The 6 Most Popular Types of Window Tints in Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Australia’s second-largest state Queensland, is the third biggest city in the country in terms of population. Over 2.5 million Brisbanites live in its metropolitan area, enjoying the warm ocean current from the nearby Coral Sea, which gives the city long, hot, and humid summers.

Brisbane’s sunny climate is perfect for outdoor activities, but it can be a nightmare for your cars. But, car window tinting in Brisbane can deal with this problem easily.

Car window tints serve many purposes, both functionally and aesthetically. Whether you are looking for a tinting solution to block out the sun or create a custom look, there are many options to choose from.

Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tint is a cost-effective solution to protect yourself and the car’s interior from the sun. It is made from multiple layers of dye, an efficient but inexpensive way to prevent too much heat from entering the car. In addition, its opaque appearance is ideal for keeping privacy when you and your family are inside. However, it fades over time and needs to be replaced periodically. 

Metalized Tint

Like dyed tint, metalized tint can help block out the sun. But while the dyed layers absorb heat, the films in metalized tint reflect the sun. These metalized films are very small particles and virtually invisible to the naked eye. 

Aside from offering protection from the sun, metalized tint enhances the window’s strength. When applied, it can boost the shatter-resistant properties of the glass. It also helps the window resist minor scratches. 

Hybrid Tint

As its name implies, hybrid tint combines the properties of dyed and metalized tints, offering an excellent car window tinting Brisbane car owners can turn to. In this window application, the adhesive layer that sticks to the glass is followed by a dyed and metalized layer. Another layer goes on top, serving as a protective coat that prevents scratches. 

Compared to the previous types of window applications, the hybrid tint performs better in improving your car’s appearance and giving protection against the sun. It also goes against the common misconception that darker films are better at rejecting heat. 

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic materials are known for many positive qualities, and the ceramic window tint is no different. It blocks half the amount of solar heat and virtually all the UV rays without disrupting the view of the driver. In addition, it does not interfere with the car’s electronic equipment the way metalized tint does at times. With increased resistance to fading and shattering, the list of ceramic tint’s benefits is long, making it arguably the best car window tinting Brisbane has to offer.   

Carbon Window Tint

If you prefer the matte finish that is characteristic of carbon, then this type of window solution is ideal for you. Aside from its unique aesthetic value, the carbon window tint is also very functional, able to block 40% of the IR radiation, which is responsible for the heat that gets into the interior. As a result, you remain cool when driving while your car’s interior remains safe from fading. 

Make the Right Choice

While these are the most popular options in the market today, there are other types of window tint available. With a selection this wide, there is definitely one window tint solution that will suit your unique need and preference. 

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