Battery plays a vital role in the vehicle’s life, especially when it comes to a car because no kick start option is available in the car. After knowing its (battery) importance many drivers or people like us want to be prepared and secure for their car battery life and raise a question like how long can a car battery last without starting the engine?

Being professionals in this field it’s our responsibility to provide you the best assistance and solve all of your queries. And be a source of the right information for you.

How long can a car battery last without starting the engine?

Well, it depends upon the vehicle, weather, etc. Focusing on some statistics, BMW claims that the batteries in their car could last long for 5 – 6 months and normal cars for 4-6 months. After that, you have to recharge it.

If you are storing your car for a long time underground, we recommend you take off the battery for its better duration.

Do you ever feel car batteries are more unresponsive in the winter season i.e. in cold weather, so a query arises that how to store your battery life in winter seasons?

How to store your battery life in the winter season?

If you are the person who is going to store your car for a longer time in the winter season and wants to warm up the car engine faster during the winter season, we advise you to take out the battery and store it in your home, in case it’s not possible you can place it in some warm area. But before storing it, make sure it is fully charged because it gives regular energy and temperature to be alive for a longer duration.

If you are facing difficulty in storing the car battery or you don’t know how to store it nicely under the preferred conditions, need not worry. We are providing you with the procedure mentioned below:–

car battery

Things to remember before storing a battery for a longer time

Firstly store the battery in a separate place at a distance from children and don’t put it directly on the floor. Place a plastic sheet under it and cover it completely to prevent rust and moisture. Clean the terminals before storage

You can also use baking soda for cleaning the battery to use it again in the spring season.

Some safety measures

  1. While storing lead-acid batteries don’t forget to paste emergency phone number posters on walls.
  2. avoid any flame or heater nearby it.
  3. have a baking soda bottle with it.
  4. mark the battery date and check it in a month.
  5. be sure both terminals will not come into each other contacts

We hope now you cleared this topic very well and will not be afraid of the winter season, can take care of your car battery. Let me summarise it for you. Normal batteries will last long around 4-6 months and for storing them safely you need to take care of some conditions like storing the battery in a separate place at a distance from children. Clean the terminals before storage. Use baking soda for cleaning the battery. And for any other queries, you are free to mention them in the comment box.

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