audi car charger not working

Getting a problem with Audi car charger or is your Audi car charger not working? I understand this is the worst driving experience especially when you need to cover a huge distance & the mobile battery is almost dead. you are not only who facing this problem, but the Audi car charger problem is also very common. If your car charging is not responding or not able to charge the device, the problem could be on the charging port.

The most common reason that mostly affects the car charging port is internal wiring or any device issue. If any fault occurs in the internal parts of the charging port, the charger stops responding. So this is very important to take proper care of each & every charging component of the vehicle. But along with it, this is also important to check the app setting of your mobile. Sometimes the problem may occur due to the phone settings. In that case, you need to check the phone setting or reset your device. Here in this article, we are sharing important information related to the Audi car charger problems & its solution. So if you need help regarding this issue, read this article carefully & get the best solutions.

Responsible reasons why Audi car charger not working

Here is the list of responsible reasons & major causes that affect the functionality of the Audi car charger & also the main reasons for its failure.

  1. The problem in charging port:

The most common reason is that charging points are not working. Maybe there is a problem with the charging port. There is a possibility of rust on the silver color part of the charging port, and then the charging port is not working due to a lack of current going through the port. The wiring of the port burns sometimes due to the heat of the port because the charger is ON for a long time.

2. USB cable problem:

The USB cable is for connecting your phone to the charging port. There is a chance of getting a problem with the USB cable also. The most common problem in the USB cable is that the wire of the cable starts cutting from the corners, and then the current can’t transfer through the cable.

3. Smartphone Issues:

The most likely reason for not charging your phone is that there is a problem with your phone. There is a chance that the charging jack of your phone is damaged as it very sensitive part and can get broken easily. Another reason is that the jack is made of silver and rust is a common thing to settle upon the silver. 

4. Socket failure:

There is a socket in the car that passes the current from the batteries to the electrical gadgets of the car, and there is a chance that the problem is in the socket of the car. There can be a dead fuse or loose wiring which is not let the electricity pass through it properly. If your phone is showing connected but the battery is not getting charged then this is the most possible reason.

5. Car battery problem:

There is a possibility that the car’s battery is responsible for your Audi car charging failure. If your Audi’s battery is low or facing any issue due to dust deposit on it or any wiring issue then also the current will not pass properly from the battery to ports. If the ports are not getting sufficient current then they will fail to charge any phone or connect anything.

How to reslove Audi car charger problems

There are some quick fixes for you to fix your Audi car’s charger by yourself. If the issue seems serious or is not getting better even after using these solutions then you should take your car to the mechanic.

  1. Check the power in the socket:

This requires a light tester and a voltmeter. If you have these tools and you know how to use them, check the light in the charging port and the fuses. If you can not find the power in the port then check the fuses properly.

2. Try plugging in a different device:

If you don’t have a light tester and voltmeter, get a different 12V charger or device. It is very important that the device is actually in working condition. Then plug the device, if it does not work then there is no power in the socket.

3. Plug your device into a different socket:

If your car has a different additional socket for the charger, plug the device in the socket and check if it works. If not, try your charger in another car, if it’s not working then there is a problem with your charger.

4. Change the charging port:
If your charging port is not working, then you have to change your charging port. There is no way to repair the charging port. It’s better to replace that part with a new one. So, when you go to buy the new charging port, buy the original port and it comes with a guarantee.

5. Buy a new USB cable:
Sometimes the issue is due to the USB cable getting twisted or getting cuts it stops working. Change your USB cable if it is twisted or broken from corners. Buy a brand new USB cable of a famous brand from their store.

6. Change the phone setting:
If the port and the USB are working properly then you have to change your phone’s settings. Phone settings can also cause such disruptions. Change your phone’s connectivity settings if required. This can get your port to work fine again.

7. Check the socket:
First, check the socket that provides the current to the port. If there is any problem or if it is loose or dusty inside then change it. It can damage your charging port.


Car charging socket problems are very common. The way car companies are giving the quality of the charging socket is good. The key takeaways from this article would be to look for the common issues. If you are facing any problem with your Audi car charging system. You should check for the common things that could go wrong from your side like your phone’s settings. If the issue seems out of control or you don’t have the required tools then you should definitely visit the mechanic nearby. Always look for the root cause of dysfunctionality in your Audi and solve that. If you need to replace any part replace it with the original part. Audi is one of the best and does not have such issues usually.

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