Brake fluid is a chemical solution that is designed for the hydraulic braking system in your vehicle. It is also known as hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluid. It amplifies your foot’s force on the brake pedal & turns into pressure on your car brakes. A non-compressible substance that is contained within brake lines. It is necessary to replace your fluid periodically. Because it can absorb the moisture from the air & degrades over time. Although the changing brake oil will assure the proper braking system. Let us going to discuss the impotence of brake oil. But before going to discuss its importance, let us discuss brake fluid work and types.

Work of brake fluid

When applying the force on the brake panel, then the brake fluid turns the foot’s force into pressure on your car brake. When the brake panel gets pressure, then it converts that force into the pressure on the brake panel. At that moment, the vehicle’s wheel gets forced and it will slow down. Working under high temperatures, the brake fluid provides the facilities and movement of the vehicle’s brake system components. Without the brake oil, the vehicle’s brake system increases the metal friction between the metal components of the brake system. Although it can damage your vehicle’s braking system.

Brake fluid can lose its prosperity day by day, as it is a chemical solution. Due to this your vehicle braking system may not work properly. It can also damage other vehicle components such as engine, transmission, alternator, radiator, acceleration & many more. Moreover, your vehicle may not stop in an emergency. It may be caused due to low & bad quality brake fluid. In this issue, you can follow brake maintenance tips to prevent accidents from brake failure & use quality brake fluid in brakes.

Brake fluid is an important element that needs to be replaced periodically. It is necessary to use high-quality fluid. Thus we have listed some top & highly rated brake fluids that made your vehicle braking system more efficient.

Types of brake fluid or brake oil

There are four major types of Brake oil –

1. DOT3

DOT stands for the department of transportation. Dot 3 brake fluid is one of the most useful affordable oil. It can extend the life of the braking system of your vehicle. Dot 3 motors can extend 50,000 miles of your vehicle braking system. This fluid helps to protect the metal of the vehicle’s braking system. It has the property of high-performance formula for the emergency brake system. This fluid prevents the overheating of the braking system. Even it prevents water absorption in your vehicle braking system. The dry boiling point of the dot3 is 205 celsius. and the wet boiling point of the dot3 is 140 celsius.

2. DOT4

Dot4 is a synthetic motor fluid, which is made for automobiles. This high-quality oil has a high boiling point that helps the automotive, hydraulic brake system, and drum brake system. This high boiling point minimizes the vapor lock & reduces the temperature of the brake system. It has excellent lubricant properties that help in reducing wear corrosion for protecting metal components of the brake system. The dry boiling point of the dot4 is 230 celsius. and the wet boiling point of the dot4 is 155 celsius.

3. DOT5

Dot5 motor fluid is a silicon-based brake oil. Due to this, it has the property of absorbing, not moisture. The type of oil is also preferred for vintage and antique vehicles. Dot5 brake fluid oil is the modern version & most used type of brake fluid in the term of automobiles. The dry boiling point of the dot5 is 260 celsius. and the wet boiling point of the dot5 is 180 celsius.

4. DOT5.1

Dot5.1 motor fluid is made with synthetic fluid. It is designed for the hydraulic braking system. This fluid is one of the modern and advanced hydraulic fluids that have the modern chemical industry’s properties. Dot5.1 also has the property of a high boiling point that ensures the proper functioning of the brake system. It also helps the brake system of your vehicle to keep cool while performing the friction. The dry boiling point of the dot5.1 is 270 celsius. and the wet boiling point of the dot5.1 is 190 celsius.

Importance of brake fluid in the car

Motor oil is the most important part of the brake system of cars. A spoiled braking system can increase the stopping range of your car. It may lead to an accident. Thus it is necessary to check and replace the brake fluid in a limited period. As the fluid can absorbs moisture from the atmosphere & produces heat.
Changing it for a limited period will assure the brake system functions work properly. If we are talking about the period to change brake fluid, then according to the top mechanics, the brake oil needs to change every one or two years. It is also recommended that the brake system needs to be serviced by a qualified professional automotive technician. Not only brake fluid but we also need to change car engine oil every 2 years. So, that car always maintained.

How often do you need to change brake fluid?

The brake oil needs to replace every one or two years. And if your brake system is not functioning properly, then you should check the brake oil. If the oil changes its color then you can change the brake oil of your brake system. You must take care of when need to change brake fluid. On depending your driving & braking pattern, braking fluid needs to be replaced every 30,000 miles. Maintaining the hydraulic brakes & replacing them periodically, ensures your car runs & brakes safely.

How to choose good brake oil

Brake oil should be made from high & top-rated ingredients. It should be effective & efficient for your vehicle. Brake oil needs to maintain a constant viscosity across wide temperature ranges. Brake fluid needs a constant viscosity across wide temperature ranges. The two types of brake fluid should never be mixed. The high-quality brake oil never mixes up with another one. They should have enough boiling point & wet point. Such factors determine the right quality of brake oil. Below we have mentioned some top-quality brake oil, that helps in managing your brake system.

Top Quality brake fluids for cars:

  1. Castrol synthetic motor fluid
  2. Lucas synthetic brake oil
  3. Motul motor oil
  4. Bosch brake oil
  5. Maxima motor fluid


Here, we have discussed the brake fluid and the impotence of the brake fluid. Brake fluid is essential to managing your vehicle’s braking system. Although they are more essential for safety. It is necessary to replace & drain your vehicle’s hydraulic oil. In this article, we have discussed the working, and importance of brake oil. Here you will get a better understanding of selecting the right type of fluid. If you have more queries & suggestions, then you can contact us by commenting on us.

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