Why is my BMW AC not working is a common question when your BMW AC not blowing cool air in the summer. Driving a luxurious car in without air-conditioning system is such a horrible moment, especially in the summer. Air conditioning in the vehicle is really great perk in the modern luxury car that is simply taken as granted. A working AC in BMW means your driving experience is more comfortable no matter what weather conditions outside. Working AC in the car allows you to close the window & make you feel comfortable in your own car cabin. But all these great experiences of car AC are lost without the proper maintenance.

Generally, BMW AC doesn’t have unexpected problems with it but when it appears due to any reason your ride gets pretty uncomfortable. A few common issues when BMW air conditioning cooling,

  • Hot air coming out of BMW Ac
  • Hot air with a bad smell
  • The air conditioning system won’t turn on.

Here in this article, we explain the common reason why BMW AC not working or blowing hot air. Also, we try to give some useful solutions that help you with how to fix the BMW air conditioner.

Why is my BMW AC not working & how do fix BMW AC problems

In the below list, we have listed a few common issues that affect the performance of BMW air conditioners when it not maintained properly. Read this information carefully to troubleshoot the problem in the BMW air conditioner system,

1. Compressor failure

In an air conditioner system compressor plays an important role in blowing the cold air. The compressor of the BMW AC system is mainly responsible for the cooling of the fluid & hence leading to the warm air coming out from the air conditioner system. The reason behind it is the clutch blockage on the compressor, any electrical shortage, or lack of cooling fluid in the BMW air conditioner system. These general issues can be easily fixed with the help of a nearby BMW AC service center.

2. Refrigerant leakage

If your BMW air conditioning system is blowing hot air instead of cold it can be due to the refrigerant leakage. Freon is the fluid responsible for the cooling of air. The fluid in the AC evaporates as part of its functionality but if it’s going low quickly then there can be leakage. If the leakage is big it can get detected with leak detection spray but if it’s leaking from a small hole then it’s difficult to identify the spot of leakage. In this case, a gas detector is used to check out such small leaks and then repaired after identifying them.

3. Clogged air filter

If BMW AC is not blowing the same amount of air or the cooling capacity is reduced then this is because of air filters blockage from dust particles. A clogged air filter reduces the ventilation capacity causing reduced airflow and has an adverse effect on the fuel economy also. This can be rectified by cleaning the air filter using a vacuum or washing the filter and inspecting if the issue is still there. It will not make the air conditioner the same as before but will have a significant effect on the performance of the AC. The other option is to change the air conditioner filters.

4. Clogged condenser

The BMW AC condenser system is responsible for releasing the heat from the refrigerant to the air through a mesh. With time if the mesh is not cleaned the dust will get accumulated on the mesh of the condenser. Hence this leads to reduced capacity of the condenser to release the heat and resulting in hot air in AC. To avoid this you should clean the condenser with the help of a power washer. Keep the pressure low as this can damage the condenser.

5. Blend door actuator failure

A fault in the blend door actuator can cause uneven temperature and airflow. You can detect it with a few signs like clicking sounds coming from inside of the dashboard. This sound mostly appears when you turn on your AC or your engine. Taking your BMW to AC repair services is best in this case. You should take your BMW to the AC repair center nearby.

6. Electric fans failure

If the AC is not blowing air even after turning on then this is the indication that the electric fans are not working properly or have stopped. This can be due to the low battery in your BMW or due to any other electrical fault. This can happen due to blockage in fans also. If you are facing any issues then you should get your vehicle’s battery charged first and see if it helps. If it doesn’t then you should take it to a mechanic for repair.

7. Electrical faults in BMW air conditioner

Electrical faults in the BMW air conditioner system are a general cause that affects the performance of BMW AC. This common problem you can fix by yourself only if it’s easy to recognize otherwise it’s better to visit an authorized BMW service center.

How much does it cost to fix AC in BMW?

As we know the maintenance cost of luxurious vehicles like BMW is a little expensive. The parts replacement or the fixing cost of faulty parts depends on the type of model. If the air conditioner part of a particular BMW model is easily available the cost will little lesser. The general cost of a BMW air conditioner system fixing lies between $300 to $1000. The cost may change based on the required repair in BMW AC. Also, if you buy any used engines BMW vehicles this is important to check all the parts which are responsible for the operation of the BMW air conditioning system.


Diagnostic of the problem in the BMW air conditioning system is very necessary to make your ride experience comfortable & smooth. Due to its continuous use or improper maintenance, the problem in the BMW air conditioner system is very common. Sometimes it’s easy to resolve general problems in BMW AC by yourself. But when the problems are not recognized the better idea is to visit a nearby & authorized BMW AC repair center.

Here in this article, we share the information about why BMW AC not working with a few useful resolving tips. I hope the above information will help you to diagnose the problem in the BMW air conditioner system.

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