Headlights are an important factor to make your drive safe when you drive your car in a rainy session or in night. So the maintenance of a car lamp is equally important as the other parts of your vehicle. We know that modern generation vehicle does the day by day up gradation on their vehicle. The BMW automobile uses various categories of LED lamps for the headlight such as standard LED, extended LED, fully adaptive LED & laser. But sometime we get unexpected issues with head lamp & when you face BMW headlight not working its a critical situation for the BMW owner.

BMW generally uses adaptive headlight for the clear reflection on the road & these headlight projector automatically move according to the driving. These lights are able to make things clear while you are driving your vehicle on road & reduce the priority of accidents or any blind spot. BMW uses different technology & sensor support to make their vehicle headlights best. But sometime due to this advance technology we are facing many challages. Here in this blog, we have shared the most knowledgeable information about the BMW headlight problem & its solution. So if you are facing the same question why my BMW headlight not working, read this information to get the best solution,

The most common problems with BMW headlights

Most of the time when you are facing headlight issue in BMW it will indicate you on the dashboard. But if you are not seeing any kind of headlight warning indication on your BMW dashboard, you can check it on rainy or foggy condition & in the night. Mainly you need to check BMW headlight regularly to avoid common issues. Here the list of most common problems in BMW headlight owners are facing,

1. Vertical Aim Control Failure

When you are not getting optimal illumination on the road during the vehicle driving, this is the direct indication of vertical aim control failure of BMW headlight. In this situation, the vehicle light is not reflect on the correct direction. Most of the time you are facing it during the turning.

2. Daytime running lights flashing

The headlight flashing issue due to the bulb, ECU or the injector. The best way to find the exact problem & reason why this problem appear. First you need to exchange the bulb from side to side. If flashing issue doesn’t resolve, repeat the same process with ECU. At the end, the last option is you need to change the ignitors but we suggest follow this process under the observation of skilled person.

3. Red headlight error indication

If you do not receive caution messages on your vehicle dash if one of your exterior bulbs is out. It should be checked as soon as possible to ensure safety for your own and other road users.

4. Turn signal indicator not working

Turn signal indicator is a common fault it may be caused by the bulb. During this signal indicator problem you need to check properly the filament of the bulb, socket, and power connections.

How to fix BMW headlights problem

In the above section, we have discussed the common issue why BMW headlight not working. Now in this section we have discuss a few important tips to fix the BMW headlight issues. The easiest way to fix the problem is replacement of the TMS headlight driver module. Replacing the TMS headlight driver module is very easy to fix by the driver.
The TMS headlight driver module is accessed under the hood if you want to replace its own so you can do it easily. Although the process is normally simple, you may need to reach an expert for advice if you’re unsure of how to make the control rightly.

Do I need to change a Bulb?

As we discussed above some common issues may be caused because of bulbs. This means you can do these by own as well. To change BMW headlight bulb, follow these simple steps,

  • If your vehicle has a low beam bulb that is accessed via the wheel arch. To access easily turn the wheel inward.
  • Then, remove the wheel housing cover, rotate the low beam bulb cap anticlockwise.
  • Remove the defective bulb from the holder and disconnect the wiring.
  • And now replace the bulb with a new one.

These same steps can be followed in all the BMW models except the 5-series BMW in 5-series you need to access the bulb via the hood rather than the wheel arch. This same process is used in all BMW 5-series F10, F11, and F07 models whether the car has halogen or xenon bulbs.


Here in this blog, we discuss about the why BMW headlights not working. As we know the headlights are the most important element of any vehicle. Also, we know very well BMW is one of the most luxurious vehicle manufacturing brand & its parts are so expensive. If you are going for assembly the headlight may be so costly from anywhere. The parts are so expensive they may affect your budget. If you decide to replace your BMW car headlight from time to time they become misty or rusted. However, if your car headlights aren’t broken but can’t glow properly due to oxidized headlight lenses, you can simply buy a headlight repair kit, which you can get by your nearly auto repair shops and online.

The Above article is about the issues and fixes of the headlight mostly the time the headlight creates a problem due to the bulb being worn or fuse. We discuss also the fixes step by step for changing the bulb. If you are not able to do such an activity you can go to any nearby auto part service provider. Which can replace your defective headlight bulb at a cheap price. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then it’s time to contact your favorite mechanic for expert help.

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