Common Transmission Error Codes List- Complete Guide

While driving, sometimes you have noticed a yellow light illuminating on your dashboard. This light indicates that OBD(onboard Diagnostic system) has detected a transmission error. After that, the OBD sends the trouble Transmission error codes to the vehicle. The code reader which is connected to the adapter will go to the vehicle’s dash and then retrieve the code.

Basically, there are two types of codes. The first one is global error codes and the other one is manufactured error codes. The global codes use ‘0’ as the second character which is common to all vehicles. and manufacturer codes use ‘1’ as the second character to specify certain makes & models. usually, the code resides under the category of Powertrain ‘P codes. These codes are started with P06, P07, P09 that specifies the tranny or gearbox problems. Now let’s understand the various transmission error codes.

Most common transmission error codes

We can define the transmission error as the difference between the position of the output gear and the conjugate gear position. We can easily measure these errors by using the two separate encoders which determine the angular position of the gear. These errors are identified through some codes present in the alphanumeric forms. Here get the detailed information for various errors & how to fix transmission error code.

1. P0613: Transmission Control Module (TCM)

This code indicates that there is a problem in your transmission control Module due to poor electric connection or shortage. It could affect the gear shifting abilities. At that time you have to replace your TCM with the help of a machinist. During the appearance of this error code, you need to visit a specialist car, electrical connection technician.

2. P0218: Transmission over-temperature condition

It directly means your transmission is overheating. To overcome this problem, you have to replace the fluid sensor. Most of the time this error code indicates the replacement of the fluid sensor. If there is another code that indicates on the dashboard along with this. Then there is a more complex problem that requires a professional service.

3. P0614: ECM/TCM incompatible

This code usually occurs when either the TCM or ECM has been replaced, and the replacement part is not configured to work with the existing part. Most of the time this error occurred when the used transmission parts not properly configured with the new one. On a new vehicle, all the parts are preprogrammed to work with that specific vehicle, if you replace any components configure the programming also.

4. P0700: Transmission control system malfunction

Mostly the TCM is responsible for relying on the fault codes. This code indicates the problem with TCM. When the TCM works badly, then this code will appear through the engine light. This code is an informational code which indicate the problems in engine lights of the vehicles.

5. P0706: Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Range/Performance

The transmission range sensor is used to convey the information about the gear into the RCM and PCM. This code indicates the manual shift valve linkage and the dirty fluid. It is displayed with automatic transmission for the vehicles. The code may be occurred due to the valve linkage or bad transmission fuel.

6. P0715: Input/Turbine speed sensor circuit malfunction

The input speed sensor signals the TCM. It enables the transmission for change in speed. If the TCM receives an erratic signal then this code will occur. It may be the result of a faulty valve body or due to the engine coolant. Temperature sensors and shift solenoids may be the reason for displaying these codes.

7. P0750 – P0770: Solenoid failure

It can prevent the flow of transmission fluid. This may also cause a gear to not shift properly. If the error is solenoid then the codes between P0750-P0770 may appear. These codes are mostly produced in automatic vehicles. It also indicate if the car transmission doesn’t work properly.

8. P0720: Output speed sensor circuit malfunction

The speed sensor describes how fast the input and output shaft is moving. If the TCM can not read that one, the speedometer will not read it accurately. In this case, the speed sensor needs replacement. The reason behind this error code is dirty transmission fluid or due to defective transmission speed sensor.

9. P0729-P0736(Problem with torque converter)

These codes report the problems with gear ratio. All the codes between these P0729 -P0736 are occurring from the same issue but they report for different gear ratios. The TCM input and output sensors can easily measure the speed of the input and output shafts. If the shafts are not moving at the optimal speed then these errors will be displayed.

It will also occur due to low transmission fluid. Although it also indicates the problems with the torque converter. Torque converter may be defined as the medium that converts the rotational speed into the twisting force. Through which we can easily shift the gear ratio on driving at highway speeds.


Transmission error codes are those codes that define multiple transmission problems. We can easily identify the problem by seeing that code. Here we elaborate on some common error codes. Mostly there are problems in the TCM (Transmission control System) and PCM. If there is a problem with solenoids. Then it will directly affect the transmission fluid. Although the transmission fluid is more important for the well working of transmission. We can shift smoothly by using transmission fluid.

We have even discussed some global and manufacturer error codes that identify through the second character of the code. These codes are started from the ‘p’s to specify the category of the powertrain. Here in this article we have shared the information for transmission error code symptoms & solution. I hope this article will help you to identify these errors. If you are not understand how to resolve these transmission error codes we suggest visit authorized service center & take the help from qualified technician.

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