Planning to buy a used car or buy a used engine. wondering, if your engine is good or bad? You need not worry more as in this article we will tell you 5 exact ways to determine the health of your car engine.

As we all know, the engine is the most important part of our vehicles & if its mount is bad it can result in total failure. Engine failure could cause a high cost of repair or maybe you have to pay a cost to replace the engine.

Determining the condition could be tricky in the single go as it has a lot of components. Even when the car is working extremely well. It may experience a problem due to a component breaking without giving a warning sign. 
For this, we have to check several components to identify whether it is good or bad.

Here are a few tips on how to spot signs of engine problems when you are checking a vehicle.

5 ways to know if the engine is bad or good

Strange smell

Every car smells different but you should be familiar with how your car smells in the daily routine. Because it will help you to identify whether it is in good or bad condition.

If you smell burning oil, burning rubber, and so on in your car. Then, this hint of the bad condition. Maybe, the engine gets overheated. This kind of smell always happens for a reason. Reasons can be the melting of fuel hose or complete failure of its melting.

If you smell this type of thing in your car. Then, give close attention to the dash and check your engine lights. As well as check the level of heat in your car and make your way to the mechanic because it is not in good condition.  

Now, you got my point on how smell help to identify whether the engine is in good or bad condition.

Now, it’s time to check your bonnet.

Check under the bonnet

How you can check damage symptoms when you open the bonnet?
Don’t worry about it!
We have mentioned 4 different ways through which you can identify what are the signs of bad engine?

Check under the bonnet

Oil filter cap and dipstick

Carefully open the oil filter cap and check is there any creamy substance present inside the cap. Take out the oil dipstick, clean with a clean cloth, dip back into the place and pull over once again. Check the oil level, color, or any creamy substance. 

If the oil level is under the minimum level of dipstick, it means the working parts of the engine are not properly lubricated and may lead to its bad health.
If the oil level is above the maximum level, then it means engine oil is burning and this thing also depicts a bad health condition.

Checking the extension bottle

Before checking the extension bottle ensures that the bottle is cold. Coolant, which is often green or red contains the chemical substance which stops the liquid from freezing at zero degrees. Look for the creamy substance in your Vehicle. If you spot a creamy substance in your extension bottle then it is an indication.

Additional engine check

Check your engine block for any oil or water leaks. Check under the bumper and look at the engine for proof of oil or water leaks. If there are any kind of leaks in your car because of an oil pan leak, bad connection, and oil seals. All these things indicate its bad health condition of it.

Final engine check- 

To check damage symptoms, the best time is when your engine is cold. If it produces any kind of unusual noise then it indicates a problem in it.

Fuel leakage

Many people think about how fuel leakage can affect!
So, guys let me tell you this thing fuel leakage is the key sign that tells the engine is going in bad condition.
If you notice any of the signs which are mentioned below you can contact our experts for help.  

Fuel leakage from engine

The appearance of oil on the engine:

The interface between the engine block and the headcover can be a sign of a leaky head gasket. If the fluid is visible in this area, clean it and run it for a while. If still, oil appears outside the engine, it is a sign that it is not working properly.

Bubbles in the coolant: 

Engine release gasses spilling into the coolant sections will result in air bubbles. When the engine is cold, open the coolant reservoir cap. Turn on the engine and allow it to warm up to the point where the thermostat opens and the coolant starts to flow. Still, if bubbles are coming in the coolant then visit the professional for the service of your car. 

Watch for a smoke: 

If smoke is coming out from your car. Then, it is not a good sign of a healthy engine and it is too late to take preventive action at this time. However, smoke discharged from the tailpipe of your vehicle. If the smoke is released in a thick layer, this will show that the engine is not in good condition.

Type of smoke :
  • White smoke: If you see white smoke coming out from your car that means antifreeze or water condensation has mixed with the oil supply, and maybe your coolant is burned which can result in its failure.
  • Blue smoke: it simply means the oil has escaped its surroundings in the engine and mixed with the fuel, being burned away. If you see blue smoke coming from your tailpipe then leave your car on the spot and call the mechanic for help.  

Check lights

Check Engine lights

Now, check if its light is on “ check your engine”. If the light flashes on the display. It doesn’t mean your it is in threat, it could be a small issue. But, it should take into the concern at the time of service. But, if other lights lit up such as low oil pressure, brake light, and low oil level light up. It shows that it is in bad condition. 

Car Performance 

A smooth-running internal ignition delivers smooth performance. If your car jerks around or stalls when applying the gas. Then, there is a chance that your engine is in a fail. Performace issues always depict a deeper problem. If you are facing any kind of problem related to your car performance such as an acceleration problem or so on.

So, it is the right time to visit your nearest professional mechanic. Because if you ignore this thing then it will affect your car performance.

With that, we reached the end of this article. Hopefully, now you can tell if the engine is good or bad. Engines play an important role in the life span of your vehicle. It is really important to keep it in good condition for ex- Clean an engine without water, Keep it dry or keep lubrication, etc. There are a lot of ways through which you can identify the problem and solve it by yourself. But, after solving the problem by yourself. If the same problem reappears then it is highly advisable to contact our expert team. 

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