How to warm up car engine faster? this problem always has in the winter.

Everyone wants to enjoy the beauty of winter by going outside to a hill station or where you get snowfall but rather than enjoying the moments every time you feel tensed about your car because of its idle behavior as it takes so much time to start.

Another thing could be you are living at a place where generally too much cold for the whole year like in cold countries and every time you got late for your office or job just because of your auto fridge car due to extreme winters. Or you could be an ambulance driver and in that case, you can’t take risks at any cost.

But now we are assuming that your car is perfectly fine but only due to cold weather engine is not getting warm quickly and no other issue is there in your car.

Now Question arises of how to warm up the car engine faster.

Although there are many ways to warm up your car engine. For now, we are telling you some best of them.

Now let’s scroll down and get rid of this issue completely and be a personal mechanic for your own car.

Some ways to warm up your car engine faster are given below:-

best ways to warm up car engine faster

Drive it as much as you can

This way is not from the Maintainance perspective. But driving a car could help you faster and help in heating up the cabin and engine, idling is not helpful in such a condition and if you start driving the engine will warm up faster.

Garage parking

Parking the vehicle in the garage could be a problem remover way on its own. As it will help a car to maintain its temperature so that there will be no need to warm the engine before driving. As compared to leaving your car as it is on the road.

First, warm then drive

Although practically it is a very helpful technique it is only applicable when you have enough time to leave your car start for a few minutes and then drive it peacefully. This is a very common way which we used to apply every time. And warming before driving gives you smooth driving.

Stop unnecessary heat loss

When we unnecessary open the fridge door our mom warned us many times do you know why?

Because unnecessary cold air is starting leaking from it and may or may eatable material get spoiled due to more temperature, similarly, this thing applies in this case also as if we are trying to warm up our car engine so we should take care of the door that is it open or not.

Change temperature to low and turn off the fan 

Its a completely different procedure but much more effective as in this we just change the temperature to low and turn off the fan and after some time do vice versa like turn on the blower and fan this is how this system work and if you want to know more about this system just leave a message in the comment box.

The heater should be ok

The thermostat should work properly as it is the main role in warming up the car engine. So, the car engine does not take time to warm up because it already has a warm temperature.

Proper working of thermostat 

The thermostat helps in controlling cooling circulation through the engine and once the engine starts it closed itself. And if it will not work so coolant will not reach properly.

A simple way to check its proper working leave the engine running for 8 -10 minutes and see the results if the engine gets heated up but the temperature says it’s cool so it could lead to heating problems

The functioning of the blower motor.

The blower plays the most important role in warming up the car as well as a car engine. If you buy new engine then no issue but If we are talking about the older one.

So check is it working or not or you can hear its sound of spinning. A faulty blower will not help you to heat up the engine faster.

During cold sometimes car engine stops working or go bad for that you have to change its engine. So, here, Autotechio sells the best used engines online at the best price.

Now we discussed all the ways to warm up your car but peoples also have some myths in their minds created by society so let us see some facts and myths about it and make ourselves more knowledgeable about this.

Some facts and myths about warming car engines on cold days.

Myth – leaving your car engine running idle won’t affect its life.

Fact – the single reason for letting your car idle is to circulate engine oil. But if you do it for more than 25-30 sec there will be no change and also affect our engine power. So instead of this, you can simply drive your car and by driving your engine, transmission, the brake will run smoothly and get warmed up faster.

Myth – idling the car doesn’t affect our health

Fact– due to cold engine it does not work properly and release harmful gases like unburned hydrocarbons in environment which can leads health effect for us and for our family. 

Now make your car warm up and explore the world freely.

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