Tips For Transmission Maintenance

To replace or repair, the most costly component can be your car transmission. You should not ignore any smell of burning, noise when it is neutral, check engine light on, or grinding and shaking. These are the signs that your transmission needs repair or replacement. Here are some tips for transmission maintenance that can prevent your transmission from any major problem. 


Regularly transmission service

The most complicated work of the vehicle is doing transmissions So, It needs service at regular intervals. In a transmission service, It includes dropping the transmission pan, replacing the transmission filter, completing a partial drain of the fluid, and replacing the gasket to the pan. It stays between one-third to two-thirds of the original fluid in the transmission because the fluid does not come out from the torque converter during a drain-and-fill procedure. If a vehicle carries the load, travels across dramatic elevation changes, or operates in stop-and-go traffic, a more frequent service interval will be recommended for them. A Power Flush is a great solution to add longevity to the transmission for the early life of lower mileage vehicles and transmission maintenance. It will save your transmission from unwanted faults.

Check your transmission fluid

You should check your transmission fluid on time without forgetting it. Using the right amount of clean fluid will increase the lifespan of your both new and used transmissions. Low or dirty fluid increases the wear of gear components. Make sure to change your transmission fluid in accordance with the maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer. 

How to check the fluid: To check the transmission fluid thickness. Dip the tip of your index finger into the fluid and rub the fluid between your finger and the tip of your thumb. If it is looking or smelling burnt or it has particles in the oil, it means it has a mechanical drain and changes the fluid. The transmission fluid oil should be pinkish and almost clear to see on the dipstick. 

Filter Change on Time

Filters need to check regularly and if needed change it immediately. It prevents the dirt from getting into the gears and other parts of the transmission system. A dirty and clogged filter causes erratic shifting, If you have one it will restrict the flow of fluid. This can damage the components of your gear and lead to costly repairs. It will be hard to change gear if there is a problem with the filter.

Check Leaks for transmission maintenance

Checking regularly the transmission fluid leaks will always help you to prevent them from damage. One of the main causes of transmission fluid leaks can be any gap present in the transmission. This is hard to narrow down as it could be a space in a torque converter, pan gasket, transmission pan, fluid lines, or the seals. Ignoring the fluid leaks can seriously damage your transmission and can leave you stranded. If you see any reddish transmission fluid beneath your car, you may surely have a leak somewhere. There are not many options that can be done to prevent leaks, however, getting your car checked regularly can prevent you from dealing with a transmission leak.


Clutch maintenance is a part of transmission maintenance, that is oft-overlooked of keeping industrial vehicles in good running order and stage. Carefully operating your clutch is the best way to ensure that a vehicle with a manual transmission keeps performing at its maximum capacity. One of the main easy ways to keep a clutch in good condition is to operate the vehicle with its constant maintenance in mind. 

Here are some tips for transmission maintenance

  1. Bleed the air out of the fluid
  2. Reduce Heat from Internal Friction
  3. Change bad operational habits.

Remove the gunk

Gunk can accumulate or gather on the turning gears of your car transmission from External city dust to dirty transmission fluid. It does not only hinder your car’s ability to change gears quickly and smoothly but also makes achieving the task harder on the gearbox itself. If you detect a burning smell, or if a quick check of your transmission fluid yields darker colors, it might be time to have your transmission checked and cleaned by a professional for proper transmission maintenance.

Check radiators and Cooling System

In an extremely hot environment, most damage done to a car transmission is done as a result of exposure. From overheating to wearing down gears to causing a poorly functioning radiator or cooling system can cause considerable damage to the gearbox and a breakdown of transmission fluid.

Broken pan gaskets

It works as the mechanical seal between your transmission oil pan. The actual transmission itself, a failing pan gasket can cause transmission fluid leaks. Primarily caused by cracked or worn seals, this issue is easy to fix if detected early. Look for pools of red transmission fluid under your car where you normally park.

Completely stop your vehicle before shifting gears

Before shifting from one gear to another it is very important to bring your vehicle to a complete stop for your transmission maintenance. This premature shifting can put tremendous strain on your transmission, and over time can lead to serious damage.


Transmission is an important part of the vehicle for your gear change and shifting. So it is important for us to care for our transmission maintenance. If there will be an issue in your transmission. You may experience any smell or unwanted noise from it. You need to maintain it properly and keep your eye on your transmission. So that you can prevent any major damage. Here we have some tips for your transmission maintenance. To expand the life of your transmission, you need to regularly service it. Vehicles that carry loads are important to service their transmission on time. By Servicing on time, you will feel smoothly changed in gear. It is also important to check your transmission fluid. The right amount of fluid use can increase the lifespan. If you see that the oil is smelling burnt or there are particles in the oil. You need to immediately change it. The transmission filter plays an important role in maintenance, in that it prevents the dirt from getting into the transmission box. For proper maintenance, you need to check leakage and clutch regularly. After inspection, if you see gunk in transmission immediately removed it will help in quickly gear change. Extremely hot environments can harm your transmission. So you will need any coolant system to protect it. Pan gaskets work as the mechanical seal between your transmission oil pan. Keeping in mind to completely stop your vehicle before shifting gear will help you in proper transmission maintenance. May these tips for transmission maintenance become helpful for you.

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