It is very good to be independent in any field, especially when it is related to you. We appreciate your willingness to know about automobiles i.e. how to remove an engine from a car. In two cases you searching for the best way to remove an engine from a used car in USA. You are frustrated with your car engine due to its bad performance, or you are a mechanic by profession.

But anyway this article is going to solve your problem. The ways/procedure declared in this article is given by a professional car mechanic with 10 + years of experience.

Let’s start from scratch and by the end, we will hope you learn more about the procedure and will become professional in this.

For any mechanical work we all need some special tools, so here is also the same requirement of some items.

Items you require before the operation

  1. Before flying a plane, it is more important to learn how to land it. Similarly, in this case, you can have a digital camera. You can click the pics to know, what things look like before disassembly.
  2. Strongly for this work, a better level of parking is recommended. Because you need overhead space while lifting up the engine. If you are using a garage or a closed room, it might create an uncomfortable environment.
  3. Carry a complete tool kit with you which includes tools like screwdrivers, socket sets, wrenches, pry bars, pliers, and a pair of razor blades. 
  4. If you have AC in your car, you will need an AC tool kit.
  5. For draining engine oil or some other fluids you will have multiple utensils.
  6. Rust penetration requires opening the jammed bolt and nuts.
  7. Some free polybags to keep the removed engine parts.
  8. An engine hoist.

Once you had collected all the necessary tools, now you are ready to reach your goal effectively and efficiently.

Let’s move toward the procedure and make sure you will not miss any of the steps.

Steps to remove the engine

Firstly fix your car tightly by applying wheel chocks to the rear wheels. And put the jack under the preferred car engine area to lift up the front car engine portion. You must check the car’s stability by shaking it because it must not befall down while doing work.

You can also remove the car hood by loosening the bolts which hold it. And disconnect any washer fluid line seen there for a better experience.

Be a responsible person to keep all the removed bolts and nuts or any other small car engine parts safe. You might take a zip bag to put all the items securely.

First, disconnect the battery and fuel lines.

First, disconnect the battery and fuel lines to remove the engine from a car.

For safety and security reasons you should depressurize the fuel system before disconnecting its connection. For this, you can remove the relay or fuel pump from your vehicle fuel pump. After this, turn on the engine and let it run unless it uses all fuel in the lines and stalls.

Now you can disconnect fuel hoses and pipes patiently. In the case of modern car engines, the crankcase ventilation lines are there which help to push vapors/fuel back to the fuel tank, so make sure you remove that also.

Give names to the wiring connectors, hoses, and lines.

Give names to the wiring connectors, hoses, and lines.

Here it comes to the use of digital cameras or small chits because once you remove or disconnect the connectors, it is very difficult to recall which wires or connectors are connected to which wires. So for this you can use hoses and give names to them according to you or you should click many photos or can make a small video before disassembly.

Drain engine oil and other fluids

Drain engine oil and other fluids for remove an engine.

Take out the engine oil or coolant from the engine and if you’ll not use it in the future so just store it in a reliable container for recycling. once it has done, place a small bucket under it for collecting leftover little drops coming for a long time

Now you can disconnect hoses and lines

disconnect hoses and lines

Once you drain all the fluids, you are ready for disconnecting the coolant hoses from the radiator in the front and the heater core in the back. Automatic transmission lines and hoses that help in running from the transmission to the radiator for cooling will also disconnect. Your power steering reservoir should be attached to its frame in the vehicle and disconnect the hoses which are connected from it to the power steering pump given in the engine.

Remove the A/C system

Remove the A/C system

If you have an A/C car, the removal of the A/C system is compulsory. Although it is not legal to put vent refrigerant in the atmosphere because it is not good for the environment. but for this, you can go to a professional mechanic to evacuate the A/C system. Once the refrigerant is discharged and the system is depressurized, you can remove metal lines attached to the vehicle compressor placed on the engine block

Remove the A/C condenser and the radiator

A/C condenser and the radiator

Both of these are not that much stronger in small car engines so it’s better to remove them nicely before it gets damaged removing the engine as a precaution is better than a cure and it also doesn’t require any extra work in removing it.

Disconnect the exhaust system

exhaust system

While unbolting the exhaust system you have 2 ways to go, you need to disconnect the header pipe from the exhaust manifold or remove the manifold itself. You may face difficulties in unbolting because of rust on the bolts, here you can use the Rust penetrator.

Apply chains to lift up

chains to lift up a car

Congratulations finally, you reached here to the main step of lifting up the engine. It is only possible when all the other things get disconnected from the engine. Now just look for eyeholes or thread holes and attach the chain with brackets using bolts attached to the engine hoist and take it out gently.

All the things have been done safely and we hope you enjoyed the procedure and explored your mechanical talent very well.

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