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What to do when your BMW Bluetooth not working properly. It’s really an annoying moment especially when you are listing to music through mobile or attending any important call. This modern technology in vehicles is an important feature that helps you in various crucial times when you driving your vehicle. But sometimes people are facing uncertain issues with their Bluetooth devices like connection problems or any other. In this situation, the car owner thinks about why my BMW Bluetooth not working & how to resolve it.

The compatibility of Bluetooth depends on the device and the software that is being installed on the phone. The BMW Bluetooth is compatible with both iPhone and Android. If BMW Bluetooth doesn’t connect with your iPhone or android then there are different ways to solve these issues. Let us discuss them in this article.

BMW Bluetooth Connection issue with iPhone

The connectivity issue with iPhone is unresolved for a long time. The user with IOS 9.3 generally faces these kinds of issues. Problems like sudden call disconnecting or voice disturbance issues. Sometimes the connection is so vague that it gets disconnected in between an ongoing call and then gets connected suddenly.
These issues are generally caused by errors in communication control. iPhone doesn’t respond to the commands sent via Bluetooth generally in IOS 9.2.1 or minor.

How to fix Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone?

Bluetooth may be facing connectivity issues sometimes due to general issues and sometimes it can be serious. Here are a few ways to fix the problem:

why bmw bluetooth not working

Check for conflicts in Bluetooth connectivity

This is a very general and common issue but we mostly forget to check about the most general things. A BMW Bluetooth can connect to one device at a time. If it is paired with some other device then it might not connect. You should look for if there is any other connected device and turn that device’s Bluetooth off.

Check for app settings conflict

Sometimes we are facing issues in connection because of bugs in iPhone. In this case, you need to get to Bluetooth settings and disable the sync contact option. Now restart the Bluetooth again. Another issue can be with your Bluetooth device list. It might be having the same auto-generated named Bluetooth device accessories. You should change the name of the device on your phone and then try to reconnect with the renamed Bluetooth.

Update your IOS version

Look for an update of your current IOS to the latest version on the official apple website. The updates have a few bugs fixed. Download and install updates with bug fixes. Doing this will help you connect with BMW Bluetooth easily.

Reset network’s settings

Bluetooth is a part of a network module. If it is facing a connectivity issue you can go to network settings. After going to network settings you need to set it to the default factory setting. It will change WLAN and VPN settings too. After resetting your iPhone’s network it will be ready to pair with a new device. If this doesn’t work then you can look for the next way.

Report the Bluetooth issues to Apple

In case if none of these fix works then it is advisable to visit a nearby Apple store. There can be hardware issues in your iPhone you should take it to the technician for checking. If they are replacing your iPhone you should check it before leaving. If it has the same issue or is it working fine.

These were a few tips to fix their BMW Bluetooth connection with iPhone. Check your iPhone with other cars there may be an issue with the BMW Bluetooth only.

BMW Bluetooth connectivity issues with the android phone

BMW Bluetooth is a network module. It requires both hardware and software to connect with all android phones. But many BMW users having android face issues while connecting their androids. It is most common with androids having 4.3 operating systems or minor. Samsung s6 and s6 edge are the most common androids facing this issue.

How to fix the BMW Bluetooth connectivity issues with android?

There can be issues in your BMW Bluetooth due to compatibility issues with android. Due to some new upgrades in your android which might not be supported in your car yet. There are a few other issues also as listed below:

Inability to sync contacts:

If your BMW is older and does not support a phone book access profile for syncing contacts you will realize difficulty while receiving any call as it may not show any number or id. You need to contact the car manufacturer or BT kit manufacturer to get it fixed.

Compatibility with cars Bluetooth system:

If your android Bluetooth doesn’t get connected to BMW then possibilities are that your car has an outdated Bluetooth kit. This BT kit might be incompatible with the latest android Bluetooth system. You can use external Bluetooth accessories and connect them to your car’s USB port. It will improve the compatibility of your car with android.

Bad connectivity:

If your Bluetooth is getting connected and disconnected by itself then there is an issue with your BMW car’s hardware. You should check for wires and unplug and then plug them again. There can be disturbances due to wireless connections. This is very unlikely as the new androids are pretty upgraded to cause such kind of disturbance.

These were a few of the issues when connecting BMW Bluetooth with the android phone. These fixes can be done by an individual itself you don’t need any help in doing these. If still the issue persists then it is advised to get your hardware checked at a BMW service station. There can be issues with your Android hardware too. You should check it with other cars if the issue is still the same then you should get it tested.


In this article, we discussed the reason and fixes of BMW Bluetooth not working. The key takeaways from this article would be that it is a common issue not with BMW only. It has not much to do with the car’s manufacturing or technical fault. There can be issues from your phone’s side also. It is important to know the source of this error and then rectify that error. We advise you to look for general issues and try resetting your device and BMW Bluetooth yourself. It may be due to loose wiring or any other general conflict which can be corrected by the owner itself. You should go to the technician only if the above-given fixes are not working for you.

If the BMW Bluetooth not working with any device then you should consult the manufacturer or a technician. There are a number of times when your Bluetooth can get disconnected due to proximity. Proximity is not an issue but a general requirement for BlueTooth to work properly. These were a few tips for you to get your BMW Bluetooth working with iPhone as well as android.

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