With 200,000 men’s power capacity Fiat Chrysler is one of the most well-known automobile industries in the world. They design & manufacture the world’s best & luxurious vehicles with a number of features. This organization was founded in the year 1920. From that time they highly engaged in new, innovative & forward-thinking vehicles. Along with the manufacturing of the latest car models, this industry has a huge contribution to new innovations & ideas. Chrysler has a history that covers almost a century. With each year and decade, its features have eventually developed. Also, they have an excellent report on upgrading its specifications according to current technology. Moreover, The history of Chrysler’s innovation involves alternations of profits and losses, high finances, engineering, multi-nationalization, and acquisitions.

This organization also set a benchmark in the innovation of automatic transmission. Here in this blog, we will discuss the contribution of Chrysler in the field of vehicle automatic transmission. Also, you will get information on the various innovation of Chrysler in the manufacturing of automatic transmission for vehicles. But before that get a small overview of the history of Chrysler.

Chrysler car history and innovations

The first-ever Chrysler vehicle was launched in 1924. The basic components such as the oil filter, rubber engine mount, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, and high compression engine make them highly advanced in that generation. The year between 1920 to 1930 is the supreme era in the vehicle segments, many more luxurious vehicles launch during this duration such as Dodge, DeSoto, Plymouth & others. After that, in the year 1930, they released airflow models with a unique streamlined body. This design basically follows the aerodynamics pattern.

In the year 1940, the Chrysler plant builds for making wartime goods for the second world war. After the year 1950, the car models upgraded with the latest technology, comprise of smoothness & the latest design. The year 1960 is the introduction of the valiant compact car. All the Chrysler vehicles were changed to use an alternator. The very first pony car “Plymouth Barracuda” is released with advanced rust-proof technology. In the year 1970, they introduced Chrysler Cordoba.

In the 1980s, Chrysler introduced Dodge Aries & Plymouth Reliant. This vehicle variant is small in size & more fuel-efficient. In the 90s, they launched new models such as Dodge Ram, Jeep models, and Dodge Viper sports cars gained enormous popularity. Apart from that, Chrysler automobile is one of the most profitable & powerful automotive groups in USA history.

Chrysler‘s torqueFlite and automatic transmission

TorqueFlite is the brand name of Chrysler corporation’s automatic transmission. Earlier torqueFlites used torque converters and Simpson gearset. This comprises two identical planetary gearsets having a common sun gear.
The rotary shifter is a new priority for FIAT Chrysler Automobile in automatic transmission. Chrysler invented the fourth gear model which uses the Keller clutch. Chrysler moved to the automatic option during the innovation of Fluid Drive. The fluid drive is fluid coupling technology invented by a german named Foettinger. The fluid drive technology comprises hydraulic coupling which inserted in the flywheel’s place. This removed the torque multiplication with a modern torque converter.

Several semi-automatic transmissions introduced in 1941. These were Presto Matic, Hy Drive, and M4 Vacamatic. These various models offered for selected vehicles. However, the first real automatic transmission came to light in 1954. The PowerFlite 2-speed transmission launched in entering the world of automatic transmission. It had General Motors which offered Oldsmobile Hydramatic automatic transmission. A few years later, Packard Ultramatic, Ford O Matic, and Studebaker Drive added to the list of automatic transmissions.

Chrysler automatic transmission features

More advanced and impressive automatic transmission options added in 1956. During this year, Torqueflite automatic transmission introduced. It also moved from a 2-speed to a 3-speed model. Further, By 1988, it transitioned to a 4-speed model. These gradually upgraded and reached 9-speed automatic options.
In an automatic transmission, changing of gears takes place on their own. Other features, such as the speed of the car, throttle position, and engine RPMs, make it much easier to use. Benefits of automatic transmission include:

  • They are easy to operate.
  • Required less maintenance of transmission.
  • Very easy to drive an automatic transmission car.
  • There is no risk of stalling the engine.

A list of popular Chrysler automatic transmissions are 727 torqueFite, ram 8-speed transmission, torqueFlite 8 speed, dodge 8-speed transmission, 727 automatic transmissions, Chrysler 9 speed transmission, Mopar 4-speed automatic transmission, 8hp75 transmission, 8-speed torqueFlite automatic transmission, dodge 4-speed automatic transmission, jeep grand Cherokee 8 speed transmission, Chrysler grand voyager automatic gearbox, torqueFlite automatic transmission.


In Conclusion, Chrysler has added its name to the list of luxury brands. One of the recently released is the Pacifica Minivan. Chrysler models such as compact 200, midsize 300, and Pacifica are the best-performing luxury cars. These vehicles have confident power trains and excellent features. Chrysler vehicles are available at affordable prices. The Chrysler Pacifica is equipped with more security and safety features. It has an exceptional hybrid power train delivering a pure electric range. It comprises adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and an active brakes system. The Chrysler Pacifica is available with an all-wheel-drive system. They can transfer 100% engine torque to the rear wheels.

Chrysler’s corporation has contributed to and developed car making over several decades. Each year, the car is upgraded with additional features. It is an American brand heritage, founded in 1924. The timeline of the innovation era flourished in the year 1992. Gradually, It switched to an automatic transmission which has proven to be more reliable and durable. During this time when electric ignition starters were invented. Hence, This replaced the use of manual hand cranks. Automatic transmission was introduced and the engine was started with a button. Lastly, Chrysler corporation cars became a reputed brand because of their advanced engineering innovations.

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