Many drivers take their suspension system for granted. The suspension system of your vehicle controls the comfort of your ride, but it is also part of safe driving. You may notice your struts and shocks until they are worn out, but you risk having a serious accident if you don’t maintain your suspension system. Here’s how your suspension system affects your 37” tires and your vehicle.

Your Tires Wear Out Prematurely

The suspension system controls how well the tires hug the road. When the shocks and struts are worn, the tires bounce, which causes them to wear out unevenly and quicker than they would if your suspension system was working properly. This makes your tires less safe and costs you more money in the long run. Investing in King suspension parts can reduce the need for expensive repairs.

Increased Wear on Other Parts of Your Vehicle

Not only does a worn out suspension system cause your tires to wear out quickly, it also increases the strain on other parts of your vehicle, such as the control arms and ball joints. You may also feel like your vehicle is harder to control, especially as you go around curves or drive on uneven pavement. Replacing the suspension parts with high-quality aftermarket components, such as Pro Comp suspension elements, helps you stay safe on the road.

Your Brakes Won’t Work as Well

When your shocks and struts are worn down, it could affect your braking system and make you take longer to stop. On rough and bumpy roads, the risk is even increased, because the wheels are moving up and down as well as forward. It puts you and your passengers at risk more injuries.

You’ll Experience a Rough Ride

The suspension system is responsible for a comfortable and easy ride. Your back seat passengers may complain about a rough ride when the shocks and struts get worn out. You’ll probably feel a vibration in the steering wheel, which will be uncomfortable over time. Replace the suspension system when you hear clunks as you brake to ensure safety when you’re on the road.

Less Control When You Go Over Bumps

If you’re a child of the 70s, you remember “The Dukes of Hazzard” flying over dirt and water. While that may be every driver’s dream, it’s awful for your car. When you feel like you’re flying over speed bumps or your car’s body seems to be traveling up too high, you may lose control over your vehicle, putting you at risk for more damage to the car and to your own body. Your car may be harder to handle when you do inadvertently hit a bump or dip. Have your suspensions system checked quickly.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is more than a comfortable ride. It’s about safety on the road. A worn-out suspensions system wears out your tires faster. It can increase the risk of accidents. Don’t wait until the shocks and struts fail to replace those parts. Find everything you need to take care of your vehicle at 4Wheel Parts.

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