The brake system is one essential & important part of any motor vehicle which needs less but regular maintenance for a safe & comfortable driving experience. These fundamental components of your vehicle give the surety of safety on the road while you driving your vehicle. So this is very important to get more familiar with the vehicle’s braking system to avoid any uncertain accidents as well as road deaths. Brake service 101 mainly focuses on knowing exactly which parts or components need to check. The basic servicing of the brake system is included with components cleaning & lubricating the brakes without replacing them.

The replacement of a motor vehicle brake device is the last option if in case that may be damaged badly. You should check their proper functioning. If you have ever realized that the brake paddle is not responding properly while you are pulling it down. This is a clear indication of the failure of the braking system. In this situation, you need to visit the authorized service center to maintain or replace the old one. Now here in this article, we have shared basic & advanced knowledge for the maintenance of motor vehicle braking systems. This whole information will help to get long duration performance as well give you more safe ride on the road.

How often do brakes need to be serviced?

Regular maintenance of motor vehicle braking system is equally important as other parts. We can also say, more than other parts the car braking system needs extra attention to make your drive perfect. If in case the vehicle braking system is not working properly you will feel unexpected noise such as squeaking sound from it. Here get the check list while you need to do service of car brakes.

What Does Brake Service Include?

  • Check Brake pads or Brake shoe replacement
  • Flushing or Exchange the brake fluid
  • Replace or upgrade the brake parts
  • Bleed the brake lines or brake line leak repair
  • Cleaning and checking the brake drum

Let’s have a look at brake maintenance tips that will help you stay safe on roads.

Check & Replaceme Brake Pads:

In a very first lookup on the brake pads, if the condition of friction plate in brake pads is not in good condition then its clear indication of replacement. Most of the time many drivers ignore the indication or warning for the replacing of brake pads. That will be a major cause for the next level of warning which come as grinding noise from the braking system. If you get this sound frequently, its time to get better servicing or the replacement of brake pads.

Flush & replace brake fluids:

Brake fluid is an important factor or we can say an essential needs to run the whole braking functionality in a proper manner. Flushing the brake oil means replacement of the old brake fluid with the new one. Basically the brake fluid is used to raise the force whenever you press the brake padles. The moisture in brake pads is a main reason for the corrosion & that corrosion format the rust in vehicle braking system.

Think about it like your engine oil gets dirty, right? Then you wouldn’t skip changing your engine oil, just like that your brake fluid also gets dirty. You shouldn’t skip flushing your brake fluid. If you notice your brakes are stopping like they used to or are making some squealing noises when the brakes are engaged.

Replace or Upgrade Brake Parts:

Upgradation of braking system is the clear indication for the replacement with the new one. Replacment of the motor vehicle brake parts upgrade & improve the performance of entire system. Also, they can lead long lasting performance, decrease stoping distance, perform well under extreme condition & improve vehicle safety.

Upgrading the brake system is the most affordable option, will offer high performance for your vehicle. There are many reasons to consider brake replacement or upgrading. The braking system is one of the major components of the vehicle.

Bleed the Brake Lines:

Brake lines in the disk plate another important factor for better vehicle breaking system. The term “bleed the brake lines” is defined as a process in which a stopper is opened to release air into a wheeled cylinder so that a controlled amount of brake fluid can be ejected from the system. Brakes are used to let air out which is often trapped in it. When vapor becomes present within the lines, it produces inefficiencies within the system, unlike liquid, air can be compressed. If air is present within the brake system, then it will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your braking system. It can lead to complete brake failure.

Effect of bad driving on the braking system

All the above services, like flushing brake fluid, replacement brake pads, and other regular mechanical examinations, are all considerable and useful but also helpless against the attack of dangerous driving habits. So doesn’t matter which type of vehicle you are using new or used engine motor vehicle, the importance of entire braking system is equally important.
If you are used to continuous driving in a town, attempt to reduce the number of stops, it gives an impact on the brake system. Fewer stops equate to longer and lead to better brake performance. If you drive in harsh conditions like small pebbles, ice and salt accumulation can directly harm or damage your brake system. Drive smartly and safely for your vehicle maintenance. Avoiding dangerous driving habits can lengthen your brake system’s life. So get started from today.


Brake maintenance is an essential part of the vehicle’s upkeep. Driving without properly maintained brakes can be quite dangerous, both for you and for the surrounding drivers. Make sure that your brakes are checked and maintained as required. Make sure that you regularly do brake service for your vehicle’s maintenance. Instead of expensive brake repairs or services, proceed with reasonable repairs or maintenance. The condition of your brakes is important for your safety.

In this blog, we have shared the information about the maintenance of the braking system, the essential components that you need to be serviced. If you have more queries about the brake system, then you can contact us through a comment.

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