How Can You Decode A VIN On A Mercedes Car?

When we talk about the comforts, look, & features of the car, Mercedes is always in the top position. But at the time of buying this most luxurious car, this is very important to identify complete information about Mercedes. Therefore, to get the complete information for any vehicle, the VIN helps you a lot more. Furthermore, the Mercedes VIN is a unique identification number that contains all the information related to the vehicles. Such as manufacturing year, engine number, chassis number & others.

So, when you think about how do I know what model my Mercedes has? Then, You can easily find out with help of the best free VIN decoder tools. Moreover, every Mercedes car has a unique vehicle identification number based on the production parameters. If someone looking to buy a new Mercedes car that is easy to check the VIN & its information through an online database. The Mercedes VIN number is present in a specific format that is easy to identify globally. Also, if you want to check the history of Mercedes Benz car parts & other information the VIN decoder lookup will give you the complete history of the car.

Moreover, If You want to buy a remanufactured Mercedes engine or a used Mercedes engine. In fact, his Mercedes VIN identifier is able to share complete historical detail of the engine. Further, the question is how to decode the VIN of Mercedes & what information is inside the VIN is the most common question that comes from the new user. Here in this article, we shared the knowledgeable information for the Mercedes VIN number decoder & the information inside the vehicle identification number.

Where is Vin located in the Mercedes car?

The VIN location is different for all vehicles depending upon their year of manufacture, make, and model. In addition, VIN is an alphanumeric number that displays beneath it. In other words, There are several places where you can find these numbers. Here is the list of locations where you can find VIN in your Mercedes.

On the dashboard: Firstly, one of the typical and primary locations of the VIN is the lower-left corner of the dashboard. It is easily visible from the outside. Secondly, on the windshield where the dashboard meets, on the driver’s side. They affix these numbers to a metal plate.

On the driver’s side doorpost: It can also be near the seatbelt, the place where the door latches on the driver’s side door.

Underneath the spare tire: You can look for your VIN under the spare tire.

On the engine block: Some models have their VIN in front of the engine block.

On driver’s side doorjamb: One of the easiest places to locate your VIN is in the driver’s spot’s doorjamb. You can easily locate them by opening the door, and looking where the side-view mirror was previously closing the door.

At the car frame in front: Another place where you can find the VIN is near the container which holds windshield washer fluid.

At the rear wheel: You can easily find them on the tire.

Placed at your insurance card: The place where you can find your VIN is your insurance card. The insurance car holds all the information along with your VIN.

Other location: The VIN can also be on various components of a car, such as an engine or transmission.

What does the Mercedes VIN contain?

As we previously explained the VIN code is a combination of alphanumeric characters that comprise three characters. Get more information for Mercedes VIN lookup,

  1. WMI (world manufacturer identifier): The first three digits of the code describe the manufacturer, the country where the vehicle had been manufactured, and the type of vehicle.
  2. VDS(vehicle descriptor section): This shows the specification of the vehicle, such as its type of engine, transmission, and year of model.
  3. VIS(vehicle identifier section): This is the unique number series assigned to every Mercedes.

How to decode Mercedes VIN Number- Mercedes VIN check tips

Decoding Mercedes VIN is a straightforward process, as each character is associated with the description of the car. Similarly, This number and letter hold important information about the car. Decoding will help you find the year of the manufacture of the car, feature, type of engine and transmission, etc. The Mercedes VIN contains 17 characters. Further, let us see what each character shows.

VIN first digit states:

The first character shows the country name where it was manufactured. Below we discuss some codes or digits that define the country names.
“1 or 4” for the USA
“2” for Canada
“3” for Mexico
“J” for Japan
“K” for Korea
“S” for England
“W” for Germany
“Z” for Italy

VIN second character of Mercedes car states:

The second character stands for the car manufacturer code.
“D” = Mercedes Benz

VIN’s third character states:

It shows the type of vehicle or manufacturing division.
“B”- Benz
“C”- Chrysler
“D”- Daimler AG

VIN 4th character states:

It is the description of the car regarding class, model, and generation. We also discuss some codes that might help in identifying the class and models. Some of the characters are listed below:


VIN character 5 states:

The fifth character provides information about the body type of the Mercedes. Although we have stated various characters that show the body type of the car. These are :

“A” – Roadster
“B”- Long Body
“F”- Sedan
“G”- Sedan Long WB
“H”- Wagon
“K”- Cabriolet
“M”- AMG

VIN characters 6 & 7 states:

Generally, The 6 & 7 digits of a Mercedes car define the model.

VIN character 8 states:

It makes up safety features and a safety restraint system.
“C” Seat belt & Emergency pensioners
“D” Driver front airbag
“E” Passenger, front airbag,
“F” Side airbags

VIN characters 9& 10 show:

It gives information about the Mercedes model year.
1 to 9 digits = 1971-1979
A to Y = 1980-2000
1 to 9= 2001-2009
A to K= 2010-2021

VIN Character 11 shows:

Information about where the production plant is located
“A-E” = Sindelfingen
“F-H” = Bremen
“J” = Rastatt
“X” = Graz
“T” =Karmann
“V” =Valmet Automotive, Finland
“M” =Woking, England

VIN characters 12 to 17 state:

The last four characters of the VIN are always numeric. In addition, VIN characters 12 to 17 show the order in which the car has been rolled in the production line assembly.

What is a VIN Number & importance of VIN?

Generally, VIN is a vehicle identification number, which is a 17-digit character string comprising letters and numbers. It is a unique identification code that is given to the car while manufacturing. It comprises relevant information about the car, such as the country name, where it is manufactured, engine type, and model. In short, you can know about the specifications and history details of the car from its VIN.

Every car has its unique VIN which established the true identity of the car. It helps in tracking the complete data regarding the vehicle’s history. Certainly, it has all the information about the vehicle’s accident record, parts changed, oil changed and all the scenarios the vehicle has gone through. VIN is an extremely effective tool for knowing all the vehicle’s past secrets. It is provided by the car’s manufacturers to identify and validate a car accurately. Let us see the importance of the Mercedes Benz VIN.

Why is VIN Important?

Helpful if the car or parts were stolen: The VIN plays an important role when your car or car parts have been stolen. The stolen car will not have the correct number or license plate. So the question may arise in a mind that how to identify if the car is yours or not. Although, the VIN can provide aid to this question, as they are stamped in secret places and cannot be changed easily. You can conveniently enter your VIN into a local or national database to identify your vehicle.

Effective while purchasing a used car: If you are planning to buy a used car, then you should check the VIN. The first thing you need to know is that before buying any used item, you should know about its history. Similarly, before you buy a used car, you need to know about all the history of the car regarding its past accident cases and find out whether its recalled parts have been changed or not. Although by VIN, you can easily find outs the Mercedes used engines and rebuilt engines, that may have been used in place of the new engine.

Easily Recognise Safety issue: Further, private dealers or individuals may not provide all the relevant information about replaced parts. This can create a serious safety issue. Moreover, VIN tracks and keeps all the information about the recalled parts of the vehicle. Further, this will ensure that the vehicle doesn’t have any defective parts and save you from potential accidents and injuries in the future. To assure of safety recalls you can simply enter the VIN in the recall toll to know all about the car recalls.


VIN provides all data from history, before purchase. Further, It is the key to knowing all the hidden information about the car. Although, You can find this set of numbers on your dashboard, engine, transmission, tire, etc. These 17 strings of characters are printed in a single line. It contains important information like the type of engine, production plant, country manufacturing it, model, year, etc.

Lastly, At the time you wonder what these numbers indicated and want to learn about them. It is very beneficial in providing information about the used car if you are planning to buy it. By decoding the VIN you can easily get answers to many questions that might float in your mind about your car.

You may get a better understanding of the VIN, and also how you get the Mercedes VIN number. Moreover, You can use the VIN Decoder tool to decode the VIN of your vehicle easily.

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