As we know that most of the cars are embedded with manual transmission which is also known as a manual gearbox. This manual transmission in the car allows the driver to operate it manually. This gear system is operated by hand with the help of a transmission stick & clutch. But if you are not much familiar with the manual transmission problems & solutions the bad transmission creates more problems when you are driving your car. This bad transmission started the problem during the shifting such as hard to operate or getting unwanted noise. These problems can occur due to high friction and heat produced which is caused by continuous rubbing of components among each other. Various other factors are associated with difficulties and complexities of the transmission due to lack of maintenance. So exactly the understanding of manual transmission problems & solutions is equally important to maintain the life of the gearbox.

Here in this article, we try to share the information for various problems & solutions of manual transmission which help you to increase the shelf-life of manual transmission car.

How do you diagnose transmission problems- Manual transmission problems & solutions

Like every other machine, a manual car and transmission can face possible numbers of wear and tear. Sometimes you also witness that the gear stick shift won’t operate smoothly or the clutch is stuck or tighten. Unpleasant sound like screeching or whistling while driving is the common symptom of transmission failure. A burning smell or some sort of odd smell is also a sign of a transmission defect. Always check for signs and never avoid the symptoms, related to the improper functioning of your vehicle. The bad transmission also affects the performance of your new car engine or any used engines for the car. Here a few basic signs of bad transmission or transmission failure.

1. Hard to shift gears or gears won’t engage

When you find out there is difficulty in moving the gearbox shifting lever from one gear to another, this calls for a transmission problem. Various factors such as low-level oil, worn internal parts (levers or shafts or shift fork), misalignment of transmission, and synchronization issues give rise to hard-to-shift gear problems.

2. Delay in shifting gears

If your transmission creating issues during the frequent gear change gear or takes time to go into gear, this is generally because the gear is stuck. This problem usually occurs due to low-level fluid conditions. This is not serious initially but can become one due to overheating of internal components of the transmission. Problems with the linkage or shifter assembly, misalignment of transmission, stuck shift rail, internal components, damage in rods, shift arms gives rise to the problem of delaying shifting gears.

3. Odd or grinding noise in transmission

When you hear some odd sound or noise which is not heard before, indicates that there is a problem in your transmission. Sometimes you hear a grinding sound while shifting gear, this is because you shift gear without properly engaging the clutch. The clashes between the clutch create a grinding sound which might happen because of worn or damaged gears. The origin of this noise could also because of worn or damaged shift fork, bearing shafts, and synchronization.

4. Transmission leakage

Manual transmission leakage is one of the prominent and easy to recognize problems associated with the transmission. The transmission fuel leakage also requires an immediate cure. Fluid or oil leakage is visible which is caused by loose bolts, broken parts or cases, and worn-out seals or gaskets.

5. Burning or strange smell from the transmission

Burning smells develop due to improper lubrication of gears and lack of fluid. This creates and builds unwanted friction which starts emitting a burning smell due to overheating. Slipping of clutches also causes strange smells in general.

6.  Transmission jumps to neutral

Worn-out transmission won’t allow you to shift gear and jumps out of gear automatically. Maladjusted or stretched shift linkage causes the transmission to jump out of gear. The elements associated with this problem are worn-out gear teeth, misaligned clutch housing, loose shifter cover, and loose transmission.

7. Failure of clutch

Failure of the clutch also points towards the issue of a transmission fault. A Clutch is a combination of friction plates and steel plates. Worn-out clutches, imbalances the pressure on the planetary gear which governs which gear you are in.

8. Dragging of clutch

You won’t be able to change gears if the clutch disk does not disengage from the flywheel. This produces a high amount of slack in the clutch pedal and stops the linkage from pulling the clutch disk away from the flywheel.

9. Loose clutch pedal and slipping of the clutch

There are certain times when the clutch pedal feels odd or loose due to the problem in the slave cylinder. Leakage in the master cylinder damages the transmission which in return disengages the clutch when pressed. A high burning smell or revving of the engine indicates that the slippage is taking place when you change gears.

10. Engine light on the dashboard

You have noticed that there are various light indicators in your car dashboard. This light indicator will blinks if any parts of your vehicle getting issues. The same thing happened with the transmission if your manual transmission goes bad or not responding properly, the dashboard indicator will indicate you. So if you get this kind of warning sign visit an authorized car service center without any delay.

Manual transmission troubleshooting

Manual transmission problems are easy to detect and are clearly visible. Some of the common problems can be fixed by yourself while some of the serious problems can need external help from a mechanic. You will need to spend money on fixing the problem according to its complexities and damages. Let us find out the solution to the manual transmission problems.

  • Noise in the transmission such as whining or clunking is due to the noise in the torque converter which can be easily replaced.
  • Fluid is the essential element of the vehicle for smooth running. Leakage in the transmission could be in the pan gasket or front pump which can be fixed easily. For a temporary leakage solution, you can add transmission stop leak fluids. Moreover, you will need to change the fluid frequently to avoid such issues.
  • In case of transmission jumping to neutral, you can try adjusting the linkage. If this does not help,  you will need to rebuild or replace the assembly part.
  • If the transmission won’t go into gear or change gear, you will need to do certain adjustments to fix this problem. You can try adjusting the clutch, clutch pedal cable, and hydraulic system which are linked with manual transmission.
  • Burning smell which is caused by overheating of transmission fluids can be fixed by transmission fluid service. Buy changing transmission fluid you can easily dignose manual transmission problems & solutions.
  • Several manual transmission problems such as lack of response and delay in shifting clutch require immediate clutch replacement.
  • You can try resetting the fluid level if your car cannot get into gear. You can simply detach the battery and make it sit for 30 minutes. The battery should be able to rest itself after attaching it.
  • Regular maintenance and changing of fluids can avoid many problems leading to transmission failure. It is of utmost importance to follow maintenance recommendations by the manufacturer to prevent overheating, leakage, premature failure, and other issues.

Common gearbox problems and solutions

The gearbox is one of the most important mechanical components in the car which is used to transfer energy. It transmits power through rotation and grinding which increases the torque while reducing speed. It is a highly functional component that can suffer possible wear and tear if not properly maintained. Gearbox face problems due to rash driving and improper shifting, insufficient oil in the gearbox, and shifting into the wrong gear. There is no matter if you are using any remanufactured transmission or used transmission for a car.

  •  Issue while accelerating

At times, there is a slight delay in acceleration after shifting the gears. This problem arises due to a fault in the clutch components that stops transmitting power to the wheels.

  •  The problem in shifting of gears

The dysfunction of the clutch linkage creates problems in shifting gear. The gear will not slot properly if the load doesn’t shift due to a damaged linkage. This kind of issue can be sorted out in the service center.

  • Fluid leakage

Like every other component, the gearbox also requires the proper amount of fluid for lubrication which functioning. Sometimes you witness, there is a certain amount of fluid split under the parked. This could be possibly due to leakage from the gearbox. Early detection of leaks will require only a part of the replacement of components, whereas it can also lead to heavy expenses if detected very late.

  •  Burning smell

 you must ensure using the correct and appropriate type of fluids for your engine. Always keep an eye over the fluid level, and refill it when the fluid level becomes low. Low fluid level produces 

more friction in the gearbox which generates more heat loosening the transmission fluid. 

  • Slipping of gears

Gear slipping is a dangerous phenomenon that is required to be diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible. Worn-out gear teeth, low transmission fluid, and damaged shift fork are the factors associated with gear slipping. 

  •  Shaking of cars

Sometimes during the gear shift, there is some odd sensation and grinding noise. A major cause for shaking and vibration of the car is due to worn-out clutch plates. This issue is associated with gear synchronization, which can be fixed by replacing the components. 

  • Noisy gearbox

Noise from the gear is easily noticeable while driving. These noises occur because of worn-out bearings. In such cases, you need to identify the worn-out components and replace them with the repaired parts.


Getting the problem in a manual transmission is one of the worst experiences while you are driving your car. A bad transmission also gives you more problems when you are not able to shift it & your vehicle got stuck. So this is very important to understand manual transmission problems & solutions to get proper & long-duration use of manual transmission.

Here in this article, we have shared detailed information for types of manual transmission problems & solutions including the various troubleshoots. I hope this article will help you to resolve minor issues of your manual transmission & also help you to understand if there is any major problem.

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