Lives in California & looking for used engines for BMW to run your old vehicle. But getting the best deal on used BMW engines in California may be difficult for you if you are not aware of the best dealer in town. In CA, there are a number of second-hand car engines dealers claiming to be the best but not each of them found true. There are many dealers in California who order engines after you create a quote. The risk in this is that after you get yourself a quote they start searching for engines nearby in salvage yards and can get any used engine with big faults too. They recondition it and then dispatch it to your location.

This is not the same with every dealer in California. Few of them do work properly and provide you with impeccable products and services which sometimes perform better than the new engines. Here we will discuss the 5 best second-hand BMW engines dealers in California and review their services. So if you are really want to replace your BMW engine, read this information carefully to get the best deal on used engines.

Top 5 best used BMW engines dealers in California

Before buying any used parts for your vehicle, getting the knowledge of the dealer’s service review is very important. Based on the client review, it’s easy to find the best service provider with a greater user-friendly experience. Here we have listed the top & best 5 dealers of preowned engines in CA, that give you huge reliability on their products.

1. Autotechio used engines service in USA

When we talk about the service of second-hand quality parts for the vehicle, Autotechio used engines service always remains on the top. The company deals in all categories of preowned motor engines with the availability of all manufacturing brands. Along with the warranty on used engines, the low cost of BMW engines is a few of the best features of this organization. The company does provide all the services that are stated above but the company additionally runs your engines through Dyno test too. Autotechio ensures your safety and values your money by giving you the best premium services at minimal prices. We replace every faulty part with the new one even if they see a minute fault in that part.

The high-quality & client-oriented services of Autotechio win the trust of used engines buyers in CA. This company has huge units of used engines for sale with a warranty. The rebuilding process of the engine is done under the optimization of experienced experts. All the parts of the preowned motor engine are OEM certified, the company has excellent customer support. They sold thousands of used BMW engines in California & across the USA. And not even a single-engine has been returned as all the engines are still working fine without any issues. You can check the availability by visiting their online inventory of used BMW engines for sale.

2. Autopart max

Autopart max is a used engine and parts dealer running their family business for three decades and has provided services all across the USA. They do have high-tech machinery to test the engines and remanufacture them with high quality. Autopart max provides warranties on all their used engines for 6 months with free shipping services. Also, the second-hand vehicle engine service they offer is available with 30 days money-back guarantee. That means in this duration if you are not happy with company service or getting any fault in the product, they return all your amount.

All the engines are well tested in each parameter & OEM certified. But the thing why we give them second position is, they have a very small warranty period and money-back period. Also, irrelevant as any engine can go well for a month if serviced properly but they have been in the business for decades now because of customer trust and their engines. You can check out availability by visiting their site.

3. Engine world

Engine world is the leading second-hand engine importer in the USA. They import their engines from japan which are compatible with the USA market OEM standards. We all know that Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to technology same thing is reflected in their engines too. All the engines are of high quality and well-tuned to be fitted in your BMW. They have a technical team to look for the engines and align them according to the USA market requirements. They have a huge inventory with over 80,000+ engines available for sale.

Engine world is ranked third because the importing of engines and parts is costly which makes their engines a little on the costlier side as compared to other competitors. They are in the market since 2004 and have got the subsequent amount of trust from their customers.  You can check out availability by visiting their site.

4. Used

Used is in the 4th position on our list of used engine dealers in CA. The company offers well-optimized & quality used parts for motor vehicles. They have an experienced team of technicians to inspect every engine and tweak all the engines to get the best out of it. The company sells its engines all across the USA through a huge network of small dealers near you. This company also provides shipping services to your doorstep but it is not free you have to pay minimal shipping charges. All the used parts including the engines for BMW are OEM certified & available with a warranty. Here users will get approx 90+ or 3 months warranty on second-hand BMW motor engines at a low cost. Visit their inventory to get detailed inquiries on all available engines & other parts of motor vehicles.

5. Bavarian auto recycling inc.

The next big name when it comes to the best dealers for BMW used engines in California is Bavarian auto. Their sole mission is to make their customer happy and they are succeeding at it for years. They do provide engines with 2 years warranty and run their engines through the Dyno test. Bavarian auto also has a huge inventory of refurbished or used BMW engines according to the year and model of your car. They are specialized in BMW parts only and currently offering services in California only. They don’t have free shipping services yet. You can check out availability by visiting their site.


If you are looking for the best quality & low-cost preowned BMW engine, this information will surely help you. Here in this article, we have picked the top 5 used BMW engines dealer in California USA. They all are considered the best service provider with customer-friendly features. But also we strongly suggest, if you want to replace your old BMW engine take your time & do proper research. Buying a second-hand engine for BMW is a huge investment & this is important to worth your money. So make your decision very carefully & only after proper research.

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