Seized Car Engine Guide- Step By Step Solutions

A seized car engine can be defined as an engine that runs out of oil and the oil can’t circulate. This means the internal metal parts of the engine collide with each other and creates enormous amounts of heat with friction.

The engine is responsible for the vehicle’s performance. As the engine is the most important part of the vehicle. So we need to its proper maintenance. Mostly the engine will seize it we use our vehicle roughly and didn’t maintain it for a long time period. The engine will seize due to mechanical failure and some oil starvation. When the engine will seize then we can’t control the vehicle. And will directly decrease the vehicle’s performance.

What causes a seized car engine

  • Low Oil Level: Vehicle must get overheated if it has the level of engine oil low. If you don’t fill engine oil and drive the vehicle normally then the engine parts will get merely and the engine will be seized.
  • Accumulation of water: Water is not like gas oil, because it is incompressible. so take care of the accumulation of water. It is also harmful to motor vehicles to not fill their radiator with water, because lack of water in the radiator can also heat the engine, and there will be the same condition for the vehicle.
  • Accumulation of Rust: Rust is very harmful to the engine parts, if engine parts accumulate rust then there will be no option for the engine that now it will perform well.
  • Faulty Parts: It’s very rare but if it happens then the chance of engine seizing will increase. So aware at the time of servicing your vehicle.

Solutions for Seized Car Engine

The unseize of an engine requires lots of experience and knowledge about auto parts. You can repair the seized engine at the machinist shop because the machinist will know about the working of the engine, specification, and also the manufacturing of the engine. Here we suggest some solution to a seized car engine.

How to Fix a car engine

If your engine is seized due to overheating or run on low/no oil. Then eventually your engine will stop in its track. You may require a professional technician or some suggested steps to fix a seized engine.

  • Disconnect accessories: There are many auto parts that are located outside of the engine block. now just disconnect all the accessories and parts under the hood. Some parts like the alternator, power steering pump, water pump increase drag on the crankshaft. We can reduce the power required to dislodge the pistons and allow the crankshaft to run.
  • Equalize pressure: We can use sockets to remove the spark plug. Removing the plugs will releases the pressure within the engine. This pressure could push against to free the pistons.
  • Remove the valve covers: We can use a wrench to lose the restraining bolts that hold the valve corner on each cylinder head. By removing the covers we can expose the rocker arms. After that remove the rocker arms to pull the exposed pushrods. This step will reduce the resistance produced to turn the crankshaft.
  • Turn the crankshaft: Now just locate the front of your engine. at the front, there is a round harmonic pulley that drives a belt. After that attach a socket to the bolt head that will be fitted onto a long-handled breaker bar. Now turn the bolt in the clockwise direction to free your engine. If the engine will not turn then apply penetrating oil to the walls through the spark plug wells. Now give some oil to the piston rings to work as a past way.
  • Resemble: Once the engine will be freed, then you have to reassemble all the auto parts. if there is any seal or gaskets then uncover them in opening things.

If the above will not helpful in unseize your car engine and you are tired of paying money to a machinist in repairing your car engine. Then you may opt for other methods which are listed below:

Buy a used/rebuilt car engine

If your car engine will seize due to some failures and oil starvation. Then one of the solutions we can define is to buy the used/ rebuilt car engine. If you are capable of buying a new car engine then you may opt for a used/rebuilt car engine. As the rebuilt car is available cheaply. and also the rebuilt engines are less time-consuming than a repair for the seize car engine. So you can buy used car engines for functioning and enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

Buy a new car engine

As you are tired of paying several dollars to the machinist in repairing your seized car engine. So for your comfort, We will suggest a method of buying a new one. As we know that the new car engines are the most costly. But some sites are provided the new car engine at a low cost. You can buy new car engines rather than using a seized engine.

How to check a seized engine

Sometimes a completely seized engine will do some rare things. If the engine is putting outside in a junkyard for many years then we say that it is completely locked up. Another reason for seizing a car engine can be if you had overheated it while lubricating the bearings with air. At that time you need to take some diagnosis conditions into your hands:

  1. Put emergency brakes and shift your car to neutral.
  2. Then open the hood and locate the crankshaft pulley.
  3. After that select a socket that fits the nut bolt in the center of the crankshaft pulley.
  4. Then try to turn the pulley in the clockwise direction.
  5. If the pulley turns, then we can say that your engine is not seized.


The engine is the most important part of your vehicle. So you need to properly maintain it. Here you will get the best solution to your query about seized car engine and various methods to fixing a seized car engine. Here the given information will help you to unseize your car engine

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