Whenever you are driving a used engine car or owned car, eventually a few common problems arrive in automatic transmission. This time is more stressful for the car driver & makes your driving experience worst. Also, the problem in automatic transmission minimizes the performance of the car. So this is very important to know how to diagnose automatic transmission problems before they get a more expensive transmission replacement or repair.

If you know the basic symptoms for the automatic transmission problem then it’s very easy to resolve it by own such as automatic transmission fluid change or any other. But the transmission problem is major like automatic transmission shift cable problem or the problem in reverse gear then we suggest visit authorized car workshop. As we know automatic car transmission is a complex mechanical part that controls the power transfer between the driveshaft & engine. Also, we can easily shift the gear ratio with direct input given to the driver.

So, when any question related to transmission raise in your mind such as why isn’t my transmission shifting or any other automatic transmission problem sign, resolve it on time. Here we are sharing a few basic tips & step for how do you fix transmission problems & cost-effective troubleshoot for automatic transmission.

Why do automatic transmission fail & how to resolve it

The structure of automatic transmission is more critical & need more attention & care to ensure long lasting performance. Most of the people don’t know that automatic transmission replacement cost is more high as compared to replacement of used car engines. Due to this reason, you need to pay extra attention & care for the automatic transmission to avoid major repair cost of automatic transmission. Because of the complex mechanical architecture of the parts of automatic transmission also more costly.

Here we discuss a few more common sign & problems in automatic transmission which you need to take seriously & resolve it on time. That information also help to reduce the priority of high maintenance cost or replace your bad automatic transmission with used transmission or remanufactured transmission. Lets have a look on the list of common car transmission problems & safety tips.

1. Grinding and shaking in gears

Normally the automatic transmission operates smoothly on shifting the gears. If you feel any grinding and shaking while changing the gears. Then these might be the symptoms that your transmission is starting to have problems. This is the best time to pay attention early. Because the transmission will likely become worse on use. If you already feel some shaking then it is time to get your transmission to the authorized car service center. Also, when automatic transmission get damaged you get the worse feel at the time of drive.

2. Burning Smell inside the transmission

If you observe any kind of burning smell in your vehicle, you need to pay attention closely. This burning smell may come due to overheating. The low fuel level or bad transmission fluid is one of the major reason that also closely affect car transmission. Transmission fluid has an important role in running an expensive and complex system. It keeps parts cool and lubricated so they can run properly and don’t get damaged or worn out. If transmission fluid breakdowns, then the vehicle’s lubricating ability is also decreased which leads to the vehicle part’s damage. Now It’s time to check your transmission’s fluid level or get a transmission specialist to see it.

3. Refuses to respond or engage when in gear

While driving or reversing, if there is any kind of delay in moving the vehicle. Or the car’s transmission is not responding properly. So this might be the issue that immediately needs assistance. Another reason for not responding to the transmission is the fluid level. It could be other causes like the incorrect thickness of the fluid, an adjustment in automatic transmission shift cables, and clutch linkage.

So to resolve this issue, you can detach the battery and let it stand for almost 30 minutes. Through which the car’s computer can reset it itself. And If you still feel the same issue, then it is actually time to go and see a mechanic as it could be the big automatic transmission problems.

4. Clunking and Humming noise in the transmission

If you see your vehicle making a different sound than usual like some kind of buzzing, whining, or humming which you haven’t heard before. Then this sound may come due to the transmission’s trouble. The issue might be minor but it could be a signal to a big engine problem. Sometimes the noise may be due to the transmission fluid. As if the transmission fluid is low then the type of humming and clunking sounds come from the transmission.

At that time you have to lubricate the mechanical gear and components with transmission fluid. But if it is serious, then you need to visit nearest car repair shop.

5. Engine light indicator

In the car dashboard there are various indicator or warning lights are present included engine warning indicator. This will help to the user if there is any problems occurs in your car. If the light turns on, it means that it indicates any transmission issue or any other issues with the vehicle. There is a sensor in the car’s engine that alerts the car’s computer to senses any unusual activity happening in the engine or any other part of the vehicle. In this case, take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop or get it inspected by the transmission mechanics.

6. Faulty torque converter

The torque converter is responsible to manage entire automatic transmission system including pumps & pressurized transmission fluid. A faulty or bad in condition torque converter block the fluid pressure & due to this reason we are facing the transmission slipping problem. So, for the better performance of automatic transmission & prevent them against this problem regularly check the fuel pressure & lubrication in transmission.

7. Fluid Leaks

Fluid leakage is one of the most common transmission problem sign that lead to some devastating internal issue. most of the time this problem occurs due to the leakage pan gasket, axle, or may be driveshaft seal. Because of the transmission fluid leakage you are facing fuel burning, overheating, or other damage in transmission. Also, this problem will not resolve by adding extra transmission fluid.

If you identify any leakage in your transmission, you need to spot from where it coming. Without any delay repair that cooling line to avoid any internal damage.


Automatic transmission is designed to make your car driving experience more comfortable. By using this transmission you just press the key & the gear will change automatically. They are also more helpful in the hill type area & in the heavy traffic. But the complex design of automatic transmission create more problem if you failed to do proper care. in short, the proper knowledge & understanding of how to fix automatic transmission problem will help to reduce the maintenance cost or any heavy replacement cost. There is no matter if you are using any used or new engine car, the automatic transmission needs same care.

Here in this blog, we have shared the information for most common automatic transmission problems & solutions. By using this tips you will easily to identified the bad transmission sign in automatic transmission. I hope this information is more useful & beneficial for all of you.

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