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After the world’s fastest and expensive car article, we have brought another article for you. About the slowest vehicle. After reading the article about Bugatti Chiron the fastest car, one question surely may have come to 70% of the people’s mind. If Chiron is the fastest then which is the slowest car. So in this article, we will tell you which are the slowest cars in the world.

Slowest Cars Ever

  1. Peel P50
  2. Aixam Coupe
  3. Renault Twizy
  4. MIA Electric Car
  5. Tata Nano
  6. Hindustan Ambassador
  7. Chevrolet CMV
  8. Maruti Suzuki Omni
  9. Smart Fortwo CDI
  10. Fiat Qubo Natural Power 1.4

Peel P50 Car

Peel P50 is not only a world’s slowest car and ultra-compact car but also the smallest car in the world, only one person can sit inside it. This car was designed by the Peel Engineering (headquarter in the Isle of Man)  in 1962 to 1965 and its remanufacturing was started in 2010.

It is a three-wheel car It is so small in fact, that it held the title of Guinness Book of World Record for the “smallest production car” for over 50 years. It is a single seat slowest car its can not go up to speed of 38 km/hr.

Peel P50 Specs:


Length54 inch
Width41 inch
Height46.5 inch
Wheelbase43 inch
Weight98 kg
Turning Circle14.11 inch
Ground Clearance5 inch


Engine Type4 Stroke Petrol
Displacement49 cc
Drive TypeRear Wheel
Torque277 Nm
Power5 ps
Fuel Consumption2.5 L per 100 Km
Top Speed38 Km/hr
Transmission3 Manual no reverse
Power Per Litre9 hp

Aixam Coupe

Aixam Coupe is french light quadricycle two seater vehicle. In France and England you don’t need of licences to run this car on the road because it is a slow car. The only requirement to run it government need, your age must be at least 16 year old to run this car and also you have to pass a regular moped test.

Like the Peel P50, its speed is electrically limited to make it one of the slowest cars in the world. So walking or cycling is better than to run the Aixam Coupe. It can be the same as Peel P50, if it’s height would not more.



Length119.6 inch
Width59 inch
Wheelbase78.7 inch
Weight350 kg
Front Track52.9 inch
Rear Track52.9 inch


Engine TypeDiesel
Displacement400 cc
Drive WheelFront
Torque14 Nm @ 2400 rpm
Power5.6 HP
Fuel Consumption2.36 L per 100 Km
Top Speed45 km/hr
TransmissionVSD Control Automatic
Fuel Capacity16 L

Renault: Twizy Electric Car

Renault Twizy is also known as Twizy Electric Car. It is a two seater electric car which is designed by the Renault Motor Company in Valladolid, Spain. In March 2012 it was sent to the french market for sale, then other European countries. Till December 2018 21,874 units of Twizy have been sold in Eupropean market.

In 2012, it was the most selling car in entire europe. Twizy Electric Car was first shown in 2009 at Frankfurt Motor Show and designed by Françoise Le Bonnie and Luciano Bove. Renault does not provide the battery with the car, you have to take the battery at rent for a monthly fee and they will provide you a roadside assistance and replacement guarantee.

Renault Twizy Specs


Length92 inch
Width49 inch
Height57 inch
Wheelbase66 inch
Weight445 kg
Front Track43 inch
Rear Track43 inch


Engine TypeElectric
Battery TypeLithium-ion (Li-ion)
Torque33 Nm (24 lb ft)
Power5.0 HP
Electric Range100 Km Single Charge
Top Speed80 km/hr
TransmissionSingle Speed
Voltage58 V
Vehicle TypeHatchback
Power to Weight Ratio8.0W/kg

Mia Electric Car

This Mia Electric car was made in France by German based company. It was the first electric model on the market. The production of Mia Electric was started in June 2011 and sent to market for the commercial use and sale but for some financial problems its production was stopped in December 2013. In March 2014, the Tribunal de Commerce de Niort placed the company in judicial liquidation.

The small Mia electric is a three-seater car, with two sliding doors and the driver’s seat is stationed in the center. The manufacturer says that it gives better all-round visibility. Also, a lot of space has been given for mounting the smartphone, laptop, GPS device and the music player on either side of the driver.

The Mia Electric had their own design studio and R&D Department (Research and Development) where a team of 16 designer and 80 engineers worked together. It weighs only 810 kg, which includes a battery, a modest 13 bhp electric motor and a distance of about 80 miles



Length113 inch
Width64.6 inch
Height61.0 inch
Wheelbase71.1 inch
Weight765 KG
Front TrackNA
Rear TrackNA


Engine TypeElectric
Battery TypeLiFePO4 or LFP (Lithium Ion Phosphate)
Power13.0 HP
Electric Range106 Km Single Charge
Top Speed100 km/hr
TransmissionSingle Speed
Voltage230 V
Vehicle TypeHatchback

Tata Nano Car

Tata Nano is the world’s cheapest car and the slowest car also. This car is a production of Tata Motors which is an Indian Company owned by Mr. Ratan Tata.

The trunk of the Nano was only accessible from inside the car, as the rear hatch does not open, but at the end it got a full hatchback in 2015. It has a single single windscreen wiper instead of the pair. Tata Nano is the cheapest commercially available car in the market of India.

The highlight of the Tata Nano is its funky design which is surprisingly spacious and surprisingly practical. It is a genuine 4-seater and offers plenty of legroom and headroom for its occupants. Tata Nano has all the features which a car generally held, but it does not have airbags. Its engine is mated to a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automated manual (AMT) gearbox.

Tata Nano Specifications


Length122 inch
Width58.9 inch
Height65.0 inch
Wheelbase87.8 inch
Weight635 kg
Front Track52.1 inch
Rear Track51.7 inch
Ground Clearance7.1 inch


Engine TypeDiesel, Petrol and CNG
Displacement624 cc
Drive WheelBack
Torque51 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Power40 bhp @ 4000 rpm
Fuel Consumption2.36 L per 100 Km
Top Speed105 km/hr
Fuel Capacity15 L
Mileage36 kmpl
No of Gear4
No of cylinder2
Drive TrainRWD

Hindustan Ambassador Car

There is a another car which is from India and its name is Hindustan Ambassador.

The Hindustan Ambassador is a five seater sedan automobile which is manufactured by the  Hindustan Motors of India and its production was started in 1958 Hooghly, West Bengal and Sriperumbudur near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. It was based on Morris Oxford 3rd series and was designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom from 1956 to 1959 by Morris Motors limited.

Before eight to ten years ago Hindustan Ambassador car was used by Ministers and other highly commissioned officers IAS Officers (Indian Administrative Service). But for the security purpose of these cars are replaced by other branded and strong cars.

On the 11th of February 2017 Hindustan Motors signed an agreement with the PSA group to expand the sale of this car with trade mark for a consideration of 80 crore INR. The tie-up fulfills two joint-venture agreements between the two groups of companies. Hindustan Motors Ambassador has 1 petrol engine, 1 CNG engine, 1 LPG engine and 2 diesel engines. The Ambassador has mileage of 10.94 to 13.5 km / kg, depending on the version and type of fuel. Ambassador of India is one of the classic cars we have in India.

Ambassador Car Specification


Length170.2 inch
Width45.7 inch
Height62.7 inch
Wheelbase97.0 inch
Weight1104 kg
Wheel Size4JX15
Tyre Size165/80 R15
Ground Clearance6.0 inch


Engine TypeInline Engine
Displacement1817 cc
Drive WheelBack
Torque130 Nm @ 3000 rpm
Power75 PS @ 5000 rpm
Fuel Consumption2
Top Speed105 km/hr
Fuel Capacity42 L
Mileage10.94 km/hr
No of Gear4
No of cylinder4
Valves per Cylinder4

Chevrolet CMV

The Chevrolet CMV pickup vehicle is a commercial vehicle. It is actually a badge-engineered version of the Suzuki Carry produced by the now-defunct brand Daewoo. There are many chances that you’ve never heard about the Chevrolet CMV because these cars were specially manufactured for the markets of Central America and Tunisia. The top speed of this car is only 60 miles per hour.


Displacement1199 cc
Power37 Hp
Fuel Consumption0.8 L
Top speed60 mph
Engine TypeGas
No of seats5

Maruti Suzuki Omni Van

Maruti Suzuki Omni Van is a microvan produced by the Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki of Suzuki. The first model of the Omni van had inline three engine which was similar to the Maruti 800 city car. 

When it launched in 1984 it was known as Maruti van but in 1988 its name was changed to Omni. It also has a small three-cylinder engine similar to the CMV. Despite the lack of power and speed, the Omni, like the CMV, is a tough little van and small business owners rely on them to get the job done.

The Omni is an inexpensive and frugal urban van for large families and taxi drivers, and despite being a very old product, the car still sold more units than many of its participants. Maruti Omni is continuously finding about 6,500 to 7,000 users every month.

Over the years, Omni has made many changes, although it is still quite dated in terms of looks. There is a comfortable space for five persons as well as an option for an eight-seat layout. With a basic styling on the outside and inward, the Omni is a basic eight-seat people mover that offers only a few features.

Maruti Omni Specifications


Length132.7 inch
Width55.5 inch
Height64.6 inch
Wheelbase72.4 inch
Weight785 kg
Tyre Size145 R-12 LT 6PR
Ground Clearance6.4 inch


Engine TypeInline Three Engine
Displacement796 cc
Drive WheelNA
Torque59 Nm @ 2500 rpm
Power37 bhp @ 5000 rpm
Fuel Consumption13 km per litre
Top Speed105 km/hr
Transmission4 Speed Manual
Fuel Capacity36 L
Mileage19.7 kmpl
No of Gear4
Seating Capacity8
Valve Train2 valves per cylinder
IgnitionMultipoint Fuel Injection
Fuel TypePetrol

Smart Fortwo CDI

The Smart Fortwo CDI is a rear engine and rear wheel-drive car. The body type of this model is the coupe. It is a two-seater passenger and only has two doors. The engine type is in-line and emits CO emissions at a rate of 86g / km.

Fortwo Coupe CDI features a turbocharged inline 3 cylinder engine with diesel motor. Power is transmitted to the road by rear wheel drive (RWD) with a 6 wheel sequential gearbox. The Fortwo Coupe (W450) model is a car manufactured by Smart, newly sold from 2004 to 2007, and then available as a used car.

Smart Fortwo Specs


Length98.43 inches
Width59.65 inch
Height60.98 inch
Wheelbase71.34 inch
Weight805 kg
Tyre Size175/55 R15
Ground Clearance6.0 inch


Engine TypeInline Three Engine
Displacement799 cc
Drive WheelNA
Torque130 Nm @ 2000 rpm
Power54.2 hp @ 3800 rpm
Fuel Consumption3.3 litre per 100 km
Top Speed135 km/hr
Transmission6 speed sequential
Fuel Capacity22 L
Mileage30 kmpl
No of Gear4
Seating Capacity5
No of Valves6 valves
Engine PositionRear
Fuel TypeDiesel

Fiat Qubo: Natural Power 1.4

Fiat Qubo Natural Power 1.4 is a small van with the ultra-compact dimension, Original lines and incredible load capacity: an original and stunning car. The Fiat Qubo is a small commercial vehicle manufactured by the Italian carmaker Fiat Motor Company. It was started for manufacturing from 2010.

Fiat launched Qubo in 6th of March 2008 during Geneva Motor Show which was held in Geneva,Switzerland for ten days. This version is suitable for a maximum of five people and can be equipped with different engines.

Qubo 1.4 Natural Power is actually a front wheel drive car that has a five speed manual transmission and it is tenth slowest car of the world. You will get the 5 inch touch screen and 6 speakers with radio system, inside the car. Which you can connect speakers via USB cable or from the bluetooth system.

The gas tank capacity of this car is 13 liters of gas, where normal fuel consumption is 5.2 liters per 100 km. 

Fiat Qubo Specification


Length155.8 inch
Width67.5 inch
Height68.3 inch
Wheelbase98.9 inch
Weight1750 kg
Tyre Size185/65/R15
Ground ClearanceNA
Front Track57.5 inch
Rear Track57.6 inch


No of Cylindersfour inline
Displacement1368 cc
Torque104 Nm @ 3000 rpm
Power70 hp @ 6000 rpm
Fuel Consumption5.2 litre per 100 km
Top Speed149 km/hr
Transmissionmanual 5 speed
Fuel CNG Capacity13.5 kg
Mileage165g per kg
No of Gear5 + reverse
Seating Capacity5
No of Valves6 valves
Engine PositionRear
Fuel TypeCNG

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