Mazda Mx 5 is the fourth generation of the Mazda community. Although it comprises 116 horsepower four-cylinder engine that will transfer the torque to the transmission such that your car will move. Basically, the new generation comprises the Mazda MX5 engine specifications follow sky active technology with five-speed manual transmission. It comes with tuned direct injection gasoline engines with a six-speed transmission. The design of Mazda mainly focused on sunny drenched drives.

Despite this, it comprises the high-quality genuine parts constructed engine. Thus this engine will increase your car performance. And also increase the quality & luxury value of your car. Although the Mazda mx5 comprises various models within the year. Here get a list of Mazda MX5 engine specifications in various makes & models.

Mazda MX5 engine models list with specification

This Japanese car manufacturing organization design & manufacture worlds best car engine specification under the brand of Mazda. This company is listed as the most popular car manufacturing brand due to its best-in-class engine construction methods. Currently, the organization is continuously working on SkyActive technology to make the vehicle engines more efficient with the low fuel consumption rate. Basically, Mazda is a lightweight two-passenger vehicle. They also designed it as a sports car. These models comprise NC and ND models from 1990 to 2021. And also it makes the Mazda mx5 into three trims like sport, club, grand touring. All three trims comprise 181 horsepower engines. Below the list of Mazda MX5 engine specifications under the manufacturing year of 2018 to 2020. If you are thinking about which Mazda MX5 engine is best, Here get the information with Mazda engine specs.

1. Mazda MX5 2020 engine model

The 2020 Mazda MX 5 is a comfortable sport model that is fitted with 6-speed manual transmission. It provides you an expensive look with less price. Although it has limited cargo space such that your ride can be harsh. It has manual touring which has sport suspension. The latest SkyActive technology for this engine reduces the fuel consumption rate of car engines. That feature saved more amount of money on costly fuel prices.

Engine specifications:

Engine typePremium Unleaded I-4
Displacement2.0 ltr/122 cubic
Fuel systemGasoline, Direct injection
Max. horsepower181@7000 RPM
Max. torque151@4000 RPM
Cooling system capacityNA (quarts)
TransmissionAutomatic W/OD
No. of transmission speed6
EPA15k mi/year
Range (miles)309 city, 416 highway

2. Mazda MX-5 Miata RF 2020 engine model

The styling of the 2020 Mazda Mx-5 RF is radically different from the original. Although it enters a performance coupe and convertible segment in the flux. This was an excellent vehicle that comprises two seats. Because of the power-folding hardtop, it becomes a strong choice. There are no significant changes that include the wireless functionality of apple car play. 

Engine specifications:

Engine typePremium Unleaded I-4
Displacement2.0 ltr/122 cubic
Fuel systemGasoline, Direct injection
Max. horsepower181@7000 RPM
Max. torque151@4000 RPM
Transmission typeManual
No. of transmission6
EPA greenhouse gas scoreNA
CO2 emission15k mi/year (tons)
Range309 (city), 404 (highway)

3. Mazda MX-5 Miata 2019 engine model

It offers precisely in the trims sport, touring and club. This model keeps the crown affordable and fun with quality engines. The 2019 Miata is simple, focused, and fun-loving as well. The design of the engine is very precious even after long-running hour performance. So if you buy any used Mazda engine, that will also able to provide you best quality service with their hassle-free performance.

Engine specifications:

Displacement2.0 ltr/cubic
Fuel systemGasoline, Direct injection
Max. horsepower181@7000 RPM
Max torque151@4000 RPM
Transmission typeManual
No. of transmission6
EPA scoreNA
CO2 emission after 15k miles6.0 tons
EPA fuel economy (combined/city/highway)29/26/34 (mpg)
Range (city/highway)309/404 miles

4. Mazda MX-5 2018 engine model

It offers extreme fun that engages at low speeds as well. Although it can maintain the fuel economy i.e., a fuel-efficient sports car. You may find it more affordable than all the models. It delivers more power linearly & extremely high performance in all conditions. This engine is specially designed to offer long-duration performance with more efficiency.

Engine specifications:

Engine typeUnleaded I-4
Displacement2.o ltr/122 Cubic
Fuel typeGasoline, Direct injection
Max. horsepower155@6000 RPM
Max. Torque148@4600 RPM
Transmission typeAutomatic
No. of transmission6
EPA greenhouse scoreNA
CO2 emission after 15k miles6.1 tons
Range city/highway309/416 miles

Salient features of the Mazda Mx 5 engines

  • World’s first gasoline engine vehicle that able to offer high compression ratio 14:0:1.
  • More fuel-efficient & economical during the performance.
  • Due to the high engine efficiency & compression combustion, the fuel consumption rate goes down more than 15%.
  • Modern technology increases torque at low to mid-engine speed.
  • The proper exhaust system manages the temperature of the engine, multihole injectors, cavity piston & many more other innovations increase the compression ratio.
  • Using the latest & modern SkyActive-G technology with all Mazda engines.
  • The transmission quality is very high which offers long-duration performance. Also, you can replace it with any remanufacture or used Mazda transmission, if the condition is bad.

With every generation of Mazda mx5, you will find a minor difference in their style and auto parts. Although you will get an enjoyable driving experience. It is a lightweight two-seater sports vehicle that comprises a 181 horsepower engine. Basically, these engines comprise genuine auto parts. Thus these engines are more costly.

It also requires proper maintenance. As it comprises more moving parts. So without maintenance, your Mazda engine may be damaged. In that scenario, it is impossible to buy the expensive new Mazda engine or buying the expensive Mazda car. So you can choose the options of rebuilt Mazda engines, and the used Mazda engines. These engines can offer top quality and performance similar to new Mazda engines.


Mazda Mx-5 is a small two-seater vehicle that comes in three trims like sports, club, and touring. It comprises a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 151 lb-ft torque. If we talk about the transmission service in this vehicle. Hence you get a six-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission. These models possess high quality and expensive transmissions. Although they require proper care and upkeep. These vehicles are mostly used for sports. So might be their transmission become slippery. Hence in that situation, you cannot get the expensive transmission. So you can choose the used transmission and rebuilt transmission. These transmissions offer great durability and reliability, similar to a new transmission. Here in this article, we have shared the information for Mazda MX5 engine specifications that helps you to understand Mazda MX5 engine specifications.

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