The brake fluid in any vehicle is an important factor to get the proper response from the braking system. To make your every ride smooth & safe, this is very important to take proper knowledge about brake fluid change interval & other information. The brake oil is mainly used to transfer force into pressure which is responsible to stop the vehicle when you push the brake paddle. The functionality of the braking system is very easy but it plays an important role while you drive your car.

The brake oil absorbs the moisture from the air over time & decreases the efficiency of fluid. As the moisture in the fluid increase the fluid boiling point. That can be lead to air void & other problems which may decrease the braking efficiency & ability of braking in an emergency. So it becomes very important to know basic but important tips of vehicle brake maintenance & about the brake fluid changing duration. But before that here get a small overview about vehicles brake oil,

What is brake fluid?

As we know the braking system in your vehicle is how much important. Also, the brake fluid is mainly responsible for the smooth driving experience & putting extra effort to stop your vehicle without any delay. Brake fluid change is the replacement or adding of the brake fluid. Fluid replacement is very important to look after your vehicle. It lasts long but not forever. Without looking after brake fluid your vehicle can suffer from low braking performance and can lead to accidents. Here get more information about brake fluid importance & the replacement duration how & when?

Why do you need to change your brake oil?

Brake fluid is so important to the braking system that it can’t work without it. It becomes less effective over time because dirt and moisture influence the brake fluid. Manufacturers recommend brake fluid changed at a regular interval of time or after a particular mileage. Recommendations may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you don’t change your brake fluid, your vehicle braking system capabilities go down and result in poor braking performance. It takes more effort and longer to stop the vehicle.

Changing the brake fluid from time to time is very important to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Make sure to change your brake fluid at the manufacturer’s recommended criteria.

How do you know when you need a brake fluid replacement?

If you drive with bad brake fluid, you might notice it feels spongy when pressing the brake pedal. You may also observe smoke, burning, or chemical odor after continuous hard braking. This can be the symptoms of other problems as well, but it may be a sign of overheating brake fluid that can lead to brake failure. There are certain signs that you can see to find out whether it needs replacement or not. Usually, the brake fluid color is light if you find it dark, then your brake fluid is dirty and needs to be replaced.

How do you check brake fluid level?

Make sure to have a look at the fluid level as well. Check for the marks on the outside of the reservoir. You can see the current level of the brake fluid. Your fluid should be between the full and low mark. If it is below the line, it needs to be full or replaced entirely. You should not open the container if you are not changing or adding to it. Opening the container can lead to moisture and affect your braking system.

If it is above the full mark then it may have water in it. You should take it to the service because this can lead to a decrease in braking system performance.

How often should you change your brake fluid?

You should change your brake fluid every 2- 5 years or 20k miles. It depends upon the manufacturer from manufacturer or vehicle to vehicle. The need to change your brake fluid depends upon driving condition, vehicle, and manufacturer recommendation. A good rule to follow is to have a mechanic check your brake and brake fluid. They will give you the best feedback on the condition of your brakes and if they need to refill the brake fluid. Contact the mechanic before taking the decision of brake fluid change for your vehicle.

Which brake fluid should you choose?

There are 4 types of brake fluid in vehicles: D.O.T 3, D.O.T 4, D.O.T 5, and D.O.T 5.1(DOT stands for the department of transportation). These different types of fluid have different boiling points. All vehicles use the particular type of fluid recommended by the manufacturer. You can simply check your vehicle’s handbook to find what type of fluid your vehicle needs. Vehicles run on specific types of fluid, so choosing the wrong type of fluid can lead to severe problems for your vehicle.

Can you change brake fluid yourself?

You can change brake fluid yourself but you should let this work to the professionals. There are many reasons why. There are many types of fluids with different specifications, they cannot be mixed. It is very important to make sure that the fluid is completely clear out and then changed with the right type of fluid depending on your vehicle type.
Another issue is that the fluid is toxic and must be handled and disposed of properly. A well-trained professional knows the challenges he can face and how to handle them.


Here we have discussed the “6 things you need to know about your brake fluid change”. A brake fluid change is a good way to take care of your vehicle. Without the good performance of your brake fluid, you will find it difficult to stop your vehicle. So you should have a regular check to your vehicle brake fluid and braking system too. Keep an eye on a regular period to ensure that the level of fluid is sufficient and use the right type of fluid otherwise, it can affect the braking system. You should not try to replace fluid yourself as this fluid has toxic elements in it and causes severe effects. Replaced fluid should be disposed of properly and the trained Professional knows the proper way to deal with it.

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