Honda BrioHonda Brio is a good inexpensive subcompact hatchback family cars starting with the price of $6,586. It is one of the most premium brands, is known for its premium quality cars and rock-solid stability. 

The new Brio comes with additional kits such as advanced 2 DIN combined audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, new premium furnished in two colour options. It is a small car and means that it consumes very little.


  1. Very low turning radius, it is easy to make a U-turn on a crowded area.
  2. It has very smooth steering and a quiet cabin.
  3. High-quality interiors for the section.
  4. Best in terms of durability, security and value for money.
  5. The slim front seats provide decent support, especially the lateral.
  6. Dual airbags in the front seat.
  7. Anti-theft immobilizer system
  8. Smooth gear shifting, steering control 
  9. Excellent response at corners and in the emergency braking system.
  10. Top speed of 145 km/hr with excellent balance and responsiveness.


  1. Boot space is quite low, 175 litres.
  2. Bad ride quality on rough roads. Gets choppy on bumpy highways.
  3. Looks like u-turn in the up position.
  4. The equipment list lacks rear defogger, CD player and driver seat height adjustment.
  5. AC cooling system is not much good.
  6. A normal space for back-seat passengers. Rear seat-back very small.

Honda Brio has 1198 cc, 1.2L i-VTEC petrol engine with the 5-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual transmission. The power and torque of the engine are 87 HP and 109 Nm.

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