Uncertain failure of car transmission is the most occurred moment for the car owner. you are not able to drive the vehicle also the high cost of manual or automatic transmission may be disturbing your budget. So, most of the users go with the remanufactured transmission for vehicles. A rebuilt transmission is as similar to the new one because most of the soft & faulty parts are replaced with the new one to provide efficient output. When you searching for the cheaper option for your old & spoiled transmission, buying a remanufactured one is always the best option. But before buying it a few questions comes to our mind. Such as Is buying a remanufactured transmission worth or how long does refurbish transmission last?

Here in this article, we have shared the information on the pros & cons of refurbished transmission for vehicles. The above information will help to make a quick decision is buying a remanufactured transmission is good or not.

Pros & cons of refurbished transmission

There are huge variations in auto parts & the transmission is one most important part of it. Generally, when you think to upgrade your old transmission mostly you prefer to buy a used transmission due to its low cost. Also, the unmatched quality & performance makes them an ideal choice for your vehicle. This refurbished unit brings the same quality level as the new transmission. The replacement or we can say remanufacturing of transmission is typically a much more thorough process. But just like other replaced parts, remanufactured transmission contains a few risk factors along with its beneficial features. Now we will discuss the major pros & cons of remanufactured transmissions.

Pros of Remanufactured Transmission

The cheap & affordable cost of refurbished transmission is one of the major reasons for buying it. Although users can save lots of money while going with the refurbished car transmission. It comprises advanced fitting & new components while manufacturing. Also, you will save additional time & cost on labor for the installation. Some other major benefits of buying reman automatic or manual gearbox.

Less expensive:

As we mentioned previously, the buying cost of remanufactured transmission is always low & affordable as compared to buying a new one. The replacement of automatic or manual transmission is more expensive & the reman gearbox will help to save more money.


Based on the type of vehicle, the rebuilt transmission is always convenient & easy to track down. Also, they are easy to fit & work quite well. The professional manufacturer of refurbished transmission for vehicles inspects each & every parts before installation.

Increases Lifespan:

Using the remanufactured gearbox is the best way to increase the lifespan of the vehicle. This transmission is similar to a new one where all the faulty parts are replaced with the new one. It also saves users money on its upfront cost & provides your vehicle a high trade value.

More Eco-friendly:

Manufacturing of refurbished transmission needs very few resources sometimes very less which is good for environmental prospects. Because when we go with any new gearbox it uses whole new parts & components. And the product uses various resources for its manufacturing. Although the transmission rebuilding process becomes a great cost-effective & eco-friendly process.

Cons of Rebuilt Transmission

Along with the various features of having a refurbished transmission they have some additional cons. A common problem is a warranty which is not high as a new one. Installing the rebuilt transmission will solve issues related to the vehicles but there is no long-duration warranty for its performance. Also, you need to do a complete inspection before buying. Otherwise, you have to face transmission failure in the car. Here is a list of a few cons of buying refurbished transmission.

  • Priority of wear & tear is almost high due to its remanufactured condition. Parts & components of its checked once & if they are working fine, they start the installation.
  • The risk of repair is also very high if the transmission service provider is not an authorized person or if you have chosen any local workshop for this job.
  • Less warranty decreases the trust factor which you get with the new transmission. Due to its warranty issue, most of the time users will prefer to go with the fresh company-manufactured gearbox.
  • Buying a remanufactured transmission is a temporary solution. That means there is no assurance of how much time it will provide continuous service.

Features of Refurbished Transmission- Reason to buy

  • Using refurbished transmission enhances the nature economy.
  • This transmission produces less waste while remanufacturing.
  • Installing these of the one transmission and you can back on the road under budget.
  • You can see the find online by the auto salvage yards and the private parties.
  • Some even for these warranties within 30-days to protect your investment.


Overall, the advantages of buying a refurbished transmission far outweigh the disadvantages. Buying rebuilt transmission is the most cost-effective option to restore your car if your transmission can’t be fixed. There are enormous alternatives to restore your car, each having advantages & disadvantages. In this article, we have discussed the pros & cons of refurbished car transmission.

Especially for auto owners who want to save a lot of money on its purchases. Before you choose any company to shop for a rebuilt transmission, make sure it is professional, has a good reputation and tests its products daily, and also comes with a good, solid warranty.

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