Ways To Maintain Manual Transmission- Step By Step Information

Every car owner wants to avoid costly transmission maintenance but doesn’t know how to do it. Without the knowledge of car transmission maintenance tips, no one is able to do proper care. A vehicle with manual transmission provides the best controlling & driving experience. As compared to an automatic, manual transmission is a more simple combination of mechanical & gear parts. So the maintenance of manual transmission is much easy if you follow a few basic tips.

Now if you have faced some difficulty while changing the gear stick or there is any crank sound you observe, Then it’s the indication that your manual transmission needs maintenance. Most of the time when you are facing that kind of problem in the transmission you consult with an authorized car garage. But by using manual transmission maintenance tips you can easily avoid those problems. Also, reduce the high manual transmission maintenance cost. Here check out the list of most beneficial tips & advice to maintain manual transmission & increase its lifespan. But before discussing this, the knowledge of what is manual transmission & how it works is more important.

What is the manual transmission?

When you’re looking for a new car, you also look at the transmission of a car. It comes with two types of gearboxes one is manual transmission and another an automatic transmission. Manual transmission is may define as the gearbox which requires manual input to change the gears while driving.
These transmission cars use five or six forward gears ratios and one reverse gear, a transmission with between two and seven gears have been produced at a time. Also, a manual transmission is more fuel-efficient than automatic transmission and you have more control of your car as well. In manual gearboxes, the driver is responsible for shifting the transmission. They can select and shift the desired gear.

If you facing any difficulty switching gear or keeping a certain gear in your vehicle. It means that your transmission has some problems. The transmission problem can cause affect your vehicle. At that time you require high expenditure for getting maintenance services on it. But you can postpone the expenditure by maintaining your transmission or by taking care of it. Now we discuss, how you maintain manual transmission to prevent any failure.

Ways to maintain the manual transmission-Manual transmission maintenance tips

With these following simple steps, you can maintain the health of your manual transmission and it can run smoothly for years. Many drivers would ignorant about the symptoms of a damaged or failing transmission and did not maintain their vehicle’s gear timely. Doesn’t matter what is the condition of your car transmission. If you are using any remanufactured or used transmission for the vehicle, they required the same maintenance as a new one.

Use the clutch pedal carefully while shifting gear

For shifting transmission, Driver uses a stick shift to change manually the gears according to their need. Manual gear requires the use of the clutch pedal which is located just left of the brake pedal. As engaging the clutch pedal the clutch mechanism that is located between the engine and the gearbox activates. Pressuring down on the clutch pedal stops power from the engine to the transmission, hence you can change the transmission. But you have to be careful about your clutch and shifting gear.

To prevent gears from grinding or crashing during the engagement, a constant-mesh. The fully “synchronized” manual transmission is equipped with synchronizers that can help to deal with crashing or grinding. A synchronizer typically consists of an inner-splined hub, an outer sleeve, shifter plates, lock rings (or springs), and blocking rings.
It is a really bad habit when you put a strain on the clutch and gearbox unnecessarily while driving. always press the clutch down to the floor. Engaging the clutch will help you to prevent your manual gear breakdown.

Avoid engine braking as possible

Describing technique uses the gears to slow down the vehicle. This can cause excessive strain on your gears. You should avoid engine braking as possible as you can to preserve the lifespan of your manual transmission.
To maintain the transmission you should always use the brake pedal whenever you need to slow down or stop your vehicle. By using these manual transmission maintenance tips you can easily increase the life of a car transmission.

Check the temperature of the transmission

Always keep an eye on the temperature of a transmission. Because of the temperature changes of transmission, it is might not be a good sign. If it is hot, then you should park your vehicle side and wait until it cools down. Its temperature should be cool for better performance. This little thing will help you to maintain your transmission without spending money on repairing the component.

Maintain transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is used to lubricate all the components of the transmission. Because it allows produces less heat and friction. manual transmission fluid is made of motor oil, Gear oil, and automatic transmission. Where, the automatic transmission is made of synthetic liquid, Oils, and other components.
Always examine the color and the smell of the transmission fluid. it should be bright, clear red with a sweet smell. if you found darker Red Brown or dark brown color and it smells funky then change it with the best car transmission fluid. It means you need to have your transmission examined by Pro. Fluid plays an important role in the better performance of transmission So using a quality fluid is the one of best manual transmission maintenance tips.

Say no to abusive driving

Driving recklessly increases your risk of damaging your transmission of a vehicle. These bad habits kill the transmission. Do not change gear frequently. If you do this, then the transmission fluid heats up. It means it starts losing its lubricating property and can damage your transmission.

Schedule routine checks up

Most effective and another great way to maintain your transmission. When the transmission is checked according to their schedule routine the transmission can work smoothly and it can also boost the performance of your vehicle.

Car warm-up

To increase and boost the life span of transmission. This type of activity may be leading you to a healthy transmission. Just like human beings body engines of vehicles also need to warm up before take-off. Especially during the winter months, always allow your engine to warm up before you begin to drive.


It’s no secret that cars with manual transmissions are more fun to drive than their automatic-equipped components. So manual transmission-equipped cars are the first choice by the cars racers. You know that vehicles with a manual or standard transmission are sometimes also called stick shifts. The driver uses a stick shift to operate it manually to change the gears as they accelerate and decelerate their vehicle. It is located on the center console, where the shift lever is connected to the transmission by a linkage.

It is necessary to follow these manual transmission maintenance tips to avoid any big problems in car manual transmission. Because the transmission is responsible for transferring moving power from the engine to the wheels. For manual transmission maintenance concerns, you have to be aware of three primary activities that are checking the transmission fluid, flushing the transmission fluid, and having the transmission filter changed out when necessary. Here in this blog, we shared the best manual transmission maintenance tips that help you to increase the performance & life of the transmission.

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