devices. The below-listed solutions are working and tried by some people who have issues with their car’s stereo. First, we have to keep patience and apply these solutions step-by-step.

  • You have to unplug the module wait for some time then plug it back in. All previous functions will be restored. Replacing the module can take time about 5-to-10 minutes.
  • There is a baking method you have to remove the circuit board and keep in the oven for around 7-8 minutes and installing it back will start your car’s stereo system again.
  • Sometimes updating your smartphone can help it because the new version of any smartphone is designed to connect with every old type of Bluetooth system.
  • Try to reboot your device and turn off your car and try to reconnect again after some time. 
  • If your phone keeps disconnected then try another phone if it connects without any problem then you know the problem is not in the car’s Bluetooth system problem is in your device.
  • Reset the HFL and if it does not work download and update the latest version of the firmware. 
  • To reset the system disable the Bluetooth and delete the saved vehicle profile from your phone. Delete your phone profile in the car’s stereo system. Disable your Acura’s Bluetooth system. Now enable the Bluetooth of both devices and try to reconnect. 
  • If these things do not work then buy a new HFL disconnect and the battery and install a new HFL box. Remember that before pulling the heater console ensure to open the center console.

Why does HFL need to be repaired?

Bluetooth plays a great role in connecting things to each other and plays a good role inside our car. A sedan like Acura must have a Bluetooth option. We can read our messages without being in touch with our phones and give a quick reply by voice message because of it we can maintain our focus on driving. It helps us to reach our destination by telling us directions through the car’s speakers. The best thing is that you can manage your activity like calls, music streaming, texting, and data transfer, by your voice through any voice assistant. It will minimize the power consumption of batteries it works on low power and consumes less amount of energy to communicate with devices, so you can travel on the long route because it increases the performance of your smartphone battery.

Where to buy a new HFL?

On the Acura website, you can buy this anytime. They have genuine parts at wholesale price. Don’t buy this part from a local seller or in the market because it can decrease the performance of your battery also. They have specialized and genuine products for our Acura. The delivery is so fast and shipping is done as soon as possible by the Acura team.


Acura Bluetooth not working can be repaired by the tips listed above. As you read the above article you have to apply all the solutions to the problem. We talked about why Bluetooth is important in our cars. In the above article, we talked about the reasons why Bluetooth is not working. The best reason for using Bluetooth in our car is for safety. Acura provides Bluetooth in its all sedans. Accessing your voice assistant is an advanced and good feature we can use for communicating and doing many things without looking at our smartphones.

In the above article, we have mentioned the various problems with the Acura Bluetooth pairing with other devices including the useful tips to resolve this problem. I hope this article will help you a lot more with a better understanding of Acura Bluetooth problems.

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