Whether you own a brand new car or an old one, it can break down at any moment. The reason is that vehicles are made up of so many components, and a fault in any one of them can cause a car to break down. You might be wondering that a car from a reputable automobile manufacturer will help you avoid such problems. As you may found more signs that indicate a fault in your car.

The top automobile makers in the world have had to order recalls due to problems within their cars. Despite the strict quality checks, some issues are undetected and only become known once the vehicles have been rolled out worldwide. These common signs that indicate a fault in your car do not become known for several years. But do not be worried because nearly every issue can be fixed.

In the UAE, you can get your car fixed at your doorstep by availing yourself of mobile mechanic services from companies such as PitStopArabia. Most of our readers in the UAE already know about PitStopArabia. It started as an online tire retailer in the UAE and now is regarded as the best UAE workshop for automobiles.

Now, coming back to the topic. Avoiding expensive repair bills is on the top of every car owner’s mind. So, if you wish to avoid costly repair bills, the best thing to do is to get the issue repaired right away. If the issue lingers on without you detecting it, be prepared to pay a hefty bill. The reason is that the issue worsened over time, causing more damage.

To avoid this, we will list down the most common signs that indicate a fault in your car. Let’s start.

Improper Acceleration

If you feel that the car is not accelerating correctly, there are several reasons for it. The most common reason is a faulty fuel pump. The pump might not be sending the right amount of fuel to the engine, causing acceleration problems. A quick visit to the nearest workshop can help you diagnose the issue better. If you are based in the UAE, you can avail PitStopArabia’s car repair services. You can schedule the desired service to avoid long wait times. Another sign of a faulty fuel pump is stalling or vibrations. If you feel that the vehicle is stalling particularly at high speeds, repair your car right away. Otherwise, the engine and other components might get damaged too.

Brake Noise

If you feel that there is noise coming from the brakes, especially when you put your foot down on the brake pedal, do not ignore the noise. Then it is one of the common signs that indicate a fault in your car. Several reasons are responsible for the noise; worn-out pads and rotor damage are the most common ones. If you wish to avoid a hefty repair bill, get the brakes check right away to reduce the noise. Remember, brake pads and rotors are cheap. But if the damage extends to the entire braking system, the repair bill can go beyond your wildest guess.

Dashboard Warning Lights

The dashboard contains several warning lights, including the check engine light, anti-braking system (ABS) light, and fuel pump. If any one of the lights comes on while driving or remains turned on permanently, go to a reliable workshop right away. At times, the warning light may come on due to an electrical problem. Whatever the problem, a reliable workshop with trained professionals can diagnose and fix it right away.

Smokey Exhaust

If there is smoke coming from the exhaust, pay attention to the colour of the smoke. Why? Each colour indicates a different problem. If the smoke is white, it might be due to a leaking coolant. A leaking coolant can cause the vehicle to overheat quickly. If the smoke is blue, it indicates an oil leak.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. These are the most common car problems that you must always keep your eyes on to avoid hefty repair bills. If you feel that there is anything wrong with the car, do not ignore it and trust your gut.

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