Get an inquiry for the high-quality Rebuilt BMW engines for sale at a low cost. AutoTechio is the well know place where you will find high capacity and quality rebuilt engines for sale. Our service center includes a huge collection of the different BMW engines with different models & sizes. We offer the different fuel types engines like petrol and diesel engines. Here, we offered the OEM approved parts and engines. Autotechio provides stress free and convieneint experience engines with labor warranty.

BMW consits of many parts to get an engine fails. When you are facing an engine failure turn to Autotechio, best place to buy rebuilt engines. With a stock of high quality BMW rebuilt engines, we have a option to replace your engine. All these engines are tested before shipping. After the complete specification testing, these engines are sealed up with cap-plugs, jet washed and sealed in plastic.

Rebuilt BMW engines for sale


Most engines causes catastrophic failures due to ignored proper car engine maintenance. Hence it leads to the failure of vehicle’s internal parts like cooling system, oil leaking, and many more. Although the most common cause of engine failure is broken water pump or damaged oil pump. These common issues occur to the damage of different enngine parts. Hence to overcome this problem, you need to replace your engine.

When your engine is damged or you have blown engine. Then you face with two options like new car engines and rebuild your engine. At that moment, reliability and budget plays an important role while selecting the option. It is important to choose the right engine while replacing your damagd engine. We understand that different customer have different needs and budget. And it is quite hard to search the right type of engine in such low budget. Hence we suggest go through with rebuilt BMW engines. The rebuilt engine prices are very low and they work as new engines. These engines are more stronger and powerful that your old engines.

Rebuilt BMW Engines are one of our pursuits, whether it be from stock, in replacement for your current BMW engines. We supply the different BMW engine model and sizes in different fuel types engines. Some models are listed below.

Rebuilt BMW engines models

  • N54 Engines
  • S85 Engines
  • S65 Engines
  • S63/S63TU Engines
  • S55 Engines
  • N63 / N63TU Engines
  • N55 Engines
  • N20 Engines
  • BMW 128i Engines
  • BMW 1M Engines
  • BMW 228i Engines
  • BMW 318i Engines
  • BMW 320i Engines
  • BMW 323i Engines
  • BMW 325i Engines
  • BMW 328i Engines
  • BMW 328i GT Engines
  • BMW 330i Engines
  • BMW 335i Engines
  • BMW 335i GT Engines
  • BMW 340i Engines
  • BMW 428i Engines
  • BMW 435i Engines
  • BMW 525i Engines
  • BMW 528i Engines
  • BMW 530i Engines
  • BMW 535i Engines
  • BMW 535i GT Engines
  • BMW 540i Engines
  • BMW 545i Engines
  • BMW 550i Engines
  • BMW 550i GT Engines
  • BMW 640i Engines
  • BMW 645Ci Engines
  • BMW 650i Engines
  • BMW 740i Engines
  • BMW 745i Engines
  • BMW 750i Engines
  • BMW 760i Engines
  • BMW 840i Engines
  • BMW 850i Engines
  • BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Engines
  • BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Engines
  • BMW Alpina B6 Engines
  • BMW Alpina B7 Engines
  • BMW I3 Engines
  • BMW I8 Engines
  • BMW M2 Engines
  • BMW M235i Engines
  • BMW M3 Engines
  • BMW M4 Engines
  • BMW M5 Engines
  • BMW M6 Engines
  • BMW X1 Engines
  • BMW X3 Engines
  • BMW X4 Engines
  • BMW X5 Engines
  • BMW X5M Engines
  • BMW X6 Engines
  • BMW X6M Engines
  • BMW Z3 Engines
  • BMW Z4 Engines
  • BMW Z8 Engines

Engines Sizes

  • 1.2 Liter Engines
  • 1.5 Liter Engines
  • 2.0 Liter Engines
  • 2.5 Liter Engines
  • 2.7 Liter Engines
  • 3.5 Liter Engines
  • 3.8 Liter Engines
  • 4.0 Liter Engines
  • 4.4 Liter Engines
  • 4.8 Liter Engines
  • 5.0 Liter Engines
  • 5.6 Liter Engines
  • 6.0 Liter Engines
  • 6.1 Liter Engines
  • 6.7 Liter Engines

Rebuilt BMW engine prices

The engine rebuilding is cost effective method than buying the new engine. The new BMW engine prices are $3000 in range. But if you go through the engine replacement. It is likely that the rebuilding your engine will save up-to-half of new car engine prices. And if you have find the skilled person for rebuilding. Then the cost will approximately $2.500 -$4000.

Benefit of rebuilt BMW engines

The rebuilt engines involves the removing of engine from vehicle. Once it has been dissabled, then it will be clean and inspect. After removing of faulty parts from engine, these are delivered to the client. Hence we can say that these are the upgraded version. Despit this, rebuilt engines have my other benefits that are discussed below.

  • The cost of rebuilt BMW engines are very low i.e, offered under your budget.
  • While rebuilding process, all the faulty parts have been removed. And the new parts are assembled. Thus these engines are more stronger than the old one.
  • By placing these engines in your car, you need not to worry about how long the engines will last.
  • If you are using our rebuild engines, then you does not require the advance technology to control the ECU programmable system. Beacuse the rebuild engines are old engines. So these are more reliable friendly with the ECU system.
  • If you like nature so it is an important point. The rebuilt engines took less energy than the new engines while manufacturing so it is also beneficial from an environmental perspective.

Why choose us

AutoTechio is the well known and trusted brand for supply the rebuilt engines for sale in USA. Here you will find all the OEM approved engines. Despite this, our professional engineers will test them under dynometer. While testing , all the errors and problems has been resolved by our highly skilled team. We provide wide range of rebuilt BMW engines in different fuel categories like diesel, CNG & diesel engines.

Here you will get rebuilt BMW engines, rebuilt Audi engines , and many more easily at low price. Apart from this, we offer the standard and complete labour warranty on these engines. Therefore, if any problem arises due to some sort. Then we are ready to repair your engine without any cost in warranty period. And if you face some difficulties in choosing the right type and model of engine. So our highly reliable customer care team will help you in finding the right engine for your car.

Now if you are interested in buying our high quality engines. So you can contact us via email, phone and online customer support.

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