Which Engine Car You Should Buy- Petrol Or Diesel?

This question might trouble you that which engine car you should buy petrol or diesel?. That both engines are very different in their performance & efficiency. So before buying a new or used engine car, you need to check all the drawbacks of petrol & diesel engine car. This will help you to find out which engine car you should buy petrol or diesel. So here we discuss various drawbacks of the different fuel engine cars. Many of you have already aware of the various features of cars like fuel efficiency, cost of maintenance, price, etc.


To simply we can the settle the petrol v/s diesel debate by breaking down the factors affecting your decision. Also, this information will help you to find out which engine car you should buy.

How to choose the best fuel car

Choosing the fuel type of a car is the first & important question when you buying a new or used engine car. The fuel is an important factor which always affects your decision of getting a car. So this is very important to know which engine car you should buy. Here, first, we share the information on diesel engine car & petrol engine car for better understanding.

Diesel engines car- Reason to buy

If you are comparing the price difference between diesel & petrol engine cars, then there is a very minor difference between them. But there are other differences in both types of engines. Also, the numbers of pros & cons you need to consider before buying a diesel engine car. That helps you to find out which engine car you should buy.

Pros of diesel engine car

  • Diesel engines are more efficient & consume less than 10% to 20% fuel. That means the running cost of diesel engines is very less.
  • The low environmental affection of the new BS 6 series engine of the diesel engine is very familiar & Eco friendly. But for the new series of diesel engine cars, the tax slot is a little bit higher.
  • Also, the low-speed torque of a diesel engine car provides you a powerful car driving experience. The better towing ability & overtaking power change the experience of car driving.

Cons of diesel engine car

  • Diesel engine car price is more than petrol. Also, the diesel engine maintenance cost is slightly higher. Apart from that, there are other charges such as emission or T-charges make them more expensive.
  • The CO2 emission during diesel fuel burning is a major cause of environmental pollution. Also, these harmful gases are not good for human health.
  • The noise of diesel engine cars is slightly higher as compared to petrol or gas engine cars. But using the latest technology many organization working on reducing the sound of diesel engines.

Petrol engine car- Reason to buy

Buying a petrol engine car is always the best decision due to its high & long-duration performance. Also, petrol fuel is cleaner & Eco-friendly as compared to diesel fuel. Here get an inquiry on the pros & cons of a petrol engine car. That comparison helps you to find out which engine car you should buy.

Pros of Petrol engine cars

  • The petrol engine car price is cheaper & easy to buy. Also, the service & maintenance cost of a petrol car is very low.
  • Petrol fuel is more Eco-friendly due to its low emits of CO2. That means the petrol car produces less amount of harmful gases, emission, and other particles which is not good for human or environment.
  • This fuel engine car gives you the best experience of car driving due to its low noise.

Cons of petrol engine cars

  • The petrol car engines are less efficient & consume more fuel as compared to a diesel engine car.
  • For a better driving experience, you need to do more operation during car driving. Such as, at the time of overtaking you need to change gear frequently.
  • Also, as compared to diesel engine cars the petrol engine power performance is low which make them not a suitable choice for racing & other option.

Different comparison factor between Diesel Car & Petrol car

There are numbers of comparison factors between diesel & petrol cars you need to consider before buying your dream car. The understanding of these following points gives you the proper information & understanding on which engine car you should buy. Also, you need to consider all that thing if you are looking for a remanufactured engine or rebuilt engine car.

Fuel efficiency/Mileage

Usually, the main concern of customers is fuel efficiency. So, let me tell you that when the engine pours 1 liter of diesel into the cylinder, it releases more energy than the 1 liter of petrol, in that case, the diesel engine produces more power that’s why diesel engine cars give around 15-20 %more fuel efficiency as compared to petrol engine car. By differentiating both fuel types you will better understand which engine car you should buy.

Noise & Vibration

Customers prefer smoothness. In comparison to diesel and petrol engines, the diesel engine is heavier than petrol engine cars because that when the diesel engine is in operation, it is more noisy and vibrating as compared to the petrol car engine. So, if you want a smooth and quiet engine car then for a diesel engine car. The noise of the engine is the more considerable point at the time of buying a used or new engine car. So consider it before thinking about which engine car you should buy.

Maintenance & Service Cost

A few years ago diesel engine cars had more maintenance because of the low quality of diesel was available in India and it quickly ruined the engine and other parts that require regular maintenance also. But nowadays the quality of fuel will be improved. But still, the maintenance cost of diesel engine cars is still high.

Fuel Price

A few years ago people used to prefer diesel cars because the price of diesel was less than the price of petrol. But nowadays there is no huge difference between fuel prices. A better understanding of both fuel prices will help you to understand which engine car you should buy.

Resale value

According to research, diesel engine cars have more resale value as compared to petrol engine cars. You need to consider resale value for changing your car at certain time periods. That also helps you to get a better understanding of which engine car you should buy.


Petrol engine cars have more power output because the petrol engine is a short-stroke engine and the movement of the pistol is low. And on the other hand, the diesel engines are compression ignition because the movement of the pistol is quite high.


If we compare any car model, the difference between the petrol engine & diesel engine cars are more expensive but also gives more mileage. The price comparison of both fuel engines will help you for a better understanding of which engine car you should buy.

BS 6 engine of cars

This is the time of year when Maruti Suzuki announced that they will completely stop the diesel engine from their cars. And on the other hand companies like Tata still uses diesel engines. In that case, it confuses that after BS 6 they should go with the petrol engine or diesel engine. So you need to consider that point at the time of thinking which engine car you should buy.


Despite lower Co2 emissions, diesel fuel produces tiny particles linked to breathing disorders such as asthma. For environmental affection & protection of the environment is a necessary thing for all of us. So check it before thinking about which engine car you should buy.


If you travel long distances so you should go with a diesel engine car because it gives you more mileage and if you travel less distance then go with the petrol engine car. Distance plays a vital role to choose the engine. Diesel cars are great on the highway, as they provide strong overtaking power and can often do so without changing gown gears.

No of travelers

If you have a large family and will be transporting heavy loads or potentially towing a trailer, often go with diesel. And if you have a small family then you can go with both the options. You can mind that concept at the time of thinking which engine car you should buy.


Ultimately the decision between diesel vs petrol cars depends on your driving habits. The conventional wisdom that long-distance drivers benefits from diesel engines still holds. But, it should be kept in mind that it works both ways. If you are primarily driving a diesel car for shorter trips, your engine stands to deteriorate quicker and require even more frequent services.

Also, it is near impossible to factor in how future legislation could affect the diesel vs petrol debate. Many cities like Paris, Athens, and Madrid have all, in recent years, wholly banned older diesel engines from their city centers, due to concerns about emissions. In summary, the best course of action is to sit down with a calculator, crunch the numbers and see if shelling out the extra money for a new diesel car sense for you. So the comparison in both fuel types will help you to understand which engine car you should buy.

I hope it will help you to get the best deal on used engine cars in various fuel options.

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