Tips To Fix a Flooded Car Engine- Complete Guide

This is the most worse experience when a car engine doesn’t start due to any reason. But most of the time we are facing this problem because of the flooded engine. When we listen to the word flooded car engine, then some certain question arises in our mind. Like what is a flooded engine? How to fix flooded engine?, Can we start a flooded engine? What could be the symptoms of a flooded engine?. So here we are sharing the knowledge for flooded engine & how it affects your car.

The main reason for appearing this cause is the wetness of the spark plug because the ignition not working properly. It will lead to problems in restarting the engine. Mostly the common flooding occurs when enough oil enters the combustion chamber. Due to this the capacity of the combustion chamber decreases. And gets a high load on the starter motor and fails at the start of the engine. This situation is more common in an old car or in the used engine for cars that employ a carburetor but also happens on the modern fuel-injected car as well.

What is the reason for flooded car engines

There are various reasons that responsible for the flooded car engine, especially this break down most of the appears in the colder weather. A few other reason for the flooded engine.

  • Damaged spark plug: Spark plus is the most important part of the combustion chamber. without a spark plug, there will be no way to ignite the engine. It is designed to send the signal from the ignition coil at a particular time to make the spark. That ignited the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. But if the spark plug is damaged. Then it would not produce enough spark which is required to start the engine and can cause the flooded of the engine.
  • Damage fuel injector: A fuel injector is a mechanical device that is set up in the car
  • Combustion Chamber: Engine to inject the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber.
  • Fuel Injector: If the fuel injector does not work properly, or it doesn’t send the right amount of fuel to the combustion it can also lead to flooding the engine.
  • Fault in carburetor: basically what the carburetor does is it mixes the air and the fuel for the engine. if the carburetor is damaged or there is some fault in the carburetor. Or it is not adjusted well it can cause the flood of the engine as a faulty carburetor can transmit an excessive amount of air and fuel.
  • Excessive air or fuel: As if the carburetor is damaged, it sends an extra amount of air or fuel in the combustion that can cause flooding of the engine. Not just because of carburetor any of the reasons if an excessive amount of air or fuel goes in the combustion chamber can cause flooding.

How to identify a flooded engine

Most people are unaware of flooded car engines. Even they do not identify the flooded car engine. Basically, flooding happens with the older cars, as the cars which are coming nowadays have an electronically controlled system which checks all the conditions which can happen to flood in the engine. But sometimes we often see that this problem can come to newer cars also. So to overcome this problem, we suggest certain steps to identify the flooded car engine:

  • Check for the smell coming from the car engine: If the smell of smoke from the car comes, it could be the sign of a flooded car engine. If the engine is not smelling that means it’s all good. But if the engine is giving the smell of the gas that could be the sign of flooding. Because that kind of smell only comes when an excessive amount of fuel is reaching out in the combustion chamber. And the chamber is unable to burn which can wet the spark plug that can cause flooding of the engine.
  • Some weird sound coming from the engine: If the weird sound is coming from the engine, it may come due to lack of compression, this happens when the combustion chamber doesn’t get the right amount of gases.
  • Car is not starting: If your car is not starting. And the other condition is also checked like smelling from the engine, crankings in the engine this all is the sign of a flooded engine of your car.

How to fix flooded engine- Engine maintenance tips

If your engine has symptoms like a burnt smell, weird sound, and the engine will not start, then we can say that it will a flooded car engine. To solve the problem of a flooded car engine, we suggest some ways to fix a flooded engine :

  • To Balance the air-fuel mixture: Balancing fuel with the proper ratio of air always an ideal match to maintain your car engine for a long duration. Also, this balanced air-fuel mixture will reduce the priority of breakdown in the car engine.
  • Excess fuel evaporates itself: In the combustion so that the excess fuel evaporates itself. We can open the hood of the car so the air passes easily in the engine. After this process, when we start the engine, make sure that you don’t accelerate, start the engine without accelerating.
  • We can change the spark plug: If the waiting process didn’t give any result, the other thing. What we can do is to put out the spark plug clean it properly and fix it again then try to start the engine. Always clean that spark plug with help of a brush or clean cotton cloth. It doesn’t work then replace with the new one is a better option.
  • Press the acceleration: This process will give more air to the air-fuel mixture with that engine can start easily. This process is not as efficient as it could work on some cars, same as on some cars it doesn’t work.
  • Keep the engine start: when the engine starts keep it start for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This will eliminate the other problem if there is any leftover spark plug.
  • Check the choke valve: choke valve is responsible for the air, it limits the air. If we open the choke valve it allows more air to the air-fuel mixture which helps it ignite easily.

Note: If all of the above methods are not become helpful to solve the problem of the flooded engines. Then your engine might be fully destroyed. Now you are not able to repair it by a machinist. So in that situation, we are suggesting you buy other engines which can increase your vehicle life. If you’re afraid of the expense of buying the new car engines. Then buying a used or rebuilt engine for a car is the best solution.


A flooded engine is one of the common problems most car owners facing in their life. There are several reasons which are responsible for occurring this troubleshoot. If the engine is flooded with water rather than fuel, this is a different problem the damage to the engine depends on the amount of water that entered the engine. In that kind of situation, we suggest it’s better to consult with technicians. Sometimes we see doing acceleration and pedal pumping. It does not solve the problem, again and again, damages the battery of the car and the starter of the car. This happens because people do not have the right knowledge about the mechanism of the car.

Here in this blog, we have shared the information on how to fix flooded engine. I hope this information will help you a lot in finding the solutions.

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