There are no magic words to make your engine immortal for the lifetime so they can run as long you want. Nothing is immortal in this earth whether an engine or living being. It totally depends on you, how much you care for your engine to run it for a long time. 

Like a new engine, a remanufactured engine can run for 100,000 miles. This is not an accurate number but around. Now, this is an average life your engine and the answer to your question. As we told you in the first paragraph it totally depends on you to run it for 100,000 miles or more or less.

As you already know that the remanufactured engines are approximately new engines. Their all functional process is same like as a new engine. These are upgraded engine but their lives are the same as the new engine.

We have seen many cases in which a new engine too wasn’t run 50,000 miles properly. And that did not happen due to engineers mistake who made the engine. It all happened due to the irresponsibility of the owners, who didn’t maintain the engine.

A remanufactured engine or a new engine both need maintenance like a living being. Just imagine you have a pet a cat or a dog any. If care your dog properly like feeding timely, bathing, bring to walk etc. These all maintenance and care of your pet can expand the life than the average life span. 

The same thing is with your engine you can extend the life of the remanufactured engine by proper maintenance like cleaning your engine and timely change of lubricant oil will help you. By proper maintaining, your car engine life can extend up to 20,000 miles to 30,000 miles. 

We hope that you have understood how long a remanufactured engine lasts and with this answer, we have also helped you to extend the life of your vehicle.

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