Most Common Causes Of Transmission Slipping- Step By Step Information

One of the most common reasons that cause transmission slipping, is low fluid level. As we know that transmission of the car is one of an important part & also responsible to run your vehicle at a different speed. But unfortunately, one common reason for transmission failure is transmission slipping out of gear. Also, there are also many other signs that indicate transmission needs servicing. We categorize the type of car transmission into three categories. Automatic, Manual & CVT transmission. All these transmissions may face issues due to a low level of fuel or maybe burnt fuel.

Here are a few of the basic transmission slipping signs,

  • The burning smell of oil.
  • Difficulty in accelerating & gear shifting.
  • Strange noise inside of the hood.
  • Warning light indicator of engines.

Most of the time we are facing delayed response due to the causes of transmission slipping and also the gear shifting issue with manual or automatic transmission. Here in this blog, we discuss a few common causes of transmission failure, the sign of transmission slipping & how to fix transmission slipping. But before that, you need to know a little bit more about transmission slipping.

What is transmission slipping?

Transmission slipping can become an enormous problem through which may you have to change your transmission. Mostly the slipping of transmission does not mean that your transmission is near to fail. Actually, these are the signal for acquiring maintenance of car transmission. Although it can become a major automatic transmission problem. In an automatic transmission, the slipping may cause failure.

Hence you have to buy a new transmission. But the new gear system is more expensive. Hence instead of buying a new transmission, you can buy a used transmission at low cost. Here get the information for types of slipping in various categories of car transmission.

Automatic transmission slipping

Due to the lack of fluid, most of the time we are facing slipping signs in automatic transmission. So whenever you are facing this issue with your car, first you need to check the oil level. If they are low, top them up & also check the leakage. Apart from that, the auto counterpart due to burned or worn-out fluid is also one of the main reasons for transmission failure.

Manual transmission slipping

If there is any type of leakage in the manual transmission car clutch, you are getting the problem of transmission slipping additives. in a manual transmission car, the torque converter joins the engine & the transmission so the wheel will run. Torque converters and clutches rely on clean transmission fluid delivered on time at the right pressure to shift gears and make the transmission perform efficiently.

CVT transmission slipping

A very common symptom of a bad CVT transmission is that the transmission is slipping gears. This is a common problem that is a result of structural problems or not enough transmission fluid, which causes the potential of gears to pop out of gear while you are driving. Due to this transmission failure cause you will get unidentified noise during the gear shifting.

What are the causes of transmission slipping?

As we previously mentioned, there is a long list of potential reasons for the car transmission slipping. A few are more common & easy to understand than others. Also, some of them are more likely to occur in automatic transmission. So, when your vehicle transmission acts differently if there is any smell or you are getting any strange sound in transmission be alert these all are the sign of car transmission slipping. Due to these problems, you need to quickly fix the transmission slipping or replace it with the used or remanufactured transmission. That will easily enhance the performance of the car & also be available at a low cost.

Here we discuss a few major points & causes of transmission slipping.

Low Fluid Levels

When you think is my car transmission slipping, the very common reason is low fluid level. Although the low fluid level can create multiple problems like overheating, and low hydraulic pressure that results to engage gears. Through the dipstick, you can check the transmission fluid in the engine compartment. The transmission fluid should never be low. Because the low fluids show the leaks in the gearbox. If this is the problem then you have refill it with the best car transmission fluid.

Broken bands

Another reason for transmission slipping is the broken transmission bands. We can define bands as the links that make together with the gears in automatic transmission. To overcome this problem, you have replaced the defective band. The band & clutch are the internal mechanisms that are used to break or engage the gears. But over time these parts may be damaged & this will be one of the main causes of the transmission slipping.

Burnt fluid

If there is a smell of burnt toast and the color is black. Then, it is because of the burnt fluid. This burning smell mainly appears due to fuel leakage or low fluid level. If you quickly catch this fluid leakage maybe you are able to save your car transmission against any damage. Thus you have to change the transmission quickly. Or you have to diagnose this damage through a specialist.

Solenoid Problem

To control the flow of fluid through the transmission, we use the solenoid. The solenoid is an electro-hydraulic valve that controls the flow of transmission fluid. If there is any damage or some electric issue in this valve. Then it will cause the loss of the amount of fluid which may lead to the transmission slipping.

Torque converter issue

Torque converters are that device that converts the engine’s power into torque. The transmission to be worn out uses that torque. The transmission fluid also falls from the torque converter. If it fails, then the transmission behaves as slipping. This torque converter is also the primary connector between the transmission & engine. Due to the failure of the torque converter, you get a problem with the transmission.

Buzzing and humming noise

A humming, clicking, buzzing, roaring noise from in the transmission is usually a symptom of an awful bearing, planetary gears harm, or different inner trouble. A buzzing could also come from a bad inner sealing surface, a seal, or low transmission fluid because of the oil leakage.

Tips to fix the problem of transmission slipping

The very first step to fixing the problem of transmission slipping is changing or flushing the used transmission fluid. But that case does not always work fully if the problem is different. If the transmission is slipping that means there is some internal issue with the components of the car transmission. In some cases, the friction material clutch packs might be worn off & floating around the used fuel. These are a few of the bad signs for car transmission. In this situation, transmission slipping is not resolved after changing the fluid. Here get the best tips to resolve transmission slipping quickly or protect car transmission against bad signs.

  • Check the transmission fluid level to prevent transmission from slipping.
  • Inspection for the fuel leakage in transmission.
  • Replace the old transmission fluid every 40000 miles.
  • Follow the manufacturer-specified tips to increase the life of the transmission.
  • Don’t wait till the transmission bunk, if you get any unwanted sound or burning smell, visit the nearest car service center.


Slipping, rough shifting and the hard shift in transmission result in the poor condition of your gearbox system. It is important to check your engine light to prevent transmission problems. If you feel an annoying sound, unpleasant smell, or hard shift in engaging the gears, then it shows the transmission slipping. At that time you can diagnose your transmission and its fluid levels. Also, you have to check your transmission with the help of a specialist.

Here in this article, we shared the information on various causes of transmission slipping including tips to fix this problem. I hope that will help in preventing your transmission.

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