Importance Of Engine Cooling System In Summer

How to keep cool in summer? Maybe, by spending your whole day at the home, pool, or by eating cold items. These all are the few best way to get chilled in the summer session. But what about your car?. Your car engine enduring 250 degrees in the session of summer. Luckily, your car comes with the coolant feature. The car engine cooling system will help to maintain the temperature of the engine. These coolant features ensuring a trouble-free summer car driving experience for all car owners.

As we know that, the summer session comes with a very high temperature. In this weather condition driving the car mostly affect the car’s internal combustion engines. Because the combustion of air & fuel in the engine cylinder generates the hot gas which presents with the high temperature around 200 to 250 Degree. This high temperature may lead to the burning of oil between the engine parts. Due to which some of the engine parts may get seized and weld. Most of the time it will happen when your engine condition is old or you are using a used engine for cars.

So at that time, we require an engine cooling oil object through the engine to get its operating temperature around 150-200c. Because if there is too much cooling then the thermal efficiency will be lost. Through which the engine will not function well. The engine cooling system will keep the engine at operating temperature and reduces the high temperature. It will not reduce the thermal efficiency of the vehicle. Let’s discuss in brief the cooling system and its importance.

What is a car engine cooling system?

The engine cooling system may define as the system that will control the engine temperature. It circulates the coolant mixture in the engine by using ports. This mainly performs three main functions. The first of them is to remove the engine’s heat and then maintain the engine operating temperature. After that, it brings the engine to its right temperature so that the engine works efficiently. Also, the engine coolant temperature sensor will indicate the heat condition of engines.

The engine cooling system consists of various components. Some of these components are the radiator, water pump, cooling, and engine. This system also uses the coolant mixture (antifreeze). And it helps to reduce the temperature inside from engine. Also, the engine coolant fan manages the temperature of the engine during the continuous running of the vehicles.

The engine cooling system is more important for the engine. Otherwise, the heat will not excess which may lead to the burning of oil. Due to this may your engine parts are fully damaged. At that time you have to buy new car engines. And if the new car engines are very costly. So you can also choose another option that comes under your budget, which is a used car engine. These can save you money. Hence without the use of a cooling system, you may suffer engine damage and repair.

Method to cooling of vehicle engine in summer

Not only in the summer but in all session, this is very important to understand your car engine not get overheated. But in the summer engine got heated a little bit more as compared to other weather due to the outside atmosphere temperature. Here get the solution to keep your car engine cool or maintain its temperature:

  • Regular inspection of belts & hoses of the car engines.
  • Check the radiator cap & its rubber seal if there is any cut replace it with a new one.
  • Change car engine coolant after a fixed duration, usually, the coolant changing duration is after 30.000 to  50,000 miles.
  • Check coolant leak if present then fixes it.

A few other ways to prevent overheating, when you are driving heavily loaded vehicles, climbing the vehicle uphills, or you are in heavy traffic. Kindly observe the engine heating indicator needle. If it goes up to the H, you need to follow a few important steps Such as,

  • Turn off the air conditioner to reduce the load from the engine.
  • Turn on the heat of the car which passes the extra heat from the engine & fresh air takes place.
  • If you are standing in traffic trying to turn off the engine or shift the gear in neutral and avoid pressing the clutch paddle.
  • Apart from that, if you have tried all these options but still not getting the solution, turn off the car engine & open the hood for at least 30 minutes. Or also you can visit the trusted car service center & get the help of a car mechanic.

Working of the car engine cooling system

The engine cooling system consists of six main components like a radiator, engine, water pump, cooling fan, hoses, and thermostat. During the combustion, the fuel energy is converted to heat. Then the coolant is used to transfer the heat, which is circulated by the water pump through the engine. Then the hot coolant is carried by the hoses to the radiator. At that place, the heat is transferred outside by the use of a cooling fan. The coolant is then again carried to the water pump and recirculated.

When the engine is cold, then the engine operates differently. At that time it will lose its efficiency. To maximize its efficiency, the engine needs to warm up quickly. Once the engines acquire the right operating temperature. Then the engine needs to maintain a stable temperature. Now you may have a question that what is the use of thermostats in this process. So the thermostat is a valve that performs opening and closing as a function of its temperature. It isolates the engine from the radiator till the engine reached the minimum temperature.

Without the use of a thermostat, the engine is not able to lose its heat to the radiator. When the engine reaches its operating temperature then the thermostat adjusts the flow to the radiator that maintains the stable temperature.
If the coolant is very hot then the thermostat opens all the way. This makes the engine completely dependent on the radiator to keep its temperature stable.

Sometimes the airflow through the radiator is very low. Due to this, the radiator is unable to do its job and the engines remain overheated. At that point, if the coolant flow speed is increased then the engine will transfer more heat to the coolant. This may affect badly over the vehicle.

The thermostat flow restriction is used to increase the pressure in the engine cooling system. Due to which it is harder to boil the coolant in the water pump. However, the thermostats help the radiator to keep the engine cool.


The car engine cooling system is one of the most important things to maintain the performance of the vehicle. As it excess the extra heat from the engine that will damages the various components of the engine. The high temperature is enough to weld the piston with the cylinder. Hence you may get a better understanding of the engine cooling system. This system keeps the various components of the engine to be cool. Mostly the cooling system is reliable for the cars. Hence through this article, you may understand how much the cooling system is important for the vehicle.

Here in this article, we have shared the information for car engine cooling system included various tips & tricks to maintain the temperature of car engines. I hope this information will help you a lot to maintain the efficiency of vehicle performance. If that tips will not help, we suggest inspect your vehicle from a qualified team of technicians.

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