Car Engine Problem And Their Solutions

The engine is very important for our car. As engine makes our ride smoother. So we have to take care of it. But in most cases, car drivers or car owners don’t know about the car engine problems and solutions. Due to this, your car engine may be destroyed. Then you have to buy a new car engine which becomes the most costly. No one wants their vehicle to be more frustrated and annoying ever.
Every car runs properly due to such parts as structure, electrical part, and mechanical part running the property. But if one on the part stop working it can create a massive impact on the engine and will damage the engine.


And repairing of the engine are very expensive obviously, that’s, why everyone should know about the engine’s problem and solutions to that problem. You may also opt for used engines to buy, as the new engines are the most cost-effective. But here some car engine problems and solutions are listed below:


There could be many reasons for overheating the engine but the common reason is the cooling system of a car is not working and because of this heat is not passing from the engine. This could happen due to leakage or damage in the cooling system. Here we suggest some tips to identify the overheats of the engine:

  • Smoke coming from the hood.
  • The engine temperature indicator which is already set up in your dashboard if is showing “H” or in some car, basically turns out red.
  • The weird smell coming from the engine, like smell come to form the iron if we left it idle for some time.

How to solve overheating

  1. Turn on the heater: Turning on the heater is one of the solutions for the overheating of the engine as it pulls the heat of the engine as transfer in the car, just roll down the window heat will automatically pass by the time.
  2. Stop the car at the side: If your car still overheats it’s better to stop the car at the side and turn off the engine also. With that engine will not continue to heat, try to know the problem why the engine is heating.
  3. Add coolant: After a wait for fifteen minutes when the hood gets cold, open the hood and locate the radiator cap. Now open the cap stilly with the help of any thick cloth or you can use gloves as the cap could be hot. When the radiator cap opens up slowly add coolant into it, half water and half antifreeze, and fill it to the full. After then replace the cap and try to start the engine if the engine is not getting hot then you can run the car but keep an eye on the temperature meter as the engine could heat again if problems would not have solved.

Battery Discharge

The battery of the car is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. As most of the electrical part of the car is working on the battery. And if the battery gets down or dead we can’t even start the engine.
It is very easy to detect battery problems as soon you turn on the key knop dashboard light gets dim and the engine will also not start. This problem occurs when you open the headlight or interior light unintentionally. It can also happen because you leave the CD player or Air Condition open when the engine was off.

How to solve the problem of battery discharge

If your battery gets damaged or discharged then we have some ways to solving this problem:

  • Jump starting the car: To jump the starting the car first you need a jumper cable and another car which we will be going to use its battery to charge the battery of our car. Place the positive and negative terminals of the jumper cable on the positive and negative terminals of the other car battery respectively. Then start the other car and leave it for at least 5 minutes, after some time your battery will be that much charge so that you can start your car. Try to start your car and you are good to go.
  • Charging the battery: If you can go to a garage in the situation of car battery discharge, then this is the best thing to do is get the battery removed and the mechanic will put it up on charge so that it can charge and work properly again. You can charge your battery as many times as you want but if your battery is discharging so often then it better to charge your battery because there could be some fault in your battery that’s why it is discharging too early.

Smoke coming from the Silencer

A little bit of smoke coming on cold is normal, it’s basically steam. Normally cars don’t blow that much smoke so often if it’s newer as it comes with filters, and older ones also don’t do if they have been serving time by time. After this is your car is exhausting smoke then it indicates there is some problem with the engine and this situation need instantly diagnostic.n There are three common colors of smoke that indicate the problem with your engine and you should notice if your car is exhausted these colors of smoke.


Exhausted white smoke could be because the engine is getting hotter than usual. When you start the engine and the quantity of smoke is less then it’s not to worry. But if the engine is an exhausting lot of smoke it’s not a good sign it indicates there could be some problem in the vehicle. As it is exhausting white smoke there could be a problem in the coolant system. These can be serious, engine-wrecking problems if left untreated, so it is best to go to the mechanic and check whats is the problem in your car and why it is exhausted white smoke.


If your engine blowing blue smoke that indicates the problem with oil. And it can create a bigger problem than white smoke if the right problem arent addressed. We call it blue smoke but it’s often nearer to greyish or in light blue color. It indicates there is a leakage in the valve or piston rings worn out, which causes engine oil to penetrate into the combustion chamber because of this engine oil starts to burn with the fuel and starts exhausting blue smoke.


Exhausted blue smoke indicates there is a problem with the fuel. which is heavily mixed with the oil, we supposed to mix the oil and fuel, it should be in a balanced manner. If it’s only a burst of smoke then it’s not a problem to worry but it’s better to consult with your mechanic when you go to the next servicing.

How To Fix Smoke Issue

Before taking the car to the machinist shop, try to fix the smoke problem at home. We are suggesting some steps to solve the smoke problem:

  • Firstly you will Intake the gasket.
  • Then you have to examine the head gasket.
  • After that check for the crack in the cylinder head.
  • If any crack will found, then replace the cylinder head.

If the above method will not become helpful. Then you can diagnose the vehicle so that you can tell detailed information about the condition of the car. It could better for the mechanic to repair the problem of the engine. The professionals know exactly what parts should they have to open for the particular kind of smoke.


We all know that having a car is the most luxurious thing for us. This provides us a smoother ride. But it also contains some problems due to their misuse. The problems arise due to irregular maintenance and servicing. The car will due to some important parts, the engine is one of them. The engine is also required the proper servicing at a particular interval.

But if we don’t care about car engines then they will survive through some problems. These problems will decrease car efficiency. So to overcome these problems, here we provide some information about the respected solutions. You will get the best solutions to your query about car engine problems and solutions. If you have more queries about the car engine problems and solutions. You can contact us via email, phone, or online customer support.

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