why bmw carplay not working

The modern & latest design BMW car introduces the CarPlay feature to make your ride more comfortable & loveable, especially when you are going for a long drive. The BMW vehicle comes with Apple CarPlay that requires an iDrive 5.0 & a BMW navigation system. But most of the time due to an iPhone IOS update or any other reason BMW CarPlay not working. Sometimes you get the connection issue or IOS does not support the device issue during the connection establishment.

If you are still facing the same problem with your CarPlay terminate the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and BMW CarPlay. Then restart your iPhone and try to connect CarPlay again. You can protect your iPhone by putting a passcode on it. That can be hacked through lightning ports.

If in case, these settings are enabled in iOS 14/13 or iPhone 7, the CarPlay points are sure to happen. Use some steps to disable the limited settings on your iPhone. Just, press the volume up key and release it. Then press and launch the volume key down. After this, press the power on/off key till the Apple brand seems over your car play screen.

Why Did My BMW’s CarPlay Stop Working?

If your BMW CarPlay not working maybe, a possible reason is because of an incompatible lightning cable. Many users reported online experiences and issues about lightning cable whether it is apple cable or aftermarket cable. There doesn’t seem to be any feeling about how cable works?

In that case: if your CarPlay is not working, try to change it with a different one. Use a lightning cable that functions for someone else and see if it will work for you, too.

Most of the users facing rare bugs that cause CarPlay to seem less to allow the user to access. Some of their phone apps directly from the infotainment screen. That said, many people reported issues online of iPhones are not bonding to the Apple CarPlay application in their cars.

Reasons for BMW CarPlay coneection issue

Here we mention the possible reasons why BMW CarPlay not working,

Software Drawback:

When BMW CarPlay isn’t working it is might possible a software drawback. A simple restart can fix a lot of these connection issues. You also need to be sure that the software program in your Vehicle and your devices is up to date. The updates fix bugs that don’t work then you delete your device from your BMW and try to pair again. Maybe, this will repair an issue where the car is not sure. What state of pairing it’s in by adding it as a brand new system again.

Unpairing and Removing:

After unpairing and removing all saved Bluetooth devices out of your phone. Restart the phone and the CarPlay system then try to re-pair. Restart your infotainment system refers to the usual steps outlined in the consumer guide of your vehicle. Wait for the method to finish which takes some time. Now, try to connect your phone once again to your BMW CarPlay system. It is already operating properly?

How do I Fix BMW Apple CarPlay?

For every electronic device, some errors tend to pop up when your phone isn’t restarted for a long time. Simply restarting your device could fix the issue.
You can easily fix bugs by restarting your device, including your iPhone is unable to connect to your BMW CarPlay. Simply, press and hold the power key until it asks you to slide a bar to turn off the phone.
If none of the things we listed seem to be the reason for CarPlay not working. Then you may need to restart your phone or infotainment system’s software. We don’t really suggest doing this, but if nothing else works, you may have no choice. We suggest backing up your data before restarting your phone.

BMW provides Apple CarPlay in their car with the latest features and upgrades. Updates of iOS got new goodies for its interface and the system capabilities. The iOS 14 makes it possible for users to change the CarPlay wallpaper with more vibrant or toned colors. The biggest update, though was, to Siri. The voice assistant not only got a completely new speaker interface. But was also able to send voice messages over messaging apps. And share an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to contact lists.

Aside from playing music and using navigation apps, you may also use your smartphone safely while driving. Users solve numerous forms of iOS & Android-related points. We above discuss all the possible ways to fix CarPlay’s not Working drawback. If you have any new resolutions, just share them with us. If you have another iOS system problem or iTunes issue, don’t forget to try to fix it.

That stated you to re-allow wi-fi and Bluetooth connections on the phone to re-use them. Don’t fail to pair, if you’re having a problem in CarPlay on your particular app your iPhone stops and restart. CarPlay operates with a number of iOS apps including third-party apps. They constructed into iOS corresponding to Messages, Music, Maps, and Phone app. These tricks work by letting you utilize your phone within the car safely. Commands for CarPlay are relayed by way of using the Siri app on your iPhone.


In the above article, we discuss the BMW CarPlay not working and their fixes. We explain the issues in BMW CarPlay. We discuss its connection, updates, security purpose, way to use it, and how to reset it? and tell the use of CarPlay in BMW. Explain features and updates of CarPlay and your devices to short out the connection issues. Electronic devices create problems after a long time because they need updates for new features and sometimes for bug fixes.

Above we discuss BMW provides Apple CarPlay as the most convenient method to utilize some of your phone’s apps. While driving if you don’t have navigation, you may use google maps, use Spotify to listen to music. Siri reads your texts to you. Above are some potential remedies. If you have upgraded iOS version Apple CarPlay is just not functioning when you put your phone into your vehicle. It may have sim card issues like the phone’s Bluetooth is off or the lightning cable is not connected tightly, and these issues might take only a few minutes to resolve. The Apple support service and the stereo manufacture will take care of the major compatibility issues or connectivity problems in your device.

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