If you have a new engine or buy a new car engine. If you are a person addicted to music, high-quality music in your car is a kind of a heavenly environment for you. But in a case when unnecessary engine noise spoils your melodious music, you get so frustrated and want to break the stereo. But let me tell you no need to worry, I will give you some simple and easy tips to get rid of engine noise in the car stereo.

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If you are thinking that you will need a professional sound mechanic to resolve this issue, so you are wrong. The steps which will be discussed in this article were done by me only and clarifying you that I was not a car mechanic but still performed well in operation. similarly, you can also do this easily in a few steps for yourself and can explore your mechanical skills very well.

Before jumping into the question I.e. how to get rid of the engine noise in the car stereo, let’s be clear about why it happened with our car stereo?

Reasons for Engine Noise

The defective speaker wires

Due to unshielded wires, amplifiers might not connect to the speaker and create an issue. Or poor quality can also be a reason for engine noise in the speakers.

Insufficient grounding

It is also a common issue, in which audio wires pick up the engine’s electrical charges and cause an undesirable noise. In a stereo system, audio signals are transferred to the speakers in the structure of electrical impulses. This issue occurs because sometimes the negative end is not attached properly to the engine body.

Defective RCA cables

The colorful cables you used to see behind the stereo are called RCA cables. Audio signals are carried to the stereo by this wire only if it is defective. So, it might connect the engine voice to your stereo while pressing the diesel pedal.

Once we get all the reasons behind this so now we can move to our main part. And for that, you need some items with you to act as a professional.

List of items needed

  1. Best quality of RCA cables
  2. The electric tape
  3. High-performance grounding cables
  4. pair of peelers
  5. screwdriver
  6. some patience

Once you collect all the necessary items you are eligible to perform well only if you follow the mentioned procedure carefully.

Steps to perform

Check cables reliability

This is the easiest thing to do in which you have to check all the cables and replace defective ones with good quality cables. Although you have to check all the cables one by one and have to do AB testing, by doing this most probably this issue will be solved.

Recheck your doubt about the engine

Sometimes you may be wrong that the engine is the only offender in this case. For this, you have to turn on the stereo and press the accelerator and again do AB testing. If you hear an unwanted sound while accelerating only you will make sure that the engine is the root cause of it.

Close the stereo and remove the speakers

Once you close the sound system and remove the speakers, now you can apply some other additional coating or shield on the wires like mu-metal. The wires could also be near the part of the engine with more electrical impulses and hence leads to undesirable sounds from the stereo.

Take out the stereo completely

Try this interesting method in which you just pull out your music system but don’t disconnect it with speakers. Now turn it on and if the noise gets reduced. It means there are shielding problems and for that, you can put extra shields using Mu-Metal.


You can repair engine noise in a car stereo by following the above steps. But if the engine makes noise continuously and is unable to repair. So, you can buy remanufactured engine, and also Autotechio provides information about rebuilt engine prices.

Now we hope you can relate all of the above points and it helps to solve your problem.

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