Reasons For Transmission Failure- Complete Guide With Solutions

To know about what are the reasons for transmission failure? let us first understand what is transmission and its importance? So basically transmission is responsible for transferring moving power from the diesel engines to the wheels. It is the gearbox of the vehicles. It regulates the speed or accelerates the vehicles. In transmission we classifieds it into two types of transmission of vehicles  Manual and Automatic gearbox. Automatic gear provides comfort and a perfect drive with less human effort and also with less stress driving. Whereas, manual gear served drivers and their vehicles for many decades.

when there is a disconnection between the power from the engine to wheels, we say that transmission breakdown. As result, you hear some strange sounds, a different smell from your car, a bad clutch, problems with your torque converter, and also it starts acting differently on the road. There are numbers of transmission failure symptoms, that you need to observe during the failure of car transmission. No matter what type of car transmission you have.

Car transmission failure symptoms- Reasons & solutions

There are several warning symptoms or signs of breakdown transmission of vehicles. Check your engine and transmission from time to time because it is important to do. By making yourself aware of signs, you can detect and diagnose the problem much faster. Most people buy remanufactured or used transmission for cars when the previous transmission is not responding properly. Here get the list of a few major symptoms & reasons for transmission failure.

Transmission and Engine Warning Light

Check if your engine light is blinking. If it’s blinking, it tells you that you have a problem with the transmission.  Problems may include overheating, solenoid problems, speed sensors, slipping transmission, etc. check immediately your transmission and engine if you see these.

Burning smell

It’s not a very good sign if your vehicle smells like burning. A burning smell is caused by overheating transmission, leaking of fluid low Fluid. if you catch these signs, you able to save your transmission from any damage. The transmission fuel level will be check with the help of a user manual guide.

Transmission fluid leakage

Transmission fluid is used to Lubricate all the components of the transmission. As it allows produces less friction and heat. Automatic transmission fluid is made of synthetic liquid, oils, and other chemical components Whereas, manual transmission fluid is made of motor oil, gear oil, and automatic transmission fluid.

When a red fluid is found under your vehicle, means you have a transmission fluid leak.  it is a bad as well as a dangerous sign of Fluid leaks. Please note that not all transmission fluid is red, some of these are colorless or even dark brown.

Noise in transmission

By listening to your engine starting sound, you will be able to notice sound while accelerating. Different sounds like buzzing, clicking,  humming,  roaring noise come from inside the transmission indicate transmission breakdown. This sound generally comes when a vehicle is at rest or in motion. its symptoms include are bad bearing, ear damage.

Power issue with car

If an engine is working fine but your vehicle has little power or no power. This is due to the problem mean internal transmission. Check your vehicle’s computer to isolate the problem. you have to check with the trouble code to isolate that particular problem that occurs in the automatic transmission.

How to protect car transmission against any failure

By using various safety tips you increase the shelf life of your car transmission & make them more long-lasting for all needs. These basic but important tips will help to save new or any remanufactured/rebuilt transmission & make your car driving experience much better. Also, these basic tips will help you when you choose a new or any used car engine. Here get the list of a few of the best manual & automatic transmission safety tips.

Drive recklessly

Do not drive recklessly. drive recklessly Increases your risk of damaging your vehicle. it might also lead to transmission problems in your vehicle. This type of habit sometimes kills the transmission. The engine and transmission of a car are working, but the thing is nothing is happening because of the movement of the wheels denied. This may lead to the fluid in the transmission overheating and its internal components start failing.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is always your priority.   it is an easy and effective way to extend the life of your transmission. when you take time regards vehicle service, you can preserve your component and also overcome the unexpected problem in your transmission.

Bad driving habits

Change your driving bad habits such as parking without an apply a handbrake, changing gears incorrectly, and shifting automatic transmission. Little changes can boost up power to your transmission and other components of your vehicles.

Transmission specialist

A transmission specialist will examine your transmission. Just like other parts or components of a car, repairing regular transmission is also an essential part. Before any major problem arises in your transmission, bring your vehicle to a transmission repairing shop.


Downshift to brake at a traffic light when a car has stopped is not so good. As the downshift at high engine made an effect on the transmission. So always try to switch of car ignition if there is long waiting in the red signal. Also, don’t start & stop the car engine frequently if there is no need.

Check transmission fluid

Make the habit of checking your car’s transmission fluid levels on regular basis. Changing your transmission fluid may lead to a sudden drop in transmission. If the transmission fluid level is low it will impact a bad effect on the transmission. Regular inspection & transmission fluid changing is one of the major tips to maintain the life of car transmission.

Warming up of Engine

To increase and boost the life span of transmission. This type of activity may be leading you to a healthy transmission. Just like human being body engine of vehicles also need to warm up before take off. Especially in the cold weather, don’t run your car instantly after starting the engine. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes once the engine gets heat, you can easily run your car & the transmission will not get any extra load.


In your vehicles, transmission is an important part. It is just used to adjust your speed. It transfers power from the engine to the wheels. But what if it does not work properly? You should need to understand what are the reasons for transmission failure or breakdown .just like you can ignore odor like burning smell or leaking transmission fluid or different sounds. Do not panic if there is a problem occurs, just follow the rules like how you can avoid the problem of the main cause that leads to transmission breakdown. Check your transmission from time to time to avoid any future problems. Need to remember all the warning signs by analyzing behavior. Go to your transmission specialist if a major case arises.

Here in this blog, we try to share some important information & a few basic tips, that help to increase the life span of car engine transmission against any failure. We hope this information will help you a lot with the maintenance of the car transmission. If the problem in the transmission is not handled by you we suggest visiting any transmission specialist nearby you.

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