As we progress through life, we experience many evolutions. The automobile is no exception to this rule of advancement and transformation. The history of towing, specifically, has seen significant changes in design and technology that have reshaped how we handle transportation tasks.
Tracing back to the time when carriages were pulled by horses, towing has been an integral part of the human journey. It’s fascinating to delve into its past and highlight key turning points that led us to where we are today.

Early Days

The idea of towing was born out of necessity; a need for transporting heavy loads over long distances. The early methods involved horses pulling carts or wagons loaded with cargo. With the advent of motor vehicles in the late 19th century, tow trucks became more prevalent.

Emergence of Tow Trucks

Tow trucks came about in 1916 when a garage worker, Ernest Holmes Sr., assisted a friend whose car had driven off into a creek nearby. He realized the difficulty and complexity involved in rescuing stranded vehicles using blocks, ropes, and six men’s efforts.
Holmes invented the first tow truck, which was a Cadillac with hooks, pulleys, and chains. This marked the beginning of professional tow services as we know them today.

Modern Innovations

Over time, technological advancements streamlined towing operations by introducing hydraulic systems and wheel lifts for efficient vehicle recovery without causing any damage.
In recent years though, there has been another game-changer entering the scene – B&W Turnover Ball.
The B&W Turnover Ball is an innovative solution providing unprecedented convenience for people needing regular tow capabilities while also desiring unobstructed use of their truck bed when not towing.
It works with a simple mechanism: a ball hitch mounted on your truck bed that can be flipped over or turned upside down when not required for towing – hence its name ‘Turnover Ball.’ This ingenious feature allows you to have a flatbed without any obstructions when you’re not hauling anything behind your vehicle.
It’s very durable because of the one-piece receiver socket and powder-coated steel construction. It can endure tough conditions and won’t rust for years.
What new inventions will shape our future, now that B&W Turnover Ball is already an incredible tool that provides significant benefits to its users today?

Looking Forward: Future Possibilities

Technology is getting better and better, and this may mean that towers will use artificial intelligence (AI) to make things safer, cheaper and easier. This could include using self-driving vehicles to move things around.
And let’s not forget about electric vehicles (EVs). As they continue gaining mainstream acceptance across various transportation sectors — including commercial ones — it’s a safe bet that some form of electric-powered towing mechanism will enter the market soon if it hasn’t already done so.

In Conclusion

Humans’ curiosity has brought us from horse-pulled carts to modern innovations like the B&W Turnover Ball. This product offers great convenience to people all over the world and helps meet our daily needs efficiently.

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