We’ve all tuned into Pawn Stars before, a TV show that allows us to watch as hundreds of Americans barter for the best price for what they presume is a priceless family heirloom they’ve dug out from the back of their garage.

Captivating over 1.2 million viewers a month, the hit TV series has often inspired others to dive into their forgotten memorabilia, tools, old furnishings, and miscellaneous items to see if they could be hiding treasures with incredible value.

From old cars and toys to retro video games and vinyl records, your garage could hold items that could secretly be worth a small fortune right under your nose. So, throw off those dust sheets, and start rummaging through those boxes as we detail several items to watch out for in our article below:

Old Cars

When your beloved old car finally croaks, it can be challenging to let it go for fear that it could miraculously become helpful further down the line. As a result, it often winds up where many things we need help to get rid of end up; the garage.

However, unbeknownst to you, rusting away in the garage could be a small fortune or at least a valuable donation to charity! While not every old car will fetch a decent sum from a dealer, it will be worth its weight in gold to car donation directories like Car Donation Centers, which aim to partner potential donors with charities across America.

So, if you discover that your old car or cars aren’t worth as much as you thought, consider donating cars to charity using sites like the above, allowing you to free up space in your garage and feel good knowing you’ve contributed to a worthy cause. Consider visiting their site to find out more today.

Vintage Toys

As our children grow older, they start to play with their toys less, and with this reluctance comes the unwillingness to keep them in their room, meaning that Barbie and G.I. Joe are headed to the garage. However, it’s not until your children get older that they realize the value of their old dolls, board games, etc. – making them worth saving!

For instance, to help you understand how much your children’s old toys could be worth, a collection of well-preserved Pokémon cards could allow you to walk away with as much as $90,000 depending on the condition, age, and card type. The same applies to retro toys like Hot Wheels, American Girl Dolls, Star Wars action figures, etc., depending on their packaging and condition!

Old Vinyl Records

With vinyl records making a comeback, now is the best time to sort through your old vinyl record collection and see what you’re willing to part with. From Led Zeppelin to The Beatles, you might have overlooked hundreds of records in your collection that could carry a five-digit price tag (or even more!).

Some of the most sought-after vinyl records include “Please Please Me” by The Beatles (1963), “Street Fighting Man/ No Expectations” by The Rolling Stones (1968), “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” by Pink Floyd, and many more. If your collection features any of the above records, your garage could be hiding a small fortune under your nose – so get flicking through them!

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