In any vehicle engines are the most important components & without them, we can’t imagine our vehicle. The engine is used for the conversion of fuel in the form of energy this mechanical energy is responsible for the movements of the vehicle. Similar to other engine manufacturing brands, Mercedes designs the world’s best motor engines. A few of them are highly reliable & offer a long duration without any interruption. But every engine has a shelf-life & how long Mercedes engines last mainly depends on how you drive your vehicle.

If you drive the vehicle properly and take care of your vehicle properly then your engine last more as possible but if you don’t care for your vehicle and don’t drive properly the engine lasts less. Mostly Mercedes engines last above 200,000 miles if you drive properly and take care such as maintenance, quality oil, etc. Here in this blog, we have covered all information related to the Mercedes engine’s performance & how long does it last.

Most common types of Mercedes engines

Mercedes are manufactured different types of engines which are used in different models of cars. To help you to choose the best Mercedes engine, we highlight some most popular Mercedes engines and their issues are as follows:

Mercedes 111, 112, 113, V4, V6, and V8 engines

These are the most reliable Mercedes engine, they can do 300,000 miles and produce fewer issues Some of their basic problems such as oil leaks, valve cover gasket leaks, and rear main seal leaks. These Mercedes engines were mostly used between the 1900s to 2000s. 

Mercedes 272, 273, V6, and V8 engines

These engines are utilized in camshaft and variable valve lift. These engines perform outstanding and maximize fuel economy and produce fewer problems than other Mercedes engines. These Mercedes engines are mostly used in the Mercedes V6 and V8 models.

Mercedes Bluetec engines

The Mercedes Bluetec engines are the most advanced engine in the market. This engine has usual problems such as oil leaks from the engine oil cooler, the valve cover gaskets, and the turbocharger intake seals. These engines have bridged the gap between gas and diesel engines. 

How do I Extend the Life of my Mercedes engine?

By following basic car engine maintenance tips you can easily make your Mercedes engine last longer. Here take a look at a few most beneficial Mercedes engine maintenance tips.

Drive the car properly

Your driving habit is most important to determine the life of your engine, So you need to drive properly and don’t misuse the car. A few things like don’t drive your car in Overspeed, it doesn’t require don’t change gear frequently.

Use the best quality oil

In your Mercedes engine use the best quality engine oil to extend your engine’s life. Check the manual of your Mercedes car that which oil should be used in the engine.

Service maintenance on the schedule

Mercedes give two maintenance schedule for its engine service A and service B. So, you don’t be forgotten any one of these service schedules to extend the life of your engine.

Clean air filter

Always keep your air filter of the engine clean to need the breath for the engine. If you forget to clean the air filter then the engine doesn’t get the air properly for the combustion chamber to make it strain.

At what time should I buy a new engine instead of rebuilding it?

Rebuilding the engine or buying used Mercedes engines is a good solution, but not always in some situations it becomes bad for you. If you have to change the whole transmission system, have the head gasket leak at the cylinder then don’t rebuild the engine because in such situations buying a new engine is the better and cheaper option for you.

If you want to change the entire transmission system of your Mercedes spend very much cost and if you add services cost so in the end, you spend more. So, the best option in that situation is to buy a new engine.

At what mileage do Mercedes start having problems?

Mercedes manufacture some most reliable vehicles in the market. But we know that all vehicles have some problems after miles Mercedes engine also produces some issues after some miles. So, there are many Mercedes models in the market which have issues faster than others. Some models have produced the problem before 50,000 miles, some models will produce the issues after 100,000 miles.

Common problems produce before the 100,000 miles

Several Mercedes models produce the problem before reaching 100,000 miles. So, before you purchase your favorite Mercedes model, check the problem or issues that you are likely to face.

So, some common problems in Mercedes before 100,000 miles produce are catalytic converter, issues with sway bar links, control arm bushings, ignition failure, ball joints, and tie rods. Most problems are minor and easy to fix it. These problems are common in some models.


If you drive the car properly and don’t forget the maintenance services schedule, use the best quality oil, and care of the car properly then your car’s life will be about 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Some Mercedes engines are most reliable than other engines. There are some common problems produced in Mercedes engines such as ignition failure, tie rods, sway bar links, etc.

In this blog, we covered complete information about How to maintain Mercedes engines & how long Mercedes engines last. I hope the above information will help you a lot more for a better understanding of Mercedes engines.

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