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Winter is almost there & it is time to turn on your car heater to make your car interior warm. But wait for a second have you checked your car heater does it work properly? Most of the time people face the issue of why my BMW car heater is not working. There are various reasons behind it, sometimes due to improper car heater maintenance or sometimes due to technical faults. Any type of issue in the car makes you feel more embraced especially in winter when the car heater is not working & blows out cold air. Similar to the home heating system, the various components are used to heat your car interior. If any part of functionality affects, the car heating system maybe fails or not respond properly. No matter which type of engine you are using a new or a used BMW engine in a car, the heating issue occurs in any of them.


BMW Car’s heating system warms up the incoming air and provides heating inside your car. The heating system is very relaxing during winters. It uses many components like ducts, fluid, fan, heat-exchange equipment, HVAC system & many more. But what to do when is the BMW car heater not working? Here in this article, get the information for the 7 major reasons that are responsible for BMW car heater work performance.

1. Heater Out Of Control

When the BMW car heater passes cold air, it’s a direct indication that the car heater is not working properly. It is also a major issue for many BMW heaters. So if you want to cure this problem then you should contact the car maintenance center to fix it or replace it. There are various parts in a car blower that connect together to blow hot air. If any technical fault occurs or the heater is out of control the system may not respond properly.

2. Heater Blowing Cold & Hot Air

If your BMW heaters release cold air through your vents then it may be that your heater controllers are faulty and the heater is blowing hot air then your car’s condenser has blocked or broken. However, it is a common problem and it happens when heaters are over usage and very old that’s why your dials become clogged and broken.

Here are the three various reasons why the BMW car heater blows cold air:-

  • There is not enough coolant in your vehicle’s engine.
  • Due to some fault in your heater core.
  • Your heater’s thermostat is not working properly.

3. Faulty Thermostat

We often face problems with the heater because of a faulty thermostat. When the thermostat is not working they fluctuate the temperature of the inside of the car. If you are also facing this issue must there be some fault in the thermostat?

How do you know if your thermostat is faulty or not? Usually, Thermostat failed in two ways:

  • Due to Fail Stuck Open
  • Due to Fail Stuck Closed

Fail Stuck Open: If your thermostat is stuck in an open position then a continuous flow of coolant will start into the radiator and that is also causing the engine to run cold. Over Cooled engine takes more fuel consumption to run properly.

Fail Stuck Closed: If the car engine heats up then the thermostat should open up and allow the coolant to flow from radiator to engine. If there is no coolant flowing through the heater’s radiator and the thermostat is not working properly then it must be stuck closed.

Your thermostat controls the temperature of fluids from the radiator and hoses. That’s why a faulty thermostat will cause your car’s overheated.

4. Water leakage

There’s also the most common problem in BMW heaters which is water leakage. In the car, there are many small-small places where water can leak so be sure and often check your radiator and water pump for damage. There are three things: Radiator, Hoses & Water pump if any of these are leaking then your heater will not work properly.

5. Heater Core Issue

If your car heater is not working properly then it is possible there’s a problem in your heater’s core. If it is then don’t worry it can be solved by the BMW maintenance center but it is a little expensive. Usually, the heater’s core is situated on the backside of the dashboard.

If want you want to know there’s actually a heater’s core problem then watch these signs:

  • Fog (must) inside your car.
  • A sweet and fruity smell.
  • Your car engine is overheating.
  • Your car coolant very quickly.

6. Faulty Heater Fans

If you’re facing a problem with a BMW heater then check your heater fan first. Sometimes the fan breaks and suffers from an electrical short that’s why the heater doesn’t work properly. A crack in the heater’s cooling fan can also be a cause of the heater won’t working. Sometimes it happened by debris on the road.

7. Faulty Wires & Blown Fuses

Often when we drive a car very fast and suddenly we break the car because of this our heater’s wires and HVAC controls are broken so make sure to drive in limits. Modern cars are heavily dependent on the electrical system. BMW Cars contain a wide variety of electrical parts and wires. Unfortunately, old and faulty parts lead to a malfunction in the BMW’s car Heating system.


We all know the importance of a car heater especially in winter car heater requirement is very high. This car heater system makes your car interior warm in winter weather. But due to any component or other technical issue sometimes the heating blower does not work & throws out cold air. And then the car’s engine cooling system starts work and blows cold air from the heater. Find out the exact issue why the car heater not working maybe be tough due to its compact design.

To make a better understanding of why the BMW car heater not working, here in this article we shared the information on the 7 major reasons that affect the performance of the BMW heater. I hope that the above information will help you to get a better understanding of the BMW car heater issue. Also, we recommend if you do not understand what exact issue with the BMW car heater please visit your nearest BMW authorized service center.

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