Having a faulty transmission in a vehicle can be a headache of any car owner. But this is natural, faults in mechanical devices can attack anytime, without giving notice or warning. But the major problem starts when owners can’t decide what to do after this problem, replace or rebuild.

Different people give different suggestions, some suggestions for replacing and some for rebuilt, and between them owner gets confused. But don’t worry after reading this you can decide for yourself what to do in this situation.

Replacing a transmission is meant to place a new or remanufactured transmission instead of old. Which can be costly, the price of new transmission is between is $2000 to $3500, wherein the remanufactured transmission is 20% is less than the new transmission.

Rebuilding a transmission is mean a deep level repairing of your device, that means building your transmission again. In this, an engineer pulls out your vehicle’s transmission then clean and diagnose the issue. If they find some faulty parts they replace it. The rebuilding of transmission is not expensive. It’s only cost between $900 to $2300, not more.

As well as the rebuilt transmission will run the same as a new transmission. The only difference is a warranty, you will not get it on rebuilt transmission. 

To place a new or remanufactured transmission is not a bad idea instead of a rebuilt engine. If your old transmission faced major damage and now it is not fit to recover. In this situation, replacing is a good idea.

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