Is your Cutch not working properly and smoothly? or Is your clutch gets damaged? Well, this kind of problem in the car can cause an accident. So, as soon as you know you need to buy a new clutch and replace it with a damaged one. But the question is ” How to choose a clutch for a car?”

Hence to solve this problem below we are going to share information and some car clutch buying tips. Further, we shared some tips to increase its lifespan.

Car Clutch

The Clutch is one of the fundamental components of your manual transmission. It is a mechanical connection between engine and transmission which is connected to a shaft coming from the engine and another shaft that turns the wheels. It helps in bearing the vehicle load by changing the gear levers. A car clutch is important when it comes to changing the speed of a vehicle or stopping a car without turning the engine off.

People used to think that clutch is only used in vehicles with manual transmission. Moreover, the fact is all automobiles (manual and automatic) use clutches.

How to choose the right clutch for a car?

A bad quality clutch can decrease your vehicle performance & also damage the other components of your vehicle. And it has a great impact on your transmission. Thus for the high performance of your car, you need to choose a good quality clutch. When choosing a new clutch, you need to consider various factors such as torque & traction, and rear-end gearing. Although the intended use of vehicle and vehicle weight plays an essential role in choosing the right clutch. Make sure that you check or replace the throw-out bearing & pilot bushing/bearing to ensure the trouble-free performance of your new clutch.

There are different types of clutches that are used in different types of vehicles. For buying the right clutch you have to know about the types of clutches. So, knowing all we prepared the following types of clutches:-

Types of Clutches

If we talk about the clutch, there are many types of clutch:

  • Centrifugal clutch.
  • Semi-Centrifugal clutch.
  • Hydraulic clutch.
  • Vacuum clutch.
  • Electromagnetic clutch.
  • Cone Clutch.
  • Diaphragm clutch.

Centrifugal Clutch

It is an automatic clutch that operates through centrifugal force. Mostly these types of the clutch are used in boats, loan mowers, undertones, bikes & other parameters.

Semi-Centrifugal clutch

Semi centrifugal clutch is mostly used in high-powered engines & racing car engines. Here clutch disengagements require appreciable & tiresome. It has levers & clutch springs that are arranged equally on the pressure plates. Semi-centrifuges are used in electric locomotives and cars. If we talk about clutch springs and centrifugal force, so clutch springs pass on power at the low engine, and centrifugal force passes on power at the high engine.

Hydraulic Clutch

Over the years, vehicles with manual gearboxes uses two types of clutch movement. One is hydraulic & the other is mechanical. A hydraulic clutch uses a hydraulic fluid instead of a cable for movement. It relies on reservoir cylinders to control the pressure required for clutch pedal depression. This type of clutch requires a hydraulic fluid to activate a hydraulic piston. The piston will engage or disengages the clutch through multiple connections.

Vacuum Clutch

A vacuum clutch is a mechanical device that is used in automobile engineering. It is most helpful to stop vehicles. A vacuum clutch is used to engage and disengage power transmission. The vacuum clutch uses the existing vacuum for operating the clutch in the engine manifold. It comprises a reservoir, non-return valve, and vacuum cylinder with piston & solenoid valve. This vacuum cylinder is connected to the reservoir through a solenoid-operated valve. It is operated through a battery & then connected to a gear lever.

Electromagnetic Clutch

Electromagnetic means operating electrically. It works electrically but mechanically it transmits torque. The coil is alert to create a magnetic field to transmit an electromagnetic clutch. The electromagnetic clutch is operated electrically but the torque is transferred mechanically. They have no mechanical linkage to control the fast engagement & smooth operation. Even these clutches are most useful for remote operations. It has a gear lever that has a clutch release switch. Thus, the driver operates the gear lever to change gears the switch.

Cone clutch

Cone clutch has friction surfaces in form of cones. These are two conical surfaces for transferring the torque by friction. As the engine shaft has two cones i.e, male & female. The male cone is mounted to the splined clutch shaft for sliding on it. Although it has a friction surface on the conical portion.

Diaphragm Clutch

The diaphragm comprises a diaphragm spring that supported a pivot. The diaphragm is the part of the automobile clutch and is used to engage and disengage the clutch. It has a diaphragm on a conical spring that produces pressure on the pressure plate for the engagement of the clutch. It has a finger & crown type spring, attached to a pressure plate. This type of clutch didn’t have any levers as the spring works as a series of levers.

How to increase the life of your car’s clutch?

The clutch works on the concept of friction. It will wear out easily, thus you need to replace it. Below we have discussed a few simple tips to protect car clutch that can increase the clutch lifespan.

No rest a foot on the clutch

Many people have this bad habit of keeping their foot on the clutch pedal when they drive the car. We can say that this is a dangerous habit. If we constantly put our foot on the clutch pedal. Then the result is that the pressure plates start to shrink. So we should not use it as a footrest. We depress the clutch completely, otherwise, we should not press unnecessarily. This is the method to make the clutch last a lifetime.

Don’t use the brake and clutch together

When you stopped a car, sometimes you use the clutch and brake but it is too harmful, it may accident and you can also die. So this is the unnecessary use of the clutch. Therefore, we use this carefully. If you want to slow your car, you can use the clutch when shifting gears.

Use handbrake

When your car is about to face a breaker, in such a position, you don’t use the clutch. You should handbrake if you use the clutch, you can get jerk and your car come into a problem.

Don’t use the engine brake

Many people use engine brakes to slow their car, but it can destroy clutch life. In many situations, it is useful. Bikes are mostly useful break engines. When you drive the car on the slope and you are coming down from the slope so you can use the engine brake. But on a normal road, use a normal brake.


Sometimes bad quality clutch reduces your vehicle’s performance. Thus you need to choose the right clutch, that will enhance your vehicle’s performance & speed. Although bad quality gear lever can spoil other components of your vehicle such as transmission, engine, rod bearing, piston, alternators, and many more. After choosing the right clutch you do not have to forget to maintain it and not only this you also have to remember maintenance of manual transmission. Because the clutch is one of its components of it. Especially it is important to maintain car transmission in winter as well & take care of it.

In this article, we have shared information about car clutch tips, that will help you in choosing the right quality clutch. If you have more queries & suggestions about clutch replacement tips, thus you can contact us by commenting.

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