Know The Differences Between Remanufactured And Used Engines

Whenever a customer has faced an engine failure and they have no warranty with the product. Then they will generally go to a vehicle shop or dealer to know what is the option? So, it is necessary that consumers know what is a great option for the replacement of their vehicle’s engine. This will help the consumers in selecting the right engine for their vehicle. Anybody firstly goes for a new OEM replacement engine but that is very costly. A replacement of a new engine is either used or a remanufactured engine. So this is very important to understand know the difference between remanufactured and used engines.

Here we are going to give you some other options which are remanufactured engines and used engines. The choice between the two engines will depend on the budget of the client and the number of years to be used.

How to get used and remanufactured engines

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So, let’s talk about these remanufactured and used motors, the following are the facts of a remanufactured and used engine.

Remanufactured engines v/s used engines

Remanufactured engines are the engines that are remanufactured to the blueprints that were used in making the original engine. That includes the exact specifications and other significant details.

We can also say that the remanufactured engine includes all parts machining including block, crank, rods, cylinder heads, assembling the engine with all new parts.

Remanufactured engines have been created to be like the original engine with broad screening and investigations. While then again, rebuilt engines have been changed by putting new segments to replace the exhausted parts.

In any case, these parts are ordinarily not of high caliber and might be unique in relation to one engine rebuild to the next. Remanufactured engines are commonly produced using a few sections. That has been reassembled from more seasoned engines that have been tried to work effectively simply like the new ones.

However, these parts are normally not of high quality and may be different from one rebuilder to the other. Remanufactured engines are the engines which are made from different-different parts of the older engines and tested to work successfully as the new ones. Why the price for the remanufactured engine is much reduced.

When we go with the price of the remanufactured engine we find that it is much reduced in comparison to the price of new engines so the question arises why? So, the answer is that the parts of the remanufactured engines are a combination of both new and recycled.

Cost of remanufactured engines

The reason behind the reduction of price for remanufactured engines in comparison to the price of new engines is that the remanufactured engine’s parts are the combination of both new and recycled.

What is the reason that the old engines which are already faced some serious problems are uninstalled, and the other parts of them like the block, heads, camshaft, crankshafts, water pump, rods etc. are tested thoroughly.

The remanufactured engines inspection is done very deeply. The engine blocks and the cylinder heads are fully checked, even the measurement is done by micrometers so that we can capture any issue.

After the remanufacturing process, the remanufactured engine is transferred to another test to ensure that it is made of the highest quality.

For most consumers, they have realized that the benefits of getting a remanufactured engine for their vehicle far surpass the disadvantages. So, let us take a look at the benefits and the disadvantages of choosing a remanufactured engine:

Most of the consumers realized that if some advantage of the remanufactured engine. Then there’s also some advantage. let’s discuss some advantage of a remanufactured engine.

Advantage of a remanufactured engines

There so many advantages of a remanufactured engine here we are going to point out it.


 These engines are more reliable compared to used engines. There may be a requirement for regular repair. Another side they are with a warranty because they are designed by using a used component.

Warranty never indicate that something will go wrong with your engine. It means just to ensure you that if in future you suffer from any problem in the engine then we will cheque and solve the issue. And you get extra assurance on your engine that they have been inspected by experts.


 As we know that good parts and good engines are used in the remanufactured engine.


When we compare remanufactured engines to used engines in term of performance. There is no doubt that remanufactured engines offer top performance. Most of the consumers do not make a difference between the new and remanufactured engine. Even both remanufactured and new run with same quality speed.

Quality remanufactured engines such as Auto Techio remanufactured engines, will have a great warranty. You get 36 month or 100k miles. They are costly than used engines and they are considered at the time of replacement. Sometimes it is only 10 to 20% more costly in comparison to the used engine but sometimes they can be up to twice as much as a recycled unit. The cost totally depends on the engine and supply/demand curve for that particular product. The other thing about the remanufactured engine is that there can be limited supply and remanufacturers are not able to process every possible engine. Often there are also that can’t be remanufactured because of the “gap” in production.


Using a remanufactured engine is really best. By choosing the remanufactured engines in place of your old damaged vehicle engine. You are helping to make the environment safer.

For racing purpose vehicle there is not suggested either used engine or manufactured engine.

By using the remanufactured engine you can increase the life of your vehicle and you will feel that there is no need of purchasing a new engine. And in this way, the resources and energy both will be utilized which will be conserved in manufacturing new vehicles.

Used engines

Used engines are also known as recycled engines this is also good for some users. These are the used car engines which are damaged in any flood, accident or natural calamity and after that, the engines are removed from old cars and used for any other.

In another way we can say that used engines are generally found from junkyards and in most cases they are not inspected thoroughly. There are higher chances that the engine is a high mileage part and/or has been involved in an accident.

Advantage of used engines

Used engines provide you a quality option at a low price that is generally 40% to 60% less costly in comparison to a new engine.

These engines will be tested as thoroughly as possible. Most of the time running the engine before the car is destroyed is a very good way to test the quality and function of the engine. If for some reason we can’t run the engine at central, you should have to do a compression test to ensure that the engine is good.

Environmental effect

If we think to consider is that used engines are the most environmentally sound option. The manufacturing process to provide a used engine is minimal. And they give very less effect on the environment and use of resources. Another good thing about the used engine is that they have many options to choose from.


These types of engines have more disadvantages then advantage.

The used engine has no longer than 30 days warranty. However, this is used by people because of saving money but it is not effective.

But in other hands, you may be lucky if the used engine which you are going to buy. Is used in a car which is damaged in an accident but the engine is not affected then this used engine better option. But you can’t know the past of the engine. Choosing a used engine is also the riskiest option.

So, chose used engine only in that case when you are not able to afford a new or remanufactured engine. Are you decided to buy a used engine? Then it is very necessary to know the past history of the engine and make sure that it is tested by experts very well.

Which one you should choose?

Both used and remanufactured engines are summarized by us are useful engine replacement for any consumer’s vehicle.

You should think about both and you should have to decide which one is best for you. Hope you understand properly about both engines after all above discussion. For more information you can contact us we provide both engines in great and pocket-friendly rate.

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