Every vehicle owner understands the importance of the engine of a vehicle. A vehicle engine is almost the lifeline of any vehicle doesn’t matter which car manufacturing model you are using. So proper care & car engine maintenance is equally important for a smooth car driving experience. Here in this article, we shared brief information about Ford engine maintenance tips. These basic but important tips will help to maintain your Ford car engine in a proper manner & help to get the best efficiency.

A regular health checkup of the vehicle engine is the best way to avoid expensive repairs. Each Ford car engine model has a specific service schedule according to its feature. Every Ford vehicle owner wants to his vehicle function well. But this is only possible when you do the proper care of your vehicle. Now, let’s get the information for Ford engine maintenance tips.

How to perform Ford engine maintenance- Important Advice

The maintenance of the Ford engine involves the process of a regular checkup of engine components. The worn-out process of damaged or faulty parts & updating them with new ones is also coming in vehicle maintenance. Routine maintenance is also the key feature to extending the vehicle engine life. Car engine maintenance ensures the safety of vehicles & prevents them from an uncertain breakdown. Most of the time used Ford engine owners get the basic errors because of improper maintenance of vehicle engines.

Here is the list of basic Ford Engine maintenance tips to extend the life of a vehicle.

1. Regular change of engine oil

To keep your car engine healthy, it’s very important to choose a high-quality engine oil that is able to serve long-duration clean lubrication to each & every part of the Ford engine. This is also highly required to replace the old car engine at a regular interval. The recommended engine oil replacement duration is after 6000 miles or after 5 to 6 months from the previous replacement. No matter what type of vehicle engine you are using or buying a used engine or a new engine, the engine oil is equally important for both of them.

Along with the Ford engine oil replacement, you also need to check & inspect the oil filter. This engine oil filter plays an important role to prevent your engine from dust, dirt & other junk material. The intelligent oil-life monitor in the new ford models indicates when there is a need to change the oil. ‘Change Engine Oil’ will appear on the display when the oil level drops to 5%. At 0% it will warn you by displaying ‘Oil Change Required’.

2. Replacement of transmission fluid

Transmission overheating is a common cause of its failure. Due to improper performance of the transmission, you get the issue in gear engagement & its shifting. Low-level fluid or leakage can result in serious transmission and engine issues. For ford vehicles, service transmission is at 150,000miles. This service is scheduled by your service provider.

In case your ford transmission gets damaged you can buy used ford transmission at low price.

3. Changing the coolant

Coolant is an important factor to maintain the temperature of the engine. The coolant prevents overheating in the engine produced due to constant moving parts. This also prevents the internal components from corrosion. The coolant for your ford car should be changed at 100000 miles.

4. Lubrication of the suspension components

You ford vehicle service should include proper lubrication of the suspension components. These parts should be well lubricated to avoid expensive repairs. Suspension components such as ball joints and tie rods are provided with grease zerks. These should be lubricated every time, as dry joints wear out fastly.

5. Check for leakage

If you find any fuel leakage under your car, should get it checked. Leaking of fuel from the car can result in engine failure. You should get it fixed by the nearest Ford service center.

6. Checking the rubber belts

Rubber belts are important to keep everything in the sink while the engine is running. Odd noises like a squealing sound from under the hood may be because of damaged rubber belts. You should regularly check for breakage and cracking in the rubber belts. It may cause serious damage and problems to the engine components.

7. Changing brake fluid

Brake fluids should be changed once or twice a year. It prevents corrosion and breaking of internal components. Fresh brake fluid should be added regularly as advised by your Ford service provider.

8. Allow your engine to rest for a while

You ford engine needs to sit and rest for a while, as may tend to be tired due to constant running. There is a decrease in mileage and a substantial increase in emission due to constricted airflow which due not allows the fuel to burn completely. Get your air filter cleaned and changed regularly for the proper functioning of the engine.

9. Avoid being on the reserve fuel

Fuel such as petrol or diesel carries impurities and sediments which settle at the bottom of your tank. Running on reserve or low fuel can pull this junk into the fuel pump. This can cause a lot of wear. To avoid reaching these sediments to your engine, it is necessary to top up your tank from time to time.

10. Change and replace your fuel filter

The fuel filter is very important to filter out all the junk from the fuel. This will prohibit its entry into the combustion chamber. A new filter will ensure the flowing of clean fuel to the engine.

11. Checking sparks plugs and wires

Sparks plugs and wires ignite the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder. It also acts as a fire starter which requires maintenance. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure the retention of the engine spark.

12. Check engine light

Check engine light signal means your ford engine requires immediate help. This light is a self-diagnosis system to protect your engine. You can reach out to the nearest Ford service center if you witness such lights popping up in your Ford car.


To get efficient & reliable performance through your Ford Vehicle, this is important to follow important tips for car engine maintenance. You need to check engine oil, coolant, brake fluid & other necessary components of engines at a regular interval. Engine maintenance of your Ford car can increase the lifespan of your vehicle. This also boosts performance and fuel economy. Constant use of cars can result in the breaking of internal components of the engine. This can eventually result in heavy expenses for repairs. There are certain preventive measures that should be taken into account to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle. There are many basic car maintenance tasks that can be performed by oneself. You can also reach out to the nearest service center to seek professional help for your Ford engine maintenance.

Here in this article, get an understanding of the Ford engine maintenance tips. We collect the information with the help of experts. I hope that all the above information will help you a lot more to understand the importance of Ford engine maintenance & how to perform it.

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